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Why Buy abortion pill from store

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Abortion Pills (MTP KIT), Misoprostol, Mifepristone, Plan B in store

The safest process of suspending pregnancy issues consist of pills which are abortifacient potential. Women can choose from a range of quality approved medicines for active ending of pregnancy from the following list: Mifepristone, Abortion Pills Kit, Cytotec, Nuvaring, Misoprostol, Cytotec, Ovral, Ovral L, Ovral G, Yasmin, Korlym, Loette, Plan B

Medical abortion pills are considered as an active substitute to the surgical abortion process though the only shortcoming is women are required to complete the procedure by 9th week of pregnancy period. The requirement of non-surgical methods and anaesthesia makes it as one of the highly beneficial methods for terminating an early and unwanted pregnancy.

Advantages of using Abortion Pills

Majority of the statistics carried out showcases that women who have used medical abortion pills have aided themselves with positive prevention of the unwanted consequences during the process. There are mild and risk-free effects post consumption such as vaginal bleeding, headache, mood swing, abdominal cramping and nausea. The benefits involve the following:

  • Safe and successful
  • Painless and involves no use of surgical equipments and anaesthesia
  • Helps in maintaining privacy of the user
  • FDA approved products
  • Early stage pregnancy termination
  • Psychological benefits
  • No obstruction to future pregnancy

In cases of pregnancy termination pills, women can effortlessly find complete surety and can consult a doctor after a period of 14 days to make sure that she is not pregnant


This site really does deliver. The product works and it wasn't very painful. Everything came out pretty fast and bleeding slowed after several hours. The misoprotsol pills might give you chills and shakes but it went away after about an hour and then took a couple hours to bleed but when I did I just sat on the toilet for a long time and let everything pass so it wouldn't be messy. This is a site you can trust to get your products and shipping is fast. Thanks!

I used the site and ordered two of the abortion pill Kits (mifepristone and misoprostol online). I was 9wks pregnant. I was horrified at first that this would be a scam and that I would end up still being pregnant and something would just be wrong with the baby from taking these. Abortions are not offered where I live so I had this choice or drive 8hours away. I got the packs in the mail and started them that evening. I took double dosage of my fist pills mifepristone. Felt fine nothing happen. The next day which I read on misoprostol online how to take the second set of pills 12-24 hours so I waited 12. I took the first four let them dissolve for 30 mins on each side of my cheeks waited and swallowed what was left. I started cramping some but nothing bad. An hour late I took the second set of 4 pills from the second pack. About 15 mins after taking them I started cramping heavier and sharp (contraction) type pains started happening. I stood up went to the rest room and as soon as I sat down I started pouring out blood (sounded like I was peeing) then a few blood clots started coming out and they got bigger and bigger. I did throw up once but I think that was mainly nerves. I bleed like that for about an hour. After that each time I went to the restroom I would have blood clots the size of golf balls coming out. Finally I passed one large clot that looked like it had a milky sack. After that I started soaking through pads every two hours. Nothing horrible. I went to my OB a week later and he told me I had miscarried and everything looked ok. They did blood work and nothing showed up in my system and I was fine. Yes I am against abortions but sometimes women are not in the right position to have a child. I am thankful for this site. Make sure you are 100% sure this is what you want before you do it. It is a life changing experience. Hope this helped some of you. Good Luck

SIte is definitely legit!! I honestly had my doubts initially but when I recieved the tracking number that subsided some...then when the mail came at my door & had me to sign the mail I was convinced!! Recieved my pkg within a week!! I'm very happy that everything worked Out thank you sooo much!!

Having an abortion was the last thing I ever wanted to do in my life. I was always against it. But this time, it was the only choice I had. I already have a 6 month old daughter and then I ended up pregnant after me and my daughters father split up. We got back together and then I found out I was pregnant. I thought my life was over. I had no idea what I was going to do. The baby wasn't my boyfriends and we didn't want to ruin my first child's childhood. I had planned on getting an abortion done at a clinic close to my hometown but that was going to cost us $700. We didn't have that kind of money to spend like that. So I started doing research about abortion pills online. At first I couldn't find anything, and then I found this. I was surprised about the price. So I placed my order online on Thursday and received the abortion pills on a Saturday. I took the first pill mifepristone on Monday. And exactly 24 hours after taking it, I started bleeding. It was very light. Then today made 48 hours after taking the first so it was time for the next 4 misoprostol. About two hours after taking them I started bleeding heavily. I couldn't move without it gushing out. After sitting for awhile I decided it was time to go check the progress and as soon as I stood up it was like a water fall. Blood was running down my leg. When I got to the bathroom and pulled my pants down a huge blood clot fell out and there it was, the embryo. I was in tears I couldn't believe what I was looking at. But I felt relieved. But the blood didn't stop. I had to go stand in the shower for about 30 minutes and then sat in the bathtub for about another 30 minutes. This pill really does work. I had the cramps and everything like it says. I obviously haven't taken a test to make sure it works but I don't think I need to. I seen the embryo laying on the floor. I feel so much better and my next step is birth control and getting into college. I'm only 19 and I couldn't of handled two kids. But I'm very pleased with my results.

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