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Buy Misoprostol Online – Simple Exit to Unintended Pregnancy

Who does not want a non-invasive and privacy-equipped method to end a pregnancy? What about incurring the lowest expense when you buy Misoprostol online for home abortion? Yes, all this is possible if you take the medicine from our store. We guarantee safety, comfort, and security, all on a single platform. Misoprostol abortion pills are effective when used with Mifepristone to terminate a pregnancy within 9 weeks of gestation. You can order it from us today, we will ship it to your address anywhere in the USA and the world.


What is the Misoprostol Dosage? How to Take Abortion Pills?

It is easier to use medicines to end a pregnancy. Know more about Misoprostol abortion pill dosage here:

  • • First, take Mifepristone 200mg orally with water on day 1. Do not powder, break, or chew the medicine. Wait for 24 to 48 hours.
  • • Then shift to Misoprostol 200mcg x 4 pills if your pregnancy is within 5 weeks. Put 2 pills in either side of the cheek pouches for it to melt in half an hour and then orally consume the melted contents.
  • • You can also put the pills inside the vagina and rest for 30 minutes. The uterus will absorb the melted medicine.
  • • If the pregnancy is between 6 and 9 weeks, then you will need 4 to 8 more Misoprostol pills and that too buccally utilized in a set of 4 pills at once at an interval of 3 hours each.

What Are the Misoprostol Effects During an Abortion?

Here is what you can experience by using Misoprostol pills:

  • • Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone adept to detach the pregnant portions such as the fetus, sac, and other products of conception from the uterus wall. This ends the pregnancy and the fetus does not develop further.
  • • But for the pregnancy portions to get out of the uterus, heavy vaginal bleeding happens after uterine contractions caused by Misoprostol pills. They are prostaglandin E1 analog and widen the cervical opening as well.
  • • Some amount of cramps and abdomen pain are expected because of the contractions and discharging of the pregnancy out of the body system.
  • • It can take 24 to 72 hours for the uterus to properly empty all the pregnancy particles.

How to Deal with Bleeding and Other Symptoms?

Bleeding is heavy during a Misoprostol abortion. You can find large blood clots containing pregnancy portions and the shed endometrial lining. Here is more information:

  • • When the uterus is getting clean, the bleeding remains heavy but reduces in volume later on and lasts for 4 to 8 weeks depending on the pregnancy’s gestational age.
  • • For abdomen pain and cramps use a heating pad, pain relief medicine, or a hot water bag.
  • • For nausea take an antiemetic pill and antihistamine diphenhydramine for vomiting.
  • • If you think you need help with the Misoprostol procedure, then have someone along with you whom you can trust.
  • • In case of dizziness and headache, drink enough water, sleep enough, and eat healthy food items such as lean meat, and fresh fruits but not grapefruit, soups, etc.
  • • Hydrate yourself as diarrhea can occur. Intake of tender coconut water, electrolyte water, smoothies, and fresh fruits is an added advantage.

Precautions to Upkeep During a Pregnancy Termination

Do buy Misoprostol online but observe these precautions as well:

  • • Do not douche and use any lotions or soaps to clean your vaginally internally or it can cause infection.
  • • Do not exercise, lift heavy objects, go outdoors, take mental stress, drink alcohol, or eat junk food items.
  • • Rather get enough rest and sleep, stay indoors during the procedure and keep your mind free of any troubles, eat healthy food, and hydrate yourself on fruit juices, smoothies, tender coconut water, etc.
  • • Remain hygienic at the time of Misoprostol abortion by keeping the bed clean, and changing pads at intervals.

When to use Birth Control and What About Intimacy?

Soon after the successful use of Misoprostol, several women may immediately want to get intimate. There is nothing wrong about wanting to make love, however, since you have just got the uterus emptied, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • • There is no reason why you cannot plan for the next pregnancy. But give time for the cervix and uterus to heal as well as your vagina. So, avoid vaginal intercourse for 2 to 3 weeks after your abortion.
  • • Also, do not insert menstrual cups and tampons but utilize large sanitary pads for the bleeding to keep the risk of infections and injuries away.
  • • You will have to use birth control methods to not conceive as ovulation can occur in just 2 weeks on pregnancy termination with Misoprostol. And your fertility is reinstated as well.
    • Following Up with a Physician After a Medical Abortion

      Misoprostol abortion is one of the successful methods to end an early pregnancy. But to know for sure the results of termination, a health assessment is mandatory. For this purpose, it is best you visit a professional practitioner 14 days after using the last dose of abortion pills.

      • • The physician will ask if you had taken any other medicines in the Misoprostol termination of pregnancy and let you know if you have to still take those or not, along with any additional medicines needed as per your health status.
      • • He/she will also want to get details about the symptoms faced and conduct a general physical exam and suggest an ultrasound scan of the abdomen.
      • • The sonography scan will show if the products of conception have completely vacated from the uterus or not. In case of any remains, those have to be eliminated through surgery without delays as an incomplete abortion is life-threatening.

      When to Consult Your Healthcare Provider Before the Abortion?

      You may want to buy Misoprostol online. But certain health problems can deter you from it. Especially, these pre-existing conditions, which you should have a word with your physician:

      • Artificial valve fitted in the heart
      • Have a bleeding disorder, or are on an anticoagulant therapy
      • Serious asthma or severe anemia
      • Heart/liver/kidney diseases
      • High cholesterol levels
      • Uncontrollable high blood pressure
      • Long-term corticosteroid therapy
      • Uterine fibroids, scars, or infections
      • If you are more than 35 years of age and smoking more than 10 cigarettes a day

      What Are the Interactions to Misoprostol Pills?

      The Misoprostol abortion pill may interact with these products and medicines:

      • Grapefruit juice
      • St. John’s Wort
      • Ibuprofen, NSAIDs, piroxicam, naproxen, indomethacin, and aspirin
      • Erythromycin
      • Anti-fungal treatment such as Itraconazole, Ketoconazole
      • Dexamethasone
      • Anti-convulsant such as phenytoin, phenobarbital, and carbamazepine

      Who Must Not Take Misoprostol Medication?

      For certain health issues and situations, it is not advisable to take Misoprostol pills:

      • If you are taking blood-thinning medications.
      • If you have an allergy to Misoprostol and other abortion pills.
      • If the pregnancy location is outside the uterus i.e. ectopic pregnancy.
      • If there is an undiagnosed adnexal mass.
      • If you are more than 9 weeks pregnant. To measure the pregnancy duration, count from the first day of the last menstrual cycle.
      • If you cannot go for a follow-up 2 weeks after ending the pregnancy.
      • If a birth control intrauterine device (IUD) is in place.
      • If you cannot access emergency care at the time of abortion if any need arises.

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