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Abortion Pill- Which is safer, Oral or vaginal?


Advantages and Disadvantages of taking the abortion pill, oral and vaginal.

Amongst the numerous controversies encompassing the techniques of choosing an abortion procedure, another concern elevates its head. However, we know that the abortion pill is consumed in 2 different ways. The first one is oral, and the second is vaginal. So here, we have discussed which is the more secure and safer option.

Primarily to concede the safety of either of them, we must first understand the underlying factors about the abortion pill. The medical abortion or the abortion pill comprises the ingestion of 2 medicines named Mifepristone or RU486 to terminate the pregnancy and a second medicine called Misoprostol to assist the body to flush out the pregnancy tissue.

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When Should You Get Medical Attention During Abortion Procedure?


Ending an unwanted pregnancy does not mean that you never wish to start your family. Many couples have medical abortion pills to end their pregnancy yet wish to start a family soon after the abortion.

Abortion pills do not typically have any impact on future pregnancies. Having said that, a woman should administer the pregnancy termination medication the way she is instructed to take. Any negligence while undergoing the medical abortion procedure can result in health complications in the future. It is also important for women to know that they should not have sexual intercourse during the pregnancy termination process.

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