Generic RU486
Generic RU486

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200mg (Generic RU486)
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Knowing about Mifepristone: generic ru486

generic ru486, also known by the generic name Mifepristone, is a synthetic steroid hormone used for stopping the gestation of early pregnancy. This revolutionary drug is FDA Approved for use in 37 countries including the US. It has been considered safe and successful by millions of women worldwide for the termination of early pregnancy.

generic ru486 is an anti-progesterone which works by blocking the hormone (progesterone) necessary for the pregnancy to continue. It is sold under the brand Mifeprex (or early option).

generic ru486 is usually followed by a prostaglandin known as 'Misoprostol' to complete the abortion process. Misoprostol (or Cytolog) is considered as a secondary medication with generic ru486 as it causes the uterus to contract and expel/ flush out the embryo.


generic ru486 - Working Mechanism

generic ru486 works by blocking the progesterone action and breaking the uterus lining, resulting in the normal menstrual cycle and regular bleeding. Also, the drug opens the cervix, leading to contractions that help dislodge and expel the embryo.

generic ru486 - Dosage Format

The medication of generic ru486 should be taken only up to the first 9 weeks (or 63 days) of pregnancy (from the start of her last menstrual cycle). generic ru486 comes under the names: Mifeprex, Mifegyne, and Mifepristone. generic ru486 medication is accompanied with Misoprostol in the dosage formats as given below under proper medical supervision:

  • In the first step, visit a clinic or a medical expert to discuss one’s medical history and take the pregnancy test.
  • Next, take the generic ru486 tablet orally 3 pills of 200 mg each with a glass of water.
  • After 48 hours of generic ru486 consumption, take the 2 prostaglandins (Misoprostol) tablets to complete the abortion process, you can complete this abortion process at home and have complete privacy.
  • Post some days or 1-2 weeks, return to the clinic to check for complete abortion (complete termination of pregnancy).

generic ru486 - Precautions

generic ru486 must not be used with any other contradictory medicines that can create any kind of contradictions, so it is advisable to consult a medical specialist to discuss one's medical history before using generic ru486 for medical abortion.

generic ru486 - Side Effects

Medical Abortions carried out with generic ru486 are considered to be safe with rare and a very low number of complications. Common after effects post generic ru486 medications are: menstrual pain, bleeding, and cramping. These are short-termed and go away soon. In case of persistent side-effects, one must immediately seek a doctor's consultation.

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