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Accessing Medical Abortion in Private, with no Health Risk

 Medical Abortion

It is completely secure and safe to take help of drug for terminating an early unwanted pregnancy. The procedure is conducted at clinic or home as per the female’s preference. You can use the drugs at home. Furthermore, you can have to buy abortion pills online, ordering the medicines at the residence or elsewhere at convenience. It is possible to get an abortion without surgical support. You can also manage the whole process, and perhaps there will be less spending on the non-invasive process than otherwise.

Can Pregnancy test be done at home after abortion?

You must visit a facility for an ultrasound after terminating a pregnancy.  For certain outcomes, ultrasound, or pelvic examination carried out by a professional is exact to get RU486 abortion confirmation. In order to confirm if the pregnancy ended entirely, the home urine tests or pregnancy kit will not give accurate results, as it takes several weeks for the blood and urine sample to actually depict the hormonal levels required to understand if pregnancy is present or not.

Is it Okay to travel alone on Procedure Completion?

You should not travel in 24 hours after the regimen, as you could be still bleeding heavily or dizzy from the drug. In case you do have to commute, ensure you are not the one operating or driving the vehicle. Have someone to help you during the travel, and tell them to assist with any emergency medical care if needed. If there is a need to travel after intake of Misoprostol drugs, then there is still a risk of cramps and heavy bleeding. In this case, help from others is certainly mandatory.

Which activities can you resume after the regimen?

Medical Abortion recommended not to exercise just after having the medicines. You need to go for follow-up visit later to abortion and speak to the doctor what you can do, and how soon you can resume school or work or any other physical activity. At the most after Medical Abortion process, you must not have intercourse until 2-3 weeks so as to heal the cervix and uterus. Keeping pregnancy with birth control is advised until the first 3 months following the procedure.

How is the bleeding during and following pregnancy end?

During the Medical Abortion, heavy bleeding begins after Misoprostol intake and can go up till few hours of the day in the process. After the pregnancy terminates, the bleeding either ceases or becomes less as menstrual flow or lesser. This can carry on to 6-8 weeks, and in next periods you will not encounter that heavy bleeding as it happened while pregnancy was being aborted.

Which birth control should you choose?

For preventing unwanted pregnancy right away after the termination procedure, oral birth control pills and condom are suitable. Avoid any uterine device or invasive technique to sterilize. Such options may be valid after the body entirely recovers. As for controlling the bleeding, you can take sanitary pads help instead of tampons or any other techniques.

What are the Risks?

Bleeding from the vagina during abortion pill procedure may be heavy. In some cases, you will need a surgical ending of pregnancy and rare a blood transfusion. If there is an event of continued pregnancy, then there is a risk of fetal deformities. It is best to get such pregnancy terminating with aspiration technique at a hospital.



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pregnancy termination

The reason for pregnancy termination is different for different women around the world. However, it is hard for any women to experience abortion, as it affects them intensely, both physically and psychologically.

Whether you are going to buy abortion pills or are going through surgical one, your body will go through various transformations afterwards.

One such change will be bloating, as most women get more swollen than during their pregnancy. The below information will tell you about bloating after termination of pregnancy.

Explaining abortion

The abortive procedure is to end a pregnancy. It can happen in various ways, including natural, spontaneous, induced and performed in ways such as abortion pill, intra-vaginal, birth induction or dilation & curettage etc.

Medical abortion procedure results into vaginal bleeding and cramping which are the necessary parts of the process. You may take pain killers to relieve side effects. In fact, many women buy MTP kit online along with other medication like blood- coagulants to control bleeding, anti-emetic medication for nausea and anti-inflammatory meds for stomach pain.

Bloating after termination of pregnancy

Besides from stomach cramps, you may even experience abdominal bloating / swelling after you have terminated your pregnancy.  These are very general symptoms of pregnancy cancellation. Some of the swelling is normal after the procedure and it may last for approximately 3 to 8 days.

This means that the bloating will begin to go away around one week after the procedure and your stomach returns to its original shape.

Please note, however that it is not normal to have bloating accompanied by fever, chills, excessive bleeding, tenderness or intense cramping. In such case, you should call medical attention as soon as possible, as these symptoms might indicate larger problem.

Reason for bloating

The main reason for swelling after termination are pregnancy as well as bleeding hormones. Furthermore, the bloating can be caused by inactivity after the procedure, pain medications, inadequate fluids etc. Even though abdominal swelling is not something anyone should be worried about, it can potentially cause some pain and discomfort.

How can you deal with bloating?

Some of the ways you can deal with abdominal bloating is by –

  • Drinking peppermint tea to help relax the stomach muscles
  • By staying hydrated
  • By eating chewable gas capsules to help for extra gas.

Recovery after abortion

If you have had a surgical/ vacuum abortion, you will be checked upon your blood pressure/ pulse often as well as follow-ups to check on bleeding. Whereas if you have had a medical abortion, you will experience heavy bleeding for at least one to two days, which will be followed by light bleeding/ spotting for at least a week or two.

You will also experience contraction is lower abdominal area which will however lessen after first thirty minutes in recovery.

As you lose a lot of blood after pregnancy termination, you will be asked to follow a specific diet so that you can recover the lost nutrients during the termination. Asides from food, you will also be expected to go through an ultrasound to know if the abortion was complete, i.e. no pregnancy part has remained in the body.

You will also be asked to avoid intercourse for at least two weeks during recovery and to use contraception as soon as the abortive procedure is over.

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Why Waiting Periods Before Abortion Are Not Necessary [ Part II]

Continuing from the last blog, here is-why a waiting period [ which is imposed mandatorily by few state laws] is not only unnecessary but is harmful for women access abortive services as well.

The harm in mandatorily requiring more than one trip to the healthcare setting

While many states don’t impose this, some have an in-person meeting requirements. This means that the women having abortion – by MTP Kit or by surgery, have to make numerous trips to the hospital.  Women who have tow take more trips to a clinic may face higher costs, complicated logistics and delay in care.

Due to such laws that enforce medically needless trips to the clinic, women face various troubles. These problems include encountering logistical challenges, expenses of childcare, travel, lodging expense [ if the clinic is not close] etc. Therefore, these costs may especially act as a barrier to low-income women. Ironically, these low income women are the group that experience the highest rate of unplanned/ unwanted pregnancies.

The added difficulties of logistics and prices can lead to delay in obtaining access to medical attention. In fact, 3 in 5 patients surveyed experienced delay reported the time it took to gather funds and make arrangements contributed to the delay.

Meanwhile a recent research in Utah’s in-person counseling law found that there is a 72- hours waiting period. Which on average meant 8 days between counseling and procedure for women who sought pregnancy termination.

Because of long waiting periods and other obstructions many women buy abortion pill online for quicker access and cheaper treatment.

Delay in care due to waiting periods

Waiting periods also result into delay in obtaining medical attention. This can cause an issue as both the risk and cost of an abortion increases as the gestation period increases.

Abortive patients who lived in a state [ where waiting periods are mandatory] waited 1 to ½ days longer compared to patients from other states.

Meanwhile three studies carried out in Mississippi in the 90’s found that state imposed in-person counseling and one-day waiting period requirement associated with a decrease in rate of abortion, an increase in pregnancy terminations out of state and rise in the proportion of abortions in second trimester.

Aborting procedures in later terms typically cost more than the one in earlier gestational stages. One can easily buy abortion pills and terminate pregnancy cost-effectively without surgical intervention. For instance, procedures at around 10 weeks cost $500 approximately compared to more than $1,500 for around 20 weeks’ gestation.

In a recent research, more than half of the patients wished they could have gotten the pregnancy terminated sooner.

The increase in risk of complication [ even if its magnificently low at this point] increases with the gestational age. The number of maternal deaths associated with pregnancy increases as the time it takes to obtain the procedure.

Therefore, poor women seeking abortion are caught in this vicious cycle. The longer they wait- the harder it is for them to afford it, all the while, health risk also increases with time.

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