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Ovral L – A Safe Way to Prevent Pregnancy Occurrence

Ovral L – A Safe Way to Prevent Pregnancy Occurrence
Contraception use can be dated to ancient times; however combined birth control pills usage is fairly recent in the human history. Birth control have gone through many transformations for the better, now many versions exist. The most popular used, though are combined birth control pills which are a combination of estrogen and progestin [ or their future generations] like the – Ovral L birth control pill.

What is Ovral L Tablet?

Ovral L contraceptive pill is of a moon-physic type which comprises of a consolidate combination of synthetic female hormones named Levonorgestrel and Ehinylestradiol [ low dose], which are derived from estrogen and progestin, respectively.
Ovral L is a combined oral contraceptive which helps in avoiding unwanted pregnancies and thus is essential for family planning.
It has two blister packs – a 21 day-pack and 28 day-pack which contain 21 active pills which have hormonal content. In the 28-day pack, there are additional 7 pills which are inactive and are called ‘placebo pills’. These placebo pills are for women who want the feel of taking a pill every day, so that they don’t forget at what time to start a new pack. The active pills and placebo pills are of a different color, so that you can distinguish in between the both of them.

What is the Ovral L pill’s mechanism?

Ovral L mainly stops pregnancy by one mechanism and that is delaying ovulation. This is how it works –
There is continuous loop of hormones acting at every level of a normal human body. LH and FSH are two such hormones which are produced in the brain and act on the ovary and uterus. The FSH increasingly thickens and prepares the uterine lining to receive the fertilized egg, while the LH promotes bursting the ovary mid-cycle to release the ovum for fertilization.

When the synthetic estrogen/ progestin combo enters the body through contraceptive pill like Ovral L, they flood the blood stream and block FSH and LH hormone, which in turn prevents ovulation.Another mechanism involves where the pills make the cervical area ripe and soggy, thus disallowing implantation of the fertilized egg, if there is any present.
The cervical mucus which is naturally present at the entrance of the womb thickens during mid cycle. This impedes the sperm travelling, thus preventing fertilization.

How to start taking Ovral L pills?

If you haven’t used any oral birth control in the previous month:

  • Take the first pill on the first day of your menstrual cycle. You will have to use a non- hormonal contraceptive for the initial seven days.

If you have used an oral contraceptive before:

  • Start taking the pill a week later [ in case you are using 21-day pack] or a day later after you have taken your last placebo pill.

Other Advantages of taking Ovral L

While most take birth control for pregnancy prevention, there are woman who buy Ovral L online for its other health benefits such as Pre-Menstrual Syndrome [ PMS], prevention of ovarian and endometrial cancer, treating acne/ skin condition as well as for PCOS [ Polycystic ovarian syndrome].



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