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Understanding the symptoms and Side Effects of a Medical Abortion

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symptoms and Side Effects

Medical abortion is usually practiced during the first trimester of pregnancy. Predominantly, during the very early weeks of gestation medical abortion has its effects and is succeeded. In certain cases where the woman has mixed or no definitive trust about expecting or some health issues to conceive, medical abortion becomes a choice. Subsequently, since every process has some negative aspects, medical abortion with pills does put a considerable amount of changes in the body. Let us have a look at the side effects and symptoms.

Nausea/Bloating– The common side effects include the onset of Nausea. Ordinarily, people who do not have nausea can experience severe bloating when they use pills for an abortion. This accounts for at least 70 percent of women who take the first pill at the onset of pregnancy. Home remedies, such as honey and lemon with pepper can be useful in tackling nausea and bloating. Nevertheless, it will pass with time.

Cramps: The body goes on through a change of hormones, specifically an increase in progesterone to tackle the pregnancy, in medical abortion. Consequently, it is normal to experience cramps during this period. A sudden jerk or movement of excitement will put the body into uneven spasms that may last longer. Drinking enough water and maintaining a healthy diet will ensure, the spasms are less intense.

Fever and Diarrhea: Fever is a common symptom when the body goes through several unusual changes. It serves as the body’s immune response to certain processes that may hamper bodily functions. Nevertheless, some women experience fever during the early rush of taking abortion pills, for various changes in hormones. These even account for Diarrhea at times, which is caused due to indigestion in the stomach processes. It will gradually pass and the body will adapt itself to it.

Excessive bleeding: When some precautions aren’t followed, there are chances of heavy bleeding in some cases. Some pills have certain precautionary steps to be followed, which when applied can make bleeding fairly manageable and less intolerant. Certain medications such as L-arginine with Proanthocyanidins help in tolerating the pain induced during excessive bleeding. Some pills do provide with them some additional medicines to ensure there are limited side effects and pain during the overall process.

Ordinarily, the doctor opts for an ultrasound and other tests to ensure that the medical history of the patient is good, in case the individual visits a clinic. It is usually advisable to carry some absorbent sanitary napkins while taking on these procedures. Additionally, the workload shouldn’t be taken much and sufficient rest must be induced to have proper healing throughout the course.

On the contrary, ectopic pregnancy can put a serious risk, if an individual has previously been in a history of it. This may put forward more chances of certain medical complications, with severe disorders in general health. Henceforth, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional if any previous cases of ectopic pregnancy are on the books. At times these women, aren’t eligible for the medical abortion process as it puts a great deal of risk to their health.

A general 5 percent of failure rate is always seen, which makes the surgical abortion process come to the picture. Kidney and inflammatory bowel diseases on board should require strict medical help before inducing any of the abortion pills.

Consequently, the medical abortion procedure terminates a pregnancy and stops the development of the fetus in its initial growth. Usually, it can be done at home or in some cases can be undertaken at a clinic, with the supervision of a professional. Legal requirements might prove a hindrance in some places, where medical abortion is only advised for a certain group of women.
It is quite safe to buy abortion pills online in the current digitalization. As such MTP kit has been a major product for preventing pregnancy in an early stage. Women’s health is largely taken care of by companies while manufacturing these pills and medicines.

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Safety, Efficacy and Acceptability of Mifepristone-Misoprostol Medical Abortion in USA

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Safety, Efficacy and Acceptability of Mifepristone-Misoprostol Medical Abortion in USA.

Thousands of women all across the world perform a medical abortions at home. There are a couple of drug combinations that can be used to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Mifepristone and Misoprostol is a popular drug combination amongst the rest and both are considered safe abortion pills for the medical termination of pregnancy.

The side effects of abortion pills are not permanent:

A headache, fever (mild), stomach upset, vomiting, nausea, sickness, etc are the side effects of abortion medicines. Women can expect these side effects to get treated on their own as the pregnancy termination procedure gets completed. None of the side effects require special medication unless the woman is experiencing an extreme case of any of the side effects. It should also be noted that these side effects do not occur with every woman dealing with medical abortion.

It does not affect your future pregnancies

The elements present in the abortion pills or their functioning do not interfere with future pregnancies that the woman may conceive. Hence, it is advised that women use contraception measures as soon as they recover from the medical abortion procedure.

It does not make you infertile:

When you buy MTP kit online or from the local stores and perform it to end your unwanted pregnancy, you are most likely to come to the normal phase within 2-3 weeks. Similarly, even your menstruation begins within 2-3 months after the termination process. You become as fertile as you were before ending the pregnancy with abortion medicines.

Efficacy of abortion pills:

The drug combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol equally contributes to a pregnancy termination procedure. For up to 8 weeks of pregnancy, 1 medicine of Mifepristone and 4 medicines of Misoprostol are enough to perform a successful medical abortion. For a pregnancy more than 8 weeks ( up to 10 weeks), physicians usually advise getting 2 MTP kits or repeating the dose of the Mifepristone-Misoprostol drug combination to effectively end the unwanted pregnancy.

The drug combination makes hormonal changes in the body and expels fetal contents through vaginal bleeding. The whole process can take up to a week or more. 97% of women who abort pregnancy using this medication face incomplete pregnancy termination or other minor complications in the process. With increasing awareness about the abortion pill administration, precautions, and other important factors the efficacy rate is reaching 99% in recent times.

Acceptability of Mifepristone and Misoprostol in the USA:

The drug combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol is acceptable in many states of the USA. Though the first use of abortion pills took place in the early 90’s it became more popular among women after the Food and Drug Administration of the USA approved Mifepristone, Misoprostol, and a few other abortion tablets to end an unwanted pregnancy.

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Getting the First-Trimester Abortion in Less than Few Dollars

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Getting a First-Trimester Abortion in Less than Few Dollars.

Every parent hopes to give the best to their child. Sometimes financial constraints come in the way of growing your family or starting a new one.

When you’re financially struggling to get settled, an unwanted pregnancy can be a big question on your mind. Dealing with an unintended pregnancy is as difficult as any other life-changing decision.

There are two ways a woman can end her unwanted and unintended pregnancy.

Surgical abortion
Medical abortion

Surgical abortion is an expensive method to end an unwanted early pregnancy. For a woman with an average income, it becomes unaffordable to get an abortion surgery done. Also, the availability of abortion centers may be a concern. There are women who travel to a different region/state/country to get a surgical abortion done.

Medical abortion, however, is an easy method that can be performed for not more than a few dollars.

If you plan to buy abortion pills online, the average cost ranges between 300-800 dollars. This cost is way lower than the cost of surgical abortions. Some websites even offer discounts understanding the need of the consumer.

How would you perform a medical abortion?

To perform a medical abortion, you do not have to an abortion center. If you buy MTP kit online, you can get abortion pills at your doorstep without having to travel anywhere. It also saves your cost on travel.

An MTP kit contains 1 pill of Mifepristone and 4 pills of Misoprostol which are capable of ending an unwanted pregnancy up to 8-10 weeks gestation.

When you take Mifepristone orally with a glass of water, it helps your body stop the growth of the fetus. Whereas when you take Misoprostol abortion pills buccally or vaginally, the pills remove the fetal tissues from your body through bleeding. This bleeding lasts around a week.

You may encounter intense abdomen cramps during the process but that lasts only up to a few hours. For some women, these cramps appear similar to menstrual period cramps.

There are some minor and temporary side effects of abortion pills, but they do not happen to every user. Medical abortion is not painful if you take abortion care measures and follow the instructions while undergoing the pregnancy termination procedure.

There are women who cannot afford to miss work for an abortion. You need not stay at home for the entire week. You can take leaves for a day or two after taking Misoprostol. Mifepristone does not make any visible change in the body, so you can work on the day you consume Mifepristone abortion pill.

You may also consider working from home during the pregnancy termination process. This way, you either compromise on work or the price. Medical termination of pregnancy has been widely used all over the world after receiving abortion pill approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

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