• What is Abortion Pill?

    Abortion Pills is an excellent and safe medicine for terminating an early and unwanted pregnancy. The usage period is up to 63 days or 9 weeks. Abortion Pills help in providing complete safe and non-surgical abortion at one’s residence thus allowing complete privacy. There are 2 pack of combination tablets named Mifepristone (1 Tablet of 200mg) and Misoprostol (4 Tablets of 200mcg).

  • Is Abortion Pill safe?

    Abortion Pills are FDA approved and quality checked. Women can have a safe, easy and non-surgical abortion with Abortion Pills. Abortion Pill users might experience mild effects like headache, bleeding, fatigue and mood swings during the course but are normal and risk –free. Woman with more than 9 weeks of pregnancy period should consult a doctor before using as it is not advised. One of the best and safest medical abortion solution, Abortion Pills provides safe medical abortion. Users who find any discomfort or excess of pains or bleeding can contact doctor for further procedures.

  • Are Abortion Pills effective?

    Yes, Abortion Pills are highly effective. With FDA approval one can easily make use of abortion pills without worrying. One can follow up with the medical expert after a period of 14 days to confirm pregnancy results. The success rate of pregnancy termination is 100%.

  • What should one expect post consumption of Abortion Pill?

    One can confirm for successful abortion after a period of 14 days post consumption of Abortion Pills. It is recommended to consult a medical expert so that one can find it more helpful in maintaining the health. Mild effects like headache, bleeding, fatigue or stomach cramping is normal and one can expect it after use of Abortion Pills.

  • Will the using of Abortion Pills cause future medical issues for further pregnancy or child birth defects?

    No, the termination effects do not cause any issues for future pregnancy or any child birth defects. It is a FDA approved product.

  • Can I buy Abortion Pills online?

    Yes, customers can buy FDA approved Abortion Pills online from