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Medical abortion pills are considered as an active substitute to the surgical abortion process though the only shortcoming is women are required to complete the procedure by 9th week of pregnancy period. The requirement of non-surgical methods and anaesthesia makes it as one of the highly beneficial methods for terminating an early and unwanted pregnancy.

Advantages of using Abortion Pills

Majority of the statistics carried out showcases that women who have used medical abortion pills have aided themselves with positive prevention of the unwanted consequences during the process. There are mild and risk-free effects post consumption such as vaginal bleeding, headache, mood swing, abdominal cramping and nausea.

  • Safe and successful
  • Painless and involves no use of surgical equipments and anaesthesia
  • Helps in maintaining privacy of the user
  • FDA approved products
  • Early stage pregnancy termination
  • Psychological benefits
  • No obstruction to future pregnancy

In cases of pregnancy termination pills, women can effortlessly find complete surety and can consult a doctor after a period of 14 days to make sure that she is not pregnant


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