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5 Reasons To Prefer Prescribed Abortion Pills

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Understand the reasons to utilize prescribed Abortion Pills

While ladies who face an unplanned pregnancy, the best alternatives which can help her with this issue are Mifepristone and Cytotec medicines. These are FDA endorsed tablets. However, this doesn’t indicate that women can buy abortion pills online and have a medical abortion. It is essential that women should first have an idea about the eligibility to make the use of abortion pills. To have a successful termination, it is essential that one should have a competent health care provider who helps in reviewing your condition and guiding you with a proper decision.

Let’s understand the reason why women are recommended to make use of prescribed abortion pills

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Some Foods and Beverages to Evade During Pregnancy

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What to eat after abortion and what to avoid during pregnancy are two essential topics that every woman wants to know. Pregnancy is one of the most essential and sensitive periods in a lady’s life. Thus, it’s significant for pregnant ladies to eat and follow a healthy diet regime. Pregnant women need to give close consideration to what they eat and make a point to keep themselves away from harmful food and drinks. Certain food items should simply be consumed once in a while, while others should be avoided and should be kept at a distance completely. Here are some foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Raw Eggs: 

Raw eggs can be adulterated with Salmonella and it can cause infections such as fever, stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea in pregnant women. In some rare cases, the infection can lead to contractions in the uterus, causing stillbirth (fetal death)or premature birth.

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Abortion Pill- Which is safer, Oral or vaginal?

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Advantages and Disadvantages of taking the abortion pill, oral and vaginal.

Amongst the numerous controversies encompassing the techniques of choosing an abortion procedure, another concern elevates its head. However, we know that the abortion pill is consumed in 2 different ways. The first one is oral, and the second is vaginal. So here, we have discussed which is the more secure and safer option.

Primarily to concede the safety of either of them, we must first understand the underlying factors of the abortion pill. The medical abortion or the abortion pill comprises the ingestion of 2 medicines named Mifepristone or RU486 to terminate the pregnancy and a second medicine called Misoprostol to assist the body to flush out the pregnancy tissue.

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