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Get All Your Questions Clear About Medical abortion.

Abortion FAQ

Women often fail to find abortion information and become a victim of false abortion practices. To educate women about the right procedure of medical abortion can help women overcome the situation faster and have a successful medical abortion. This blog has brought about as almost all the questions that have been asked by women about medical abortion.

What is medical abortion?

Medical abortion is a pregnancy termination technique where the woman can abort her early pregnancy without having to use surgical instruments. The medication used is called abortion pills/tablets.

What are the different abortion pills?

To successfully abort an unwanted pregnancy, a woman requires two types of pills.

The first type:



Generic RU486

The second type:



How should I take Mifepristone?

You must have an oral consumption of Mifepristone.

What should be the tablet power of Mifepristone?

200 mg is the ideal Mifepristone power suggested by medical experts.

How should you take Misoprostol?

There are 2 methods:

Buccal method:

In this method, the woman must keep the 4 pills of Misoprostol in her cheek pouches for 30 minutes. She should not puke or gulp down during these 30 minutes. The remainders can be swallowed after the said time.

Vaginal method

This method involves placing the four Misoprostol pills in the vagina. The woman is advised to urinate before placing the pills as you can not urinate after you have inserted the pills in the vagina.

When can you perform a medical abortion?

Legally speaking, women can abort their pregnancy as per their state rules and regulation about medical abortion. While most states allow women to have a medical abortion, some regions are still against the idea of giving the right to woman to take a decision about her pregnancy.

Do you require a prescription for abortion pills?

Yes. Be it any region or form of purchase, the woman requires a prescription letter while planning to buy abortion pills. Some websites offer over the counter abortion pills which should not take place. Even if you are buying abortion pills online, please ensure that you are submitting a prescription along with the

Where can you find abortion pills?

Local stores or online pharmacies.

How many days will it take to complete the process?

7-14 days

Will there be any side effects?

Yes, there will be some side effects such as nausea, vomiting, fever, diarrhea etc.

Will the side effects be permanent?

None of the side effects of abortion pills has a long-term impact on the woman’s body. When you complete the abortion procedure, all the side effects are expected to go within 2 weeks. There may be fatigue for a few days, however, even that goes soon after the process.

Will I become infertile after having an abortion?

Medical abortion does not make infertile. Neither does it affect the menstrual cycle. It does not improve it, neither makes any adverse changes in the cycle. You remain as fertile as you were before.

Will it affect my future pregnancies?

Medical abortion does not affect the future pregnancies of a woman. However, it is advised not to have multiple abortion cases, especially soon one after other.

How will you come to know about your medical abortion status??

If you wish to confirm the efficacy of abortion medicines, you must take a pregnancy test.

Can you get online help for the abortion procedure?

Yes. There are many websites which help women understand the procedure of abortion. is one such website which will help you at every stage of medical termination of pregnancy.

What Are Some Reasons Why Women May Want An Abortion?

abortion reasons

Reasons surrounding an abortion can cause a lot of debate about the topic. Consequently, understanding the key aspects and correcting public misconceptions would allow chances for compassion. Fairly there are a lot of reasons for the abortion process to be included. Early pregnancy and Unwanted pregnancy are the sole reasons, with several underlying factors to be accounted for.

Continuing With The Pregnancy Will Endanger Your Life:

Health factors are largely taken into account before advancing for an abortion process. Often, a weak ovary may hamper the birth process of the fetus and can only add misery to the mother. In such cases, it is fairly advisable to use abortion pills online like mifepristone and misoprostol and tackle the unplanned pregnancy. At times even fertility is of a great concern for women, as they might not be as healthy as they think they are.

Financial Instability:

This is one of the several factors that lies with the adaption of medical abortion. Often couple who want to conceive are not financially stable and have a weak grasp on future hurdles. This ordinarily affects the process of going ahead with the pregnancy and hence they decide to curb it. Often, the financial instability factor puts a lot of pressure on the subsequent mental and emotional well-being of the couple.

You Don’t Want To Have A Relationship With The Person Responsible:

Women get into the process of pregnancy and have to bear the brunt of childbearing. Conversely, men after a sexual intercourse don’t have to bear much on the pressure. So it is often the case where women do not want to go forward with the relationship and hence decide for an abortion. Cases of pregnancy being detected after breaking up with a partner are also common. Unwanted pregnancy pills are used by women who encounter similar problems are had no further option than to abort the fetus.

You Got Pregnant By Accident:

At times when precautions haven’t been undertaken while doing sexual intercourse, pregnancy is largely expected. This situation accounts for an overall 90 percent of the population in an estimation. While contraception pills can be a better choice within 72 hours of sexual intercourse, medical abortion is chosen when there is no other way. As far as fear goes on, many couples worry that raising a child may, in fact, change their current life in a tremendous way. Hence, they opt for a medical abortion is undertaken.

No matter whatever the reason is, there are still places where women are not comfortable in talking about abortion reasons and taking advice about the process. Although the process of abortion be it clinical or medical is highly searched on the website domain, women can now able to Buy abortion pills online.

Women can now able to order abortion pills on mobile

order abortion pills on mobile

The food and drug administration has approved long the use of Mifepristone and Misoprostol for medical abortion for a while now. What remains a debate is whether the accessibility is still on the books, as per the knowledge. Fact is there are several underlying facts that need to be seen in terms of awareness. This can very well be documented if the awareness is further explored with medical abortion being accessed by women through mobile. Consequently, buying abortion pills using mobile is just the same as purchasing online abortion pills. The only criteria served here is the online pharmacy sites who have just kept themselves to the desktop version would be less accessible.

Subsequently, the idea of buying abortion pills on the small screen can be a distinct version, still is reliable. Conversely, several countries are still on the verge of getting a permission for medical abortion and have stringent laws against them who breaks it. The US, along with many parts of Europe, UK, parts of Australia and Asia are rising beyond books to understand the importance of abortion care facilities and altering certain regulations which prove as a hindrance to women healthcare rights.

Why buying abortion pills on mobile would be a great option?

Abortion pills available online can be a choice to opt for in every corner of the globe. Consequently, the system should be also accessible for every user be it desktop or mobile. In the recent generation, every person who has a phone and can carry it should be able to access abortion tablets and other products easily. As such the benefits of using MTP KIT or Mifepristone & Misoprostol through online pharmacy should never be bound to the large screen.

Reasons which can make the mobile version of buying abortion pills a better option are:

Confidential: Online abortion pills are highly reviewed than over the counter pills because of the privacy they tend to offer. No doubt, this can also be obtained from a desktop site, but mobiles are handy and have protection against threats better than desktop. Ordinarily, mobile devices consist of passwords and logs which can make the process of abortion even more private and secured. Nevertheless, when mobiles are stolen, data of site and cookies tracing is less easy than that of the desktop. Hence, the advent of mobile into abortion is a good process.

Safe: If already approved by FDA, the safety can be reliable but even the online abortion pills become a matter of fraudulent and insecurity. Coming to this, due to the fact that mobile users are very well acquainted with their devices, it becomes largely safe for them to have a record of everything they purchase. In comparison to the desktop users, a mobile phone has limited screen access which doesn’t get to a wide audience when used. On the other hand, one can rely on mobile for scrolling several products for genuineness, which is always considerable than desktop.

Affordable: Mobile phones are more accessed than desktop and laptop. The 21st-century crowd prefers more involvement in the mobile world than the laptop or computers. Be it movie tickets, salons or even studying a book, applications have made everything easier to be used in the small screen. Consequently, abortion is a sensitive case and should also be made accessible on the small screen. People who have limited access to computers are fairly good in operation when it comes to Android as well as Apple IOS applications. Hence, a lot of cost reduction happens when medical abortion is equally accessed through mobile phones.

There are a couple of online pharmacy sites which are quite mobile friendly. These sites have Abortion pills available online as well as in the android and apple versions.

The mobile phone is quite handy and user-friendly when it comes to durability hence it becomes convenient for women across regions to reach abortion care within few clicks on fingertips.