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The medicines consist of components which causes hormonal changes in the body and end an unwanted pregnancy up to 9 weeks of pregnancy gestation. This procedure is performed without any use of surgical equipment and hence has been preferred by thousands of women around the globe. Users can reach out to us for any assistant through our customer service. This can also help clarify your doubts or hesitations about medications and ensure that you are undergoing the medical pregnancy termination procedure in the right manner.

Why Buy abortion pill (mifepristone and misoprostol) from store

We offer safe abortion services, and effective abortion pills online, which can be administered at home to terminate an early pregnancy. A woman can use these medicines to end pregnancy up to 9 weeks of gestation.

Since abortion pills - Mifepristone and Misoprostol reach your place in discrete packaging, you can get assured privacy when you complete pregnancy termination. Speaking of services, you are given the best abortion pills here at low cost with fast shipping and secured transaction guaranteed. You just have to place proper order and upload a valid prescription given by a certified medical practitioner.

Quality and Reliability are the key traits of Abortionpillrx which has assisted in satisfaction. Family planning is a crucial part of sexual life and implementing a proper set of objectives can help find the best solution. With FDA approved products, we guarantee product authenticity and help in serving our valued users with the finest solution. With the wide capacity to deliver medications on time with timely shipping delivery system, privacy policy, and home delivery options and affordable prices, we have become an emerging online pharmacy store to buy abortion pills.

Abortion Pills (MTP KIT), Misoprostol, Mifepristone, Plan B in store

The safest process of suspending pregnancy issues consist of pills which are abortifacient potential. Women can choose from a range of quality approved medicines for the active ending of pregnancy from the following list: Mifepristone, Abortion Pills Kit, Cytolog, Misoprostol, MTP kit.

Medical abortion pills are considered as an active substitute for the surgical abortion process. However, the only limitation is that the women are required to complete the procedure before the 9th week of pregnancy period. The requirement of non-surgical methods makes it one of the highly beneficial methods for terminating an early and unwanted pregnancy.

Advantages of using Abortion Pills

Majority of the statistics carried out showcases that women who have used medical abortion pills have aided themselves with positive prevention of the unwanted consequences during the process. There is mild and risk-free effects post consumption such as vaginal bleeding, headache, mood swings, abdominal cramping, and nausea.

  • Safe and successful
  • Painless and involves no use of surgical equipment
  • Helps in maintaining the privacy of the user
  • FDA approved products
  • Early stage pregnancy termination
  • Psychological benefits
  • No obstruction to future pregnancy

In cases of pregnancy termination pills, women can effortlessly find complete surety and can consult a doctor after a period of 14 days to make sure that she is not pregnant

Anonymous female ,

Ordered online abortion pill on Wednesday morning after reading all the reviews. Agreed just as skeptical as everyone else. I received them Friday buy noon. Took the first mifepristone pill at noon(Friday) started cramping through out the day and over night, today at 7:30 am I took one of the small misoprostol pills under my tongue for 30 mins drank water the whole time, by 9am I start cramping really bad and threw up, went to the bathroom and I was bleeding, large clots came out. I had to lay in bed (I normally have very bad painful first days of my period anyways) on my stomach and crank the electric blanket. I took the next small misoprostol pill at 10:30am same under my tongue, threw up two more times and passed more large dark clots, followed by the next at 1:30 and the last one at 4:30pm. It's now 12:34am Sunday morning and I have passed large clots, lots of white tissue, and am now bleeding as if it's a regular period.

Definitely Works,

I wasn't all that skeptical after reading all of the positive reviews: I knew I could get the same results as walking into a clinic without the protestors, judgers, and horrendous wait time (6-8 hours at most clinics). I was a little over 5 weeks when I buy abortion pill mtp kit and paid for the expedited shipping (which got to me in 3 days instead of the expected 7-8). I took the first pill around noon and inserted the other 4 vaginally around 11pm. I was cautious to take them under the tongue because I read a lot of people were sick and throwing up. I have a weak stomach and didn't want to risk throwing up the medicine. So I just put them on my finger and pretended they were tampons. I went to sleep feeling kind of strange and tender in my lower stomach. I got up to pee around 3 a.m. and poured blood. It wasn't super painful, just felt a little weird. I was expecting much much worse. Over the next day I passed the embryo and then little by little the sac. There were a few times I felt slight cramping but it was practically effortless. This was almost a week ago and I am still bleeding slightly. It was a lot of blood to be honest but that is to be expected. My pregnancy symptoms went away almost immediately. Tender breasts, nausea, aversion to smells and food..all gone with 24 hours of taking the pills. Would totally recommend to buy abortion pills online anyone wanting an abortion at a discounted price. Definitely works and definitely worth not having to go to the clinic.


I was late by 2 days, took a pregnancy test...yup, pregnant. I got online, found this site and buy abortion pills. I had issues with my credit card bc they don't do international billing but I was able to buy item with paypal. Customer service helped and answered my question dealing with that. So, I ordered in Sept. 17th, got pills on Mon. 21st. I did the $61 shipping as I was only at 4wks pregnant.. I didn't need it to be rushed..but it came quickly anyways. It was delivered in a small USP mailer envelope, and inside that a small manila type envelope. I took the big pill Thurs. 24th.. then the other 4 under my tongue for 30min. on Fri.25th. I waited to take it on Fri. after work as I wasn't sure of the type of pains and such, plus I had to still go to work and be a functioning adult. then The pains weren't bad, imo. I started to bleed maybe an hour after I took the pills. I took it easy the Sat. and Sun. I bleed for a week. I took another preg. test Oct. 4th and it was negative. I prepared before hand, had easy food to heat up and hydrating drinks just in I didn't quite know what to expect. Spent time catching up on my Netflix. I would probably buy abortion pill online again from this site, hopefully doesn't happen again..but glad there is this option.

Anonymous ,

This website is 100% legit, I was afraid the abortion pills wouldn't work but the abortion kit works as explained.. It took me one week to do a research and reviews and this website didn't have bad reviews so i decided to buy abortion pill from this siite. If you are up to 6 weeks one kit is enough but if you are 7 all the way to 12 weeks pregnant then buy 2 kits. That was my case and I bought 2 kits, I took 2 mifepristone orally and 8 hours later I took 2 misoprostol vaginal and 3 hours later 4 more misoprostol under my thong and the cramps and bleeding started 7 hours later, I recommend to have a emergency care center in case you need to see a doctor, can be really painful, anyways it worked and I'm very happy and i totally recommend this site.. do your research but just like others I trusted abortionpillrx and It worked, the abortion pills are legit !!