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What Should You Know About Coronavirus If You Are Pregnant?


The COVID-19 outbreak has emerged in various changes in several industries and around the world. Coronavirus infection is spreading rapidly worldwide due to which measures of lockdown are taken. People are not going out of their house for days and women who are pregnant have numerous concerns about their health, baby, and pregnancy. So in this blog, we will discuss some important points about how to deal with coronavirus during pregnancy.

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How does social distancing help prevent the spread of coronavirus?


Since the coronavirus was announced a pandemic worldwide by the (WHO) World Health Organization on March 11, life took a different way. All festivals, sporting events, concerts, parades are being canceled. People are not being able to travel as various flights are temporarily banned.

As the virus that causes COVID-19 is largely spread via respiratory droplets,  experts are recommending “social distancing” which means various things. For example, in my community, common public place and meeting spots like the park district, library, schools, gyms, have closed.

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