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Benefits Of Sexual Intercourse


Sexual intercourse is not just a subject of sexual pleasure. It is beyond sexual satisfaction as it offers you many physical and physiological benefits of sexual intercourse. Some of which are even associated with dealing with pressure and anxiety, flue, etc.

Following are the different benefits of sexual intercourse which you should know.

Psychological Benefits:

  • A study conducted in China proved that frequent sexual intercourse can make women happy provided that intercourse is not forced.
  • Needless to say, one of the most important benefits of sexual intercourse is that it relieves stress. In Psychology, sexual activities are considered to be one of the stress management techniques for men.
  • When you have intercourse, your body releases certain chemicals which create an impact on your feelings and emotions. The endorphins, which are a type of happy hormones are also released during this time, hence making you feel stress-free and happy.
  • Oxytocin is a hormone which is released when the nipple of the woman is stimulated during sexual activity. This hormone produces a sense of calmness and contentedness.
  • Finally, when a woman produces orgasm, it produces prolactin hormone which helps improve sleep.
  • For women who get the feelings of insecurity more frequently, having sexual intercourse with your loved one can create a sense of positive attitude and build a self-image, boosting confidence.

Physical benefits:

While most people are aware of the emotional and psychological benefits of sexual intercourse, very few are aware of the physical benefits.

  • Sexual intercourse is counted as a form of exercise which can contribute to maintaining physical fitness.
  • Sexual intercourse is beneficial for toning and tightening of the abdominal and pelvic muscles.
  • Bladder control is also one of the positive results of sexual intercourse.
  • If you are involved in sexual intercourse for at least 30 minutes, it can burn around 200 calories.
  • Sexual intercourse has proven to be a good way of bettering the immune system. If you are a person with frequent sexual intercourse activities, you’re less likely to catch a cold or the flu.
  • The production of endorphins hormones during intercourse can help give you a sense of calmness and reduced migraines or back pain.

When you decide to have sexual intercourse, you should be aware of preventing unwanted pregnancy. For this, you should contraception for sexual activities which you can easily get from online pharmacies. If you happen to have unprotected sexual intercourse, it may lead to an uneventful pregnancy. Of course, you can buy abortion pill online and safely end the pregnancy, however, prevention is better than cure.

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What If You Don’t Bleed After You Use The Medications?

Bleeding being an important factor in the medical pregnancy termination procedure, you must ensure that it does take place while you undergo the procedure. For this, you should understand abortion pills information given by your healthcare provider.

Not bleeding despite the intake of Misoprostol pill is a rare case. Misoprostol medicine carries prostaglandin constituents in it, they bring hormonal changes in the body to bring contractions in the uterus.

As your uterus contracts, you begin experiencing cramps which are usually intense the normal menstrual cramps. The cramps and pain in the lower belly area are then followed by bleeding from the vagina.

Why bleeding is important?

Bleeding is one of the crucial symptoms of medical termination of pregnancy. It determines that pregnancy termination procedure is getting completed.

Not bleeding even after taking the pill indicates incomplete abortion:

When you bleed after taking Misoprostol abortion pill, you’re actually emptying the uterus. Your uterus ejects all the pregnancy tissues from the body. Mifepristone is a pill that stops the growth of the pregnancy. However, for a successful medical abortion, you have to remove the pregnancy contents from the body for which bleeding has to happen. Misoprostol is the pill that induces bleeding from the vagina.

If bleeding doesn’t take place, it implies that pregnancy contents are not removed from the body, thereby making it an incomplete abortion process.

What can be done?

If you do not bleed from the vagina within 24 hours of Misoprostol intake, you are advised to consult your healthcare provider at the earliest. Since this happens in rare cases, you’ll either be asked to have another dosage of Misoprostol abortion pills or go ahead with a different pregnancy termination method.

Please note that Misoprostol pill alone cannot remove pregnancy tissues form the body. To initiate the pregnancy tissues removal process, the intake of Mifepristone is equally important. Hence, experts typically advise not to take abortion pills without a prescription.

It is advised not to take any decision on your own and consult your doctor before you deal with incomplete medical abortion. If he/she has asked to repeat Misoprostol medicine dosage, you’re more likely to bleed after second Misoprostol consumption.

This bleeding can continue between 2-7 days after the intake. For any excessive bleeding experience, get medical attention to control the blood loss. You can confirm your medical pregnancy termination after 10-14 days with a pregnancy test.

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Why Women Need Information About How To Use The Abortion Pill.

women need information about abortion pill

For some women aborting an unwanted pregnancy is like a pie thing. As easy as it may seem, the process involves certain phases which need to be well taken care of. MTP kit abortion pills include one pill of Mifepristone and four pills of Misoprostol. For a pregnancy (up to 63 days gestation) to be aborted successfully, the woman who is undergoing the medical termination of pregnancy should be well aware of the process.

This blog explains why women need more information about how to use the abortion pill to end their pregnancy at home.

Medical abortion is comparatively new.


Medical abortion is comparatively new to the world. Women only knew surgical instruments and suction methods when it came to pregnancy termination. Medical abortion is only a decade old to the pharmaceutical and commercial regions. Though the Foods and Drugs Administration of the USA approved Mifepristone medicine for medical abortion, the pills became more popular in the later years. The digital world can be the possible reason for sudden popularity and acknowledgment for abortion medicines.

Society creates misconceptions

Half knowledge is always dangerous. Society’s perception toward medical abortion method has impacted its knowledge on the process. People in society started spreading information on the basis of little knowledge they had. The world wide web has been a great help in shaping the viewpoint of women who needed medical abortion services.

There are now many websites who allow women to buy abortion pill kit online while some even let women book appointments for abortion services. The easy access to information related to medical abortion helps women clear the air about the confusion created by society. When the confusion gets cleared, you believe only on things that you know or have read from reliable sources.

Online platforms are growing

There are so many online platforms coming in the market that the access to abortion pills has become easy. This has also smoothened the process of getting information on how one should consume pregnancy termination pills.

This may not be enough to help women understand the process of medical pregnancy termination. If the process is not followed properly and the user took the pills wrong way, it can lead to health complications or incomplete medical abortion.

This is why the medical experts’ teams on such online pharmacies can be seen more nowadays. They help women at every stage of medical termination of pregnancy.

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