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Which Pill Can be used along with Generic RU486?

Recently updated on February 11th, 2023 at 10:25 am

When you plan to buy abortion pills online, Generic RU 486 is one of the effective contributors in the options. Though the Generic RU 486 abortion pill is an important contributor in the procedure, it can not end the pregnancy alone.

For this, you have to buy another abortion pill that can complement the working of Generic RU 486.

How does Genetic RU486 work?

Generic RU 486 is the first medicine to be taken in the process of medical abortion. Since medicine comes with constituents like anti-progesterone, it is administered to work against pregnancy-growing hormones- progesterone.

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Is medical termination of pregnancy safe?

Recently updated on February 15th, 2023 at 06:06 am

Is medical termination of pregnancy safe

Medical abortion is a relatively new term in the medical world as surgical abortion happens to be more popular. Many women feel skeptical about the medical termination of pregnancy as they lack trust in the method. However, medical abortion is a safe procedure for ending an unwanted pregnancy.

Before you understand the procedure in detail, it is important that you know the eligibility for using abortion pills. It requires you to be an adult with a normal pregnancy which is up to 9 weeks of pregnancy gestation. The medication for abortion does not work on ectopic pregnancies or with women who are allergic to abortion pill elements.

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Medical Abortion Using Cytolog and Mifeprex

Recently updated on February 15th, 2023 at 06:02 am

Medical Abortion Using Mifeprex and Cytolog

Medical abortion cytolog pill and Mifeprex pill have been widely accepted a combination of pregnancy termination medication. Both medicines are approved by renowned and experienced medical experts for terminating an unwanted pregnancy up to 63 days of pregnancy gestation.

For a successful medical pregnancy termination, you should take one medicine of Mifeprex 200 mg weight. It should be supported with four medicines of Cytolog of 200 mcg weight each. You can buy Cytolog anywhere from the online pharmacy. The same is the case when you order Mifeprex abortion pill.

The way of consuming both abortion pills is different With Mifeprex, it allows you to take it orally with water. However, with Cytolog, you have to keep it in the cheek pouches or insert the pills into the vagina. In both cases, it takes around half an hour to get absorbed in the body and start functioning.

The role of Mifeprex: 

This is an abortion pill that plays a key role in stopping the development of the pregnancy. By making hormonal changes in the body, Mifeprex moves the fetus apart. Its anti-progesterone constituents make the fetus separate from the womb. To function it properly, it can take around 24 hours during the medical abortion procedure.

The role of Cytolog: 

The Cytolog abortion pill holds prostaglandin constituents, with the help of which it contracts the uterus. This is crucial for the procedure as it follows by intense abdominal cramps and heavy vaginal bleeding. It may take around 2-8 days to function through.

What you should do after the consumption of abortion pills?

As you take both abortion pills, you should be prepared for the aftereffects. Pain in the lower belly area and vaginal bleeding are the two important changes that take place in the body. You must use pads for soaking the blood. It is advised not to use tampons since they can lead to bacterial infection.

You should also learn about the precautions to be followed during the medical pregnancy termination procedure. This can include not having sexual intercourse or breastfeeding.

The side effects of abortion such as vomiting, nausea, sickness, diarrhea, fever, migraine, continued symptoms of pregnancy, etc. are temporary and do not last longer than a week or two. For any continued side effects, you should be informing your doctor of the same.

You should not solely rely on the confirmation of pregnancy termination but perform a pregnancy test around 2 weeks after you have consumed both abortion pills.

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