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Mifepristone Abortion Pill Frees Women from Early Pregnancy

Mifepristone pill

Today, pregnancy termination can be done both at a clinic or home. With the availability of termination tablets over various sources, the costs to the procedure have decreased immensely. Especially Mifepristone cost is negligible when compared to the surgical procedure, travel involved in a clinic, hospital fee etc. Thus, many are preferring mifepristone medication method for abortion than surgery.

  • The former has around 95% success rate and can be done to end 4 to 9-week old pregnancy. These tablets are used in more than 85 countries around the world, as per a healthcare industry report. The Mifepristone price may vary according to the course it is obtained from.
  • The only contraindication to Mifepristone abortion method is that it cannot be utilized by those allergic to products, over 35 years of age, having serious health issues, breastfeeding, or with extra-uterine pregnancy. Otherwise healthy individuals can access the tablets without concerns.

DIY Medical Abortion at Home

Intake of anti-progesterone tablets detaches fetus from womb’s endometrium lining. The pregnancy parts begin disintegrating, and the womb contractions allow the pregnancy particles to successfully evict. Bleeding from Mifepristone abortion pill is heavy, and recedes to spotting when womb empties out.

Within 30 minutes or a few hours from consuming prostaglandin tablets, the cramps and bleeding begin. In the early stages of the pregnancy ends, the fetus evicted may not be visible to naked eyes, as the particles are too small. These are passed out with blood clots on use of Mifepristone. For e.g. a six-week-old embryo is like the size of rice grain.

But that in 8th week is of kidney bean size. A fetus of 10 to 12 weeks old is 1 to 3 inches long. If the pregnancy is more than 9 weeks then more tablets would be needed for termination. Thus, it could raise the amount spent on the regimen on the whole, yet Mifepristone price is not much, so the person can worry less.

Duration of Pregnancy Ending Regimen

Most of the terminations in early gestation period occur in few hours of few days from taking prostaglandin tablets. But anti-progesterone pills are also needed to complete the regimen. Thankfully, Mifepristone cost is economical, and the tablet is widely available along with prostaglandins.

In 2 weeks the early pregnancy ends on the use of tablets. On the 14th day of a regimen, the woman must get womb graphical ultrasound imaging done to know the results of abortion. If Mifepristone abortion pill is not able to end the pregnancy, then the surgical method has to be utilized to remove fetal sections.

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Yasmin Contraceptive Pill- An Answer to Effective Birth Control Measure

According to Guttmacher institute fact sheet of October 2015, 43% of 61 million women (childbearing years) in U.S are at risk to an unwanted pregnancy, due to unprotected intercourse or failed contraception device taken by their partner. But, more than 99% of females (15-44 years) have had intercourse at least once using birth control measures, generally the tablets. The use of Yasmin contraceptive pill can be done by women who are below 35 years of age and not in menopausal stage. It is recommended as regular or emergency method for stopping pregnancy.

Why Women Utilize Pregnancy Prevention Tablets?

Being pregnant is a special phase for a woman. But, many wish to bear a child only at certain point of their lives. However, intercourse can be undertaken anytime, but bringing a baby into the world may not be on the mind every time a woman makes love. To avoid an unwanted pregnancy, there are medically approved products and medications, which can stop fertilization of eggs, and pregnancy.

How Do Pills Stop Women from Getting Pregnant?

The mechanism of pregnancy prohibiting medicines is to restrict ovulation, which is the inability of uterus ovaries to give out mature eggs. As such kind of eggs is not available for fertilization, and even sperm is not allowed to enter uterus, pregnancy does not happen. Sperms are limited from venturing in uterus by alteration or thickening of cervical mucus. Also, Yasmin birth control pill sheds implantation line or changes its thickness in the uterus, which disables chances of embryo being cultivated in womb.

When to Use Contraception Medicines?

The dosage cycle of such tablets is either of 21 or 28 days for regular use. For emergency use after unprotected intercourse, normally the medicines have to be taken within 5 days or 120 hours of the same. During 21 day regimen, 21 active medicines are taken at same time everyday, orally with water.

Then 7 days gap is maintained before new course. For 28 day course, 21 active pills are followed as indicated, and the next 7 days, inert tablets are consumed, one each day. New Yasmin contraceptive pill pack is immediately started after 28 days. When on inactive medication or interval of 7days, withdrawal bleeding begins.

Are There any Side Effects?

There could be few harmless consequences to medications causing a stop to pregnancy. Because of hormonal alterations the tablets create in body, some women may have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, tiredness, irregular periods, mood swings, appetite change etc. But, these effects wade away in time, and are not threatening to health.

What are the Contraindications and Precautions?

Some women cannot consume contraception tablets. Those are the ones over 35 years of age, in menopause, diabetic, with issues to heart/kidney/liver, blood clot problems, taking HIV/AIDS medicines, breastfeeding, already pregnant, with severe mental disorder, or on certain necessary antibiotics.

Those utilizing the tablets for protecting against pregnancy may get periods that are lighter or heavier than normal, with shift in the dates. Some may be allergic to Yasmin birth control pill ingredients; they should not take the product. Allergic reactions to the medications include irritation on skin, mouth, throat, face, difficulty breathing etc.

Is Fertility Affected for Future Pregnancy?

When the medicines to prohibit pregnancy are stopped, the fertility resumes. Thus, there are no issues to future pregnancy. The woman can anytime discontinue the tablets and plan to bear a child as needed. Still fro added safety, doctor’s consultation could be a personal choice, but not mandatory.

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