Ovral L
Ovral L

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0.15mg/0.03mg (Ovral L)
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Ovral L: be free from the tension of getting pregnant

Ovral L is a drug for the prevention of pregnancy which contains a combination of Levonorgestrel (150 µg or 0.15 mg) and Ethinylestradiol (30 µg or 0.03 mg).

Ovral L is also known by the name: Levlen, Levlite, Enpresse, Lessina, Aviane, Nordette, Portia, Sronyx, etc though many of these might have a slightly different combination of the two ingredients Levonorgestrel and Ethinylestradiol.


Ovral L- Working mechanisms

Ovral L is an oral contraceptive used for preventing pregnancy, which works in the same manner as any other daily routine birth control pill. Ovral L acts by restraining gonadotropins and inhibiting ovulation by causing changes in the cervix (cervical mucus). This prohibits the sperm from entering the uterine gland and also reduces the likelihood of implantation, thus preventing pregnancy.

Ovral L- Dosage format

The recommended dose of Ovral L is: one pill daily at the same time for 21 consecutive days and then a gap of 7 days (without a pill), before starting with the next 21-day course. If you are starting with a fresh course of Ovral L, one is recommended to start the same on the first day of your menstrual period. If starting on some other day of the menstrual cycle (day 2-7), it is also recommended to use an additional non-hormonal measure of birth control (e.g. condoms).

Ovral L- Precautions / Warnings

Avoid smoking during the course of Ovral L medication. Ovral L is a routine birth control pill and it no way protects one from sexually transmitted diseases like HIV infection. In case of a missed dose, one should take the dose as early as remembered.

Ovral L- Side-effects

Ovral L has very low or no chances of side-effects, if used in accordance with one’s medical history and as per the recommendations. Even if any after-effects occur, they are very mild which disappear soon like nausea, vomiting, cramping, headaches, mood changes, and changes in the periodic cycle.

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