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The safest process of suspending pregnancy issues consist of pills which are abortifacient potential. Women can choose from a range of quality approved medicines for active ending of pregnancy from the following list: Mifepristone, Abortion Pills Kit, Cytotec, Nuvaring, Misoprostol, Cytotec, Ovral, Ovral L, Ovral G, Yasmin, Korlym, Loette, Plan B

Medical abortion pills are considered as an active substitute to the surgical abortion process though the only shortcoming is women are required to complete the procedure by 9th week of pregnancy period. The requirement of non-surgical methods and anaesthesia makes it as one of the highly beneficial methods for terminating an early and unwanted pregnancy.

Advantages of using Abortion Pills

Majority of the statistics carried out showcases that women who have used medical abortion pills have aided themselves with positive prevention of the unwanted consequences during the process. There are mild and risk-free effects post consumption such as vaginal bleeding, headache, mood swing, abdominal cramping and nausea.

  • Safe and successful
  • Painless and involves no use of surgical equipments and anaesthesia
  • Helps in maintaining privacy of the user
  • FDA approved products
  • Early stage pregnancy termination
  • Psychological benefits
  • No obstruction to future pregnancy

In cases of pregnancy termination pills, women can effortlessly find complete surety and can consult a doctor after a period of 14 days to make sure that she is not pregnant

U.S. ,

I was really uneasy about using this site because it seems very sketchy, but it seemed to have good reviews. Their customer service is good.. But I decided to take the chance. I bought a prepaid Visa card just incase it was a scam so they wouldn't get my credit card info. I was 5 weeks pregnant and didn't wanna wait any longer to get this over with, so I paid for overnight- $150! The cheapest shipping option was still like $60 or $80 and you'd have to wait like a week. I ordered abortion pill on a Friday and got it Monday morning. I took the first pill Monday night at 6pm and didn't experience any side effects. The next morning I felt horrible. But my morning sickness had been pretty bad the past couple days anyway. Tuesday night at 7 I took the four pills of misoprostol and let them dissolve between my cheek and gum for 30 minutes. The taste wasn't too bad but it does dry out your mouth and leave your tongue and throat kinda sore. They didn't dissolve a whole lot but I went ahead and swallowed the rest of them after the 30 minutes was up. I started bleeding as soon as I swallowed them. And started feeling really nauseas. 30 minutes after swallowing the pills I threw up my entire dinner (don't eat heavy before hand but I do advise you eat something so you aren't dry heaving because you WILL throw up.) after I threw up I felt a million times better. I didn't experience really bad cramps. Just a little abdominal pain. I bled A TON and popped out a few clots. I never really saw the clear sac come out but that doesn't mean it didn't. I tried not to look. In a week or so I'm gonna go have an ultrasound to make sure it worked. But I already feel some of the pregnancy symptoms going away. So make sure you research this well and know what you're doing! Good luck!


THANK YOU! I was super skeptical about this site but I was desperate with no other options so I decided to buy abortion pills online and give it a try. I had to come back and write a review to let other women know that this site is legit. The actual process was one of the most painful things I've ever been through, but definitely worth it because it worked. After I put the 4 pills under my tongue I immediately started cramping but did not actually begin bleeding until about 4 hours later. I can't even describe to you my relief once I began passing everything. Thank you to this site for helping me and giving women the choice that they deserve.

I'm A Real Person,

At first I was really leery and sketched out about ordering abortion pills online from this site. I had read about other sites that sold abortion pills online that were scams, but this website wasn't on the list. I decided to give it a try. At first I ordered the wrong kind and amount of pills I needed for how far along I was (8 weeks), so I had to order another MTP kit. They only charged $10 for the second shipment (I had originally gotten express shipping). The pills were at my house in 2 days. While I was waiting for the pills to get here, I kept worrying that they were fake or wouldn't work or anything. That was definitely NOT the case! The pills worked exactly as described. I took 2 mifepristone Friday then 24 hours later took 4 misoprostol. The pain was awful, it was like a period on steroids. 3 hours later when I took the other 4 pills, I began bleeding. Later a mucus plug and amniotic sac came out and finally a big piece of placenta with more of it the next day. The bleeding is pretty much stopped almost 2 weeks later. For anyone who is worried about to buy abortion pills from this site, DON'T BE! Saved me lots of money and it was nice to be in the privacy of my home. THANK YOU!

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I bought the product with 7-9 delivery and I received it in 4 days. Fast shipping! I took the first pill mifepristone and nothing happened for me. Then I took the other four two days after and I started to shake a lot and my body started to tingle and get cold and hot flashes. After having them under my tongue for 15 mins I had to swallow them even though it tells you not to. I almost puked but I didnt want to puke them up. I went to the hospital and they told me I almost overdosed. That night I actually did have the miscarriage. I was only 3 weeks pregnant. It was painful but it worked. It saved me $200 but honestly I would go back and just havr went to a doctor. Worse pain. Ever. Just it worked.