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Medical Issues While Studying Abroad


Students have with excitement and dreams while moving to a new place. Some students become sad due to not meeting with the place expectations alone. Now, on the web, melancholy pills are easily open to students around the globe who are struggling with mental health issues while studying abroad. 

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Smoking and drinking alcohol during medical abortion: Is it harmful?


Smoking and drinking alcohol is a common practice almost everywhere in the world. That’s precisely why you would come across the question of smoking and drinking when you purchase abortion pills online. Though most women would find it irrelevant, one must know that tobacco and alcohol can have severe consequences on the body during medical pregnancy termination.

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Ultrasound After Medical Abortion


As you take abortion pills and encounter physical changes, whether to take an ultrasound after abortion is always a concern for women. A lot of women buy online abortion pills and end their pregnancy at home. Hardly a few visit clinics to know the status of pregnancy or abortion before or after taking the tablets. But, is an ultrasound really necessary for medical termination of pregnancy?

This blog helps you understand the importance of ultrasound after medical abortion. 

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