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5 Issues That Women May Experience During Periods

Having a period is a common experience for every woman in her life. After you hit puberty, the hormonal changes in the body prepare you to conceive. It can start when you enter your teenage years or sooner. A period can tell several things about your health. For instance, if you are sexually active, then missing a period may be a sign of pregnancy. A simple pregnancy test at home or a clinic can confirm the result.

Or, if there are issues such as heavier blood flow, too much pain, and cramps, irregular periods, eating and mood disorders, acne, bloating, etc. then you may want to get a detailed analysis of your health by seeking professional advice. While coming across some of the uncomfortable symptoms during periods is normal, there are certain common period problems you should be aware of.

Delayed Periods

Do you lose track of your period every month because the bleeding does not start on an expected date at every menstrual cycle? A delay in the period is not good news. It can indicate a gynaecological problem or there is nothing wrong at all. But it can also mean you are pregnant if you skip a period. When counting the menstrual cycle, start from the first day of a period to the first day of the next period. The cycle lasts for 28 days on average. But it can vary between 21 and 35 days as well.

But when the periods are irregular and delayed, the menstrual cycle can stretch beyond or happen sooner than the said number of days. There are several factors behind this, such as body weight, illness, diet, stress, and other disorders. Ovulation can go haywire sometimes with the ovaries releasing a mature egg halfway through the cycle.


Post Menstrual syndrome can bring some changes in your body, that you are not prepared for. And this includes the tendency of vomiting or nausea. Prostaglandin is a hormone that the body produces more during periods. This hormone helps in shedding the endometrial lining. But prostaglandins can also in the process, get into the bloodstream. And this may result in symptoms such as headache, nausea, diarrhoea, and vomiting.

If you are feeling nauseous, then do consider over-the-counter medicines such as naproxen or ibuprofen. These medicines may lower prostaglandin production and keep a check on any odd symptoms associated with periods. But if you have any pre-existing health issues, then do not take any new medicines without consulting your physician.

Cramps and Pain

Ever wondered about the reason for sharp aches in the lower abdomen and back during periods? It is because the uterine muscles tighten and relax to let out the blood. Cramping is a common symptom during menstruation and it can begin any time before the period. For some, it happens for the initial days while for others, it can stay throughout the end. It is normal to experience mild cramps.

However, intense cramping can cause serious pain and for which, pain relief medicine is an option. You can even soothe over a heating pad or a hot water bag. If the pain is unbearable and you think there is something amiss, then do not avoid it, but consult your gynecologist.

Large Clots and Heavy Bleeding

Initially, the blood flow at the start of the period is light. Then it begins to get heavier before reducing gradually toward the end. However, the pattern of bleeding can differ from one month to another. Small clots of blood are expected at this stage. But for some, large clumps of clots can make the periods of the monthly cycle a nightmare. As the blood moves out from the vagina, your body does release anticoagulants to deter the blood from clotting.

But since the flow is constant, the added cramping and heavy bleeding may win the race compared to the body releasing the anticoagulants in time. In each period, blood loss can vary between 2 to 4 tablespoons. You may find changing tampons or pads every 2 hours or more. Speak to your physician in case you are changing out in less than 2 hours every time or passing out quarter-size or so clots.

Mood Swings

The hormones go through a turbulent ride during periods. This can result in mood changes often. So, you may feel extreme emotions, which you may otherwise not have on other days. There are times when women feel angry, emotional, vulnerable, anxious, and stressed in this phase. Such feelings do not have any valid explanation, but it is the hormones that are the culprit. You may feel drawn to something, and then feel averse, happy, and then the next moment, sulking at a corner.

You cannot control mood swings in periods. But to reduce the impact, do try to get sufficient rest and sleep. Do not eat unhealthy food and binge on alcohol and caffeinated beverages. Staying active and keeping busy with something that you enjoy can divert your mind. If you feel agitated by a situation, move away from it.

To Conclude

Do not worry about disturbing symptoms during periods. Some of these are normal and go away as the periods end. But if these are too bothersome or you think medical attention is necessary, then your obstetrician or gynecologist can help.

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Say No to Pregnancy by Preventing it with Ovral Pills

Do you regret getting pregnant? Why take chances conceiving when you can prevent pregnancy with Ovral birth control pills? Yes, the medicine in question is a potent contraceptive medicine that you take with water orally every day at the same time for 28 days. You can buy Ovral online for regular contraception. It is, however, an emergency contraceptive like Plan B. Also, it cannot end an established pregnancy.

The bleeding after completing the Ovral pill dose is not menstrual bleeding. But it is from endometrial lining shedding due to alterations in the hormones. However, this does not affect your body adversely. But the medicine stops the uterus from accommodating a pregnancy. In this post, we will explore the details and facts of Ovral birth control medicine.

What Does Ovral Pill Pack Contain?

Here are the contents of the birth control Ovral pill pack:

What to Do If You Miss Ovral Dose?

In case you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. But take the next dose as per the previous timing, and use a condom for at least the next 7 days for added security against a pregnancy. If you miss more than one dose, then contact your healthcare provider to know how effectively you can continue taking the contraceptive pill and not get pregnant.

How Does Ovral Contraceptive Pill Work?

Containing two types of female sex hormone, Ovral prevents the release of mature egg or ovum from the ovaries. Thus, it suppresses ovulation and affects the sperm’s motility by thickening the cervical mucus. As the sperm does not flow toward the uterus easily or get through the cervix, the chances of fertilization reduce. It also restricts implantation in some cases. Women with heart-related disorders and other serious health issues must consult their physicians before taking the medicine.

You can take the before or after a meal, as per your convenience. Some of the temporary side effects are headache, vomiting, nausea, weight changes, cramps, diarrhea, abdomen pain, acne, fatigue, and mood swings. But these disappear once the body adjusts to the dosage of hormones. It can take a few weeks for some women to get used to Ovral pills.

Which Precautions to Follow for Ovral Birth Control?

Here are some of the Ovral precautions to look for:

What Are the Contraindications?

Do not take the Ovral birth control pill if you are allergic to its ingredients. The same holds true if you have a history of a bleeding disorder, or blood clot formation, are on medicine such as Paritaprevir or Ombitasvir, are a regular smoker over the age of 35, with systemic lupus erythematosus, inflammatory bowel disease.

Other contraindications are gestational herpes, porphyria, migraine attack/psychiatric disorder, using antiviral medicine for hepatitis C, gallbladder/liver/pancreas-related issues, angina, stroke, abnormal vaginal bleeding, amenorrhea, cancer of the vagina/breast/cervix, and likes.

What Are the Interactions to Know About?

Ovral contraceptive pills may have certain interactions. Do not take the following products if you are using birth control medicine:

To Conclude

Those who wish to not conceive and be without a pregnancy can use Ovral pills for birth control. It is effective, safe, and has a high success rate when used correctly to safeguard you from an unexpected pregnancy.

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6 Steps to Observe Hygiene During Abortion Pill Process

Have you ever wanted to know why hygiene during an abortion is important? To start with, being clean and organized will keep your mind calmer. It will make you feel better and fight the symptoms of stress. At the same time, you will stay in excellent health, without any impact on your physical health. If not, there is always a raised chance of contracting an infection, sepsis, or other issues, which may affect the success of the pregnancy termination procedure.

Thus, in this blog, we will talk about some of the tips for hygiene during the abortion process that you can follow.

1.  Avoid Vaginal Penetration of Any Kind

As the vagina continuously passes out pregnancy portions through heavy vaginal bleeding, do not penetrate the vaginal canal with anything. This includes any kind of product you may otherwise utilize to cleanse inside. Thus, douching is a strict no.

  • Also, do not put in tampons or menstrual cups. Even though they can contain the bleeding, it is not a good idea to use the menstruation item during pregnancy termination.
  • After successfully ending the pregnancy, do not have vaginal intercourse for at least 2 to 3 weeks. Taking these steps will protect the reproductive organs from injury and pathogens.

2.  Large Sanitary Pads for the Bleeding

To maintain hygiene during abortion use only large and absorbent sanitary pads for heavy bleeding. The maxi pads are one of the best options. Some women protect the undergarment line by placing more than one napkin at a time. But that is not always mandatory.

  • As long as you utilize a thick napkin available from any pharmacy, you can take care of the bleeding. Remember to change the napkins at a timely interval.
  • You may see pregnancy contents on the pad such as the sac, pregnancy tissues, shed endometrial lining, and the embryo.

3.  Wipe Yourself Down but Not too Vigorously

You may have to wash your genitals sometimes. While it is fine and necessary to do so, do not rub yourself down harshly. Use a soft linen or towel to slowly absorb the water residue on the genitals and the opening of the vagina.

  • As understood from the above-mentioned, do not use anything to wipe the insides of the vaginal canal.
  • Also, do not try to pull out any tissues by yourself by inserting your fingers inside.
  • Avoid the usage of any hygiene lotions or products for female genital health at this time.

4.  Use Fresh Linen and Clothes

Yes, hygiene during the abortion process starts with the clothes you wear. It does not have to be brand new. But make sure they are fresh and washed. None of the clothes should be wet but dry and smelling fresh devoid of dust or any pollutants. Change the linen of your bed before beginning with pregnancy termination.

We are not talking about dipping yourself in luxury perfumes and makeup, but personal hygiene. That is a basic thing to observe during a medical abortion. Even though you are in the comfort of your home, do not forget to maintain cleanliness for yourself.

  • We already spoke about fresh clothes and linen. Apart from that, do your business at the usual time, and pass urine when you want to.
  • Do not hold it off as it will strain the bladder and affect your health. However, do not take a long shower once the bleeding begins.

6.  Keep the Surroundings Free of Clutter

An untidy room will add to stress and depression. If you are already having mixed emotions about abortion, the cluttered surrounding will make you feel more messed up. Thus, before starting the course of abortion pills, stock away any unnecessary things you find loitering on the floor and furniture. Arrange objects in order to bring a symmetrical look to the space.

  • If you think there are additional things that the room can do without, move it to another place.
  • But if the objects in question are heavy or not easy to move, let them remain where they are. It is not advisable to physically pressurize yourself at this moment.
  • You can get disposable utensils to avoid the hassle of washing the dishes you eat. But if you are eating the usual dishes, do not let them linger in the room. Move it outside the door or in the kitchen.

To Sum it Up

Pregnancy termination with pills is possible at home. Since you have complete control over the procedure, it is necessary to observe certain precautions. One of them is hygiene during abortion process, which can keep at bay risks of health issues, worsened side effects, infections, and other complications.

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