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Where to find abortion pill in UK?

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Basically, if a woman wants to go for medical abortion in the UK, then she is suggested to take one abortion pill which is Mifepristone in the clinic under the guidance of a medical expert during the initial 8-9 weeks of her gestation period. Now according to the new decision, a woman presently will have the possibility to take the second abortion pill at home, as this will help to withdraw the beginning of the drug action on her way back home from the clinic.

As the intake of the second abortion pill, Misoprostol causes severe bleeding and cramping, comparable to the symptoms that a woman experiences during a miscarriage, thus it is essential that the woman in this situation should be in a comfortable condition and safe.

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Does Plan B Causes An Abortions?

Recently updated on February 15th, 2023 at 09:28 am

There are many medications related to the reproductive healthcare of women. However, due to the taboo created by society, women fail to talk about it openly. This creates confusion among them. One such confusion that is often seen among women is about Plan B or morning-after pills. Do most women believe that plan B causes abortions but is it the case?

This blog helps you get more information about Plan B contraceptive pills and how they are different from abortion pills.

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Important things to do before making use of Mifeprex abortion pills

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Instant abortion at home using abortion pills is the only safe option for a woman with an unwanted pregnancy. Mifeprex and Cytolog are abortion pills that you can use in the process of medical abortion. Getting information about how the medicines are to be consumed or what to be done during the procedure has become easy with healthcare providers guiding you. However, it is important to know a few things before taking the pill.

This blog helps you understand the important things to do before the use of Mifeprex abortion pills.

Are you eligible for using Mifeprex? 

Your Mifeprex abortion pill may be effective. if you are not eligible for consuming it, it will never show the desired results. The following are the parameters to understand if you’re suitable for taking Mifeprex.

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