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200mg (Mifeprex)
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Mifeprex is also known as Mifepristone and it is also available in Generic form known as Generic RU 486. It is an anti-progesterone which helps to flush out the pregnancy tissues. Buy Mifeprex online for ending an early pregnancy without the use of surgical tools or anesthesia. Mifeprex medical abortion pill is an artificial steroid and works by obstructing progesterone which is required for continuation of the pregnancy process. Women are required to consume the medicine of Mifeprex within their pregnancy period of 8 weeks. Mifeprex abortion pill is a primary medicine that is taken in combination with a secondary medicine called misoprostol or cytolog for expelling the dead embryo out of the body. The use of Mifeprex ensures a safe abortion however some women experience common side effects such as cramping, stomach ache, heavy vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, headache, etc. Women are advised to consult a medical expert before they buy Mifeprex online for causing early medical abortions.

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Mifeprex - Working mechanisms

The working of Mifeprex abortion pill involves anti-progesterone medication. The process involves preventing nutritional and oxygen support to the embryo and causing termination of the embryo without any requirement of surgical use and efforts.

Mifeprex - Dosage format

The pattern for dosage involves intake of one (1) pill of 200 mg at once orally with a glass of water. One is required to consume the dose without a meal as it acts favorable and provides effective actions. Mifeprex medical abortion pill can be taken alone or with the combination of misoprostol

Mifeprex is advised for oral administration.

Mifeprex - Precautions / Warnings

Users are advised to consume the Mifeprex abortion pill before 10 pregnancy weeks and post that period, one is required to consult a doctor. Women allergic to the components of Mifeprex are required to consult a medical expert before consuming the product.

Mifeprex - Side-effects

Mifeprex online is a highly reliable pregnancy termination product. Users might experience certain mild effects such as headache, abdominal cramping, fatigue or bleeding which is risk-free and normal.

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