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Menstrual pads, cups or tampons: Which one is the safest?

Menstrual pads cups or tampons Which one is the safest.

When you enter the adulthood, menstruation becomes one of concerning part of your day-to-day life.  While the market has many options to deal with menstrual fluids, women are often found confused in beginning. Which one is safe? This blog gives you insights into menstrual periods and the best methods to deal with them.

Sanitary pads:

This is one of the oldest ways of managing menstruation from many centuries. Sanitary pads or sanitary napkins is perhaps the most used method worldwide.

It offers various levels of absorbency. Women prefer pads during the days when the flow is light. It is also used when spotting takes place during the menstrual cycle.

Is it safe?

It is an absolutely safe method to manage menstruation bleed. One must change a menstrual pad every 8 hours.

What’s the negative part?

The only negative factor about sanitary pads is the feeling of being uncomfortable in certain positions. It isn’t suitable for women who have to be physically active during their menstrual periods too.

Considering women health element, it is advised that women must use pads (specifically maxi pads) during a medical abortion.

Even when women buy abortion pill online, the website suggests women to use pads to soak pregnancy tissues of the body.


Tampons have been in use for almost a century. It left behind the use of pads and most women in the world use tampons during their menstrual periods. This is more prominent in the US and the UK.

What does it offer?

Different levels of absorbency.

Greater physical freedom.

Tampons must be changes at least between 4-8 hours depending on the body type and how heavily women bleed. It is recommended to change it after every 4-5 hours.

There are women who use tampons during their menstrual cycle. This is an unhealthy practice which every woman should avoid. A dry vagina can lead to health complications such as TSS. toxic shock syndrome is a complication caused due to hyper absorbable tampons.

Such cases had become more recurrent in the 20th century. The authorities had to remove hyper absorbable tampons from the market due to rising TSS incidents. It is also observed that there are high possibilities of urinary tract infections and concerned risks in women who use tampons.

Menstrual Cups:

Menstrual cups too have been with women for almost a century now. Although the use of menstrual cups is similar to the tampons, it’s not widely used by women.

Menstrual cups come in two types. The first one is a soft, flexible menstrual cup which can be disposed of once used. It looks like a diaphragm.

The second type of menstrual cup is shaped like a bell and is typically made of a rubber. This is designed in a way that it can smoothly collect menstrual bleed.

Which one to choose depends on the comfortability of women. Some women feel comfortable with pads while others choose tampons. You must make sure you don’t use tampons during the menstrual cycle. Also, you must strictly use pads while terminating an unwanted pregnancy using abortion pills.

After abortion healthcare: Abortion Pill Rx

Women's health after abortion

The key to recovering faster from any women’s health disease or medical situation is following the instructions properly and most importantly taking care of yourself even after the treatment. Same is the case with medical pregnancy termination.

Understand the side effects of medical abortion:

You must understand the after effects of medical abortion. When you buy an MTP kit and terminate the pregnancy, the second pill in the MTP kit causes uterine contraction. This further results in abdomen cramps and ejection of pregnancy tissues through vaginal bleeding. Bleeding can last up to a week.

There is some other side effect such as nausea, fever, diarrhea etc which women encounter during the process. If your body is too sensitive for these minor side effects, you can ask your physician for medicines that lower that impact of side effects. An online pharmacy may have medicines to deal with these abortion side effects.

Know when to seek for help:

The side effects of medical abortion are not everlasting or severe. They may not even require medication to be healed. However, there may be possibilities of extreme side effects such as prolonged diarrhea or abdomen pain, excessive vaginal bleeding. Even encountering fever with high temperature can lead to health risks and complications. If you begin experiencing any such uneventful side effects even after the abortion process, consult a physician at the earliest and get a treatment for the same.

Rest and recovery:

The process of medical pregnancy termination requires women to not indulge in any intense physical activity during or immediately after an abortion procedure. After the abortion process, your vagina becomes a bit vulnerable and putting intense physical activity can put pressure on the vagina. It is advised that women must rest after an abortion procedure as it helps them recover faster from the pregnancy termination procedure.

Absent from sexual intercourse for a week:

As mentioned earlier, the vagina becomes weak due to the medical abortion procedure and also becomes exposed to any bacterial infection. At this point in time, inserting anything into the vagina can be risky. Hence physician suggests not to get involved in any sexual activity for a week or two after the abortion process.

Vaginal hygiene:

Be it during the procedure of medical pregnancy termination or after the procedure, every woman must look after the vaginal health. Learn how you can maintain vaginal hygiene during and after the abortion procedure and follow the same to recover faster.

If you have bought abortion pills online, you’re most likely to get after abortion care information the same website. Online pharmacies often have a team of medical experts. You can consult them for any information or advice for during or after abortion care. Medical abortion is an easy method of terminating an unwanted pregnancy if you understand the procedure properly. Besides, it is a widely used method of abortion in the world due to its quick procedure and privacy offered.


The Use of Mifepristone in Various Countries.

The abortion pill was introduced to the market in 1988  and it became one of the revolutionary inventions in the women healthcare products. Mifepristone, one of the important contributors in the abortion drug duo was introduced nearly a decade ago. It was then approved by the FDA, America for using Mifepristone pill for an early pregnancy termination.

Approval of the abortion pills by different countries had not been there, however, lately, the regions have begun understanding the importance of medical abortion and loosen up the regulations put on the medical abortion.

While some areas do allow abortion pill for women, however, many regions in the country lack the needed medication especially locally. That’s when the role of online pharmacies emerged and today quite a few pharmacies sell Mifepristone online to along with the other medicines to end the unintended pregnancy.


After the law of veil, 1975 was introduced in France, the country made it legal for women to end their pregnancy up to 12-weeks gestation.

The nation also allowed surgical procedures if the medical professionals or physicians conclude health risks to the mother or baby.

In France, women prefer to buy abortion pills to end their pregnancy while Mifepristone and Misoprostol being the widely used medicines in the country.

In 1996, 18% of women who aborted that year chose a medical method to end the pregnancy while the percentage reached 44% in 2004. The percentage is growing ever since abortion care awareness has risen among women.


As per the healthcare regulations in Germany, women can legally abort a pregnancy in the first trimester. A pregnancy aborted in in the later weeks is considered only in the extreme or serious cases.

Apart from Mifepristone pill, women are also provided with the option of Generic RU 486 which is also an antiprogesterone pill.

Recent research held in Germany suggest that the abortion rate in the country has risen with 6 women being performing abortion per 1000 women in Germany.

The United States:

Almost every state in the US allows women to abort their early unwanted pregnancy. The necessity of abortion is realized in most areas and hence the availability of abortion pills such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol is more in the US than in other nations.

The use of abortion pills increased after the FDA approving the pills for performing a medical abortion.

In some of the regions in the US, the women were educated about the entire abortion process and how a woman must administer the pills in the need.

Other countries:

Several other UK countries and European countries such as Spain, Russia, Scandinavia, Germany, etc have reportedly allowed abortion in certain cases.

The revolution in the many parts of the world and it will soon transform the way people look at unwanted or unintended pregnancy and abortion as the best possible solution for it. The different emerging online pharmacies have also been witnessing a rise in the use of medical abortion in the areas where it had become taboo once.