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What If You Don’t Bleed After You Use The Medications?

Bleeding being an important factor in the medical pregnancy termination procedure, you must ensure that it does take place while you undergo the procedure. For this, you should understand abortion pills information given by your healthcare provider.

Not bleeding despite the intake of Misoprostol pill is a rare case. Misoprostol medicine carries prostaglandin constituents in it, they bring hormonal changes in the body to bring contractions in the uterus.

As your uterus contracts, you begin experiencing cramps which are usually intense the normal menstrual cramps. The cramps and pain in the lower belly area are then followed by bleeding from the vagina.

Why bleeding is important?

Bleeding is one of the crucial symptoms of medical termination of pregnancy. It determines that pregnancy termination procedure is getting completed.

Not bleeding even after taking the pill indicates incomplete abortion:

When you bleed after taking Misoprostol abortion pill, you’re actually emptying the uterus. Your uterus ejects all the pregnancy tissues from the body. Mifepristone is a pill that stops the growth of the pregnancy. However, for a successful medical abortion, you have to remove the pregnancy contents from the body for which bleeding has to happen. Misoprostol is the pill that induces bleeding from the vagina.

If bleeding doesn’t take place, it implies that pregnancy contents are not removed from the body, thereby making it an incomplete abortion process.

What can be done?

If you do not bleed from the vagina within 24 hours of Misoprostol intake, you are advised to consult your healthcare provider at the earliest. Since this happens in rare cases, you’ll either be asked to have another dosage of Misoprostol abortion pills or go ahead with a different pregnancy termination method.

Please note that Misoprostol pill alone cannot remove pregnancy tissues form the body. To initiate the pregnancy tissues removal process, the intake of Mifepristone is equally important. Hence, experts typically advise not to take abortion pills without a prescription.

It is advised not to take any decision on your own and consult your doctor before you deal with incomplete medical abortion. If he/she has asked to repeat Misoprostol medicine dosage, you’re more likely to bleed after second Misoprostol consumption.

This bleeding can continue between 2-7 days after the intake. For any excessive bleeding experience, get medical attention to control the blood loss. You can confirm your medical pregnancy termination after 10-14 days with a pregnancy test.

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What To Expect After Taking Misoprostol Pill?

what to expect after Misoprostol

Misoprostol is one of the two medicines which are used in the process of medical termination pregnancy. The Misoprostol abortion pill primarily contributed to the process by driving the ejection of pregnancy tissues from the body. The availability of Misoprostol pill is seen more on the internet. With various online healthcare medications provider coming in, it has become easier to buy Misoprostol online.

The dosage:

Four pills of 200 mcg each are the general Misoprostol dosage prescribed by medical experts to women. However,  you can check with your physician if you require any change in the dosage format as per your body. Out of buccal and vaginal administering method, you can choose any one method that you are comfortable with.


The Misoprostol abortion pill holds certain prostaglandin elements which make cramps in the stomach. This occurs due to contractions made in the uterine lining. These make cramps can be severe at times, depending on how your body responds to the Misoprostol components. It is one of the symptoms of medical termination of pregnancy.


To remove the pregnancy tissues from the body, the Misoprostol pill makes the way for pregnancy contents to be removed from the vagina. Many women view this as close to menstruation bleeding.  However, it can be heavier than the normal periods, especially when your gestation period is around 6-9 weeks. Some women observe blood clots of lemon size. This can last until all pregnancy contents are removed.

The side effects:

The side effects of Misoprostol abortion pill can be felt during the procedure of pregnancy termination. This involved continued symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea, vomiting, sickness etc. Apart from these few, you may experience diarrhea, fever, excessive bleeding etc. These side effects do not last longer than the time taken for the medical abortion process.

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Mifepristone And Misoprostol or Misoprostol Only? Step-by-step Comparison.

Mifepristone and Misoprostol Pill

Though medical abortion procedure is often known as pregnancy termination using abortion ‘pill’, it does not specifically mean one pill to end the pregnancy. Medical termination of pregnancy refers to ending your pregnancy using a combination of drugs. Despite FDA approving the drug combination as a method of pregnancy termination, there are many women who misunderstand that Misoprostol alone can end their unwanted pregnancy. This blog explains why and how the Mifepristone abortion pill needs to be taken along with Misoprostol abortion pill during the procedure.

What happens when you take Misoprostol?

When you take Misoprostol only, it gets difficult for the pill to start functioning. It is because of the pregnancy status which is still developing in the woman’s body. After consuming Misoprostol, the pill tries to eject the pregnancy contents. However, since their development is not stopped, the fetus does not get detached from the uterus. As a result, consuming Misoprostol alone results in an incomplete medical abortion.

Why you should take Mifepristone along with Misoprostol in the medical abortion procedure:

Women have progesterone hormone in their body which are responsible for the development of the pregnancy. When you are planning to end your unwanted pregnancy, you must stop its growth.

When you take the Mifepristone abortion pill, it contains antiprogesterone components. These components work against pregnancy-growing hormones and stop their growth. This is how the development of pregnancy is stopped with the help of Mifepristone.

The Misoprostol abortion pill contains prostaglandin components. Once the pregnancy is stopped and the elements present in the tablet causes uterine contractions in the body. As you experience contractions in the uterine lining, you would also encounter intense cramping in your abdominal area. Additionally, heavy vaginal bleeding is also experienced which is considered as one of the most important symptoms of pregnancy termination procedure.

You can also find this combination of abortion drugs in MTP kit. If you searched for abortion pill online, MTP kit is the most popular product you’ll ever find on the internet. You must administer the pills as instructed. One pill of Mifepristone and 24 hours later, four pills of Misoprostol can successfully end the pregnancy up to 9 weeks i.e 63 days of gestation.

The symptoms of pregnancy termination may show that the procedure is getting completed, however, one must take a pregnancy test to confirm that the pregnancy is ended successfully. For this, you can check the status after 10-14 days.

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