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Why To Go For Abortion Pills And How Important It Is?

Abortion pills are the safest and easiest way that clears the issue of unwelcome pregnancy. It is the one that gives women relief from the pressure of unexpected motherhood. These pills are safe to use and are winning hearts of all those users who are in need of abortion and want to start their life again. Abortion pill online can be seen all over the world and that too at minimum rate. The MTP kit contains mainly of two medicines such as mifepristone and misoprostol which will undoubtedly terminate the early stage of unwanted pregnancy. Both these pills are equally important as it their roles are interrelated to each other. Just by following the simple procedure of these medicines as suggested by the medical experts, user will find it convenient to go for abortion pills rather than opting for surgical one. As surgical method will be expensive as well as there will not be 100% chance of expected results. Abortion pills, if consumed at appropriate time and in a proper manner will give the women excellent outcome and she can resume back to work without any tension.

How does abortion pill work?

Abortion pills are those that will terminate the early stage of undesirable pregnancy which will be approximately 12 weeks. So the pill contains two medicines like mifepristone and misoprostol abortion pill which will do the abortion process effortlessly. Mifepristone abortion pill is the best one that will block the hormone progesterone and thus the uterus lining is broken so that the pregnancy cycle doesn’t get complete. User first needs to take this pill and after that she needs to take the break of 6 hours, in which she should not perform any stressful work. Once 6 hours are completed, women have to take the secondary medicine known as misoprostol which will complete the abortion process. These tablets are to be kept below the tongue so that it will automatically get dissolved and is not to be chewed or powdered. Misoprostol will ultimately contract the womb and the pregnancy tissue will be expelled as the dead embryo is seen because if lack of oxygen supply towards it. So, the abortion pill is the medicine that makes this happens without any risk. For confirmation, user can have an appointment with the doctor as soon as possible.

Does abortion pill hurt?

Not much, as compared to surgical one, abortion pill will be much bearable and the pain usually user will have is of cramping. Some women this pain will exists for few hours whereas for others it may lasts for 6-8 hours. But gradually it will no longer be seen. Some physician may give some pain killers if the cramping becomes unbearable.

How much bleeding user will suffer?

When user will consume mifepristone at that time the bleeding will be less. But at the moment when misoprostol abortion pill is consumed, the bleeding will be heavier just like during period. This will continue for 6 weeks. But no need to panic as heavier flow of blood is the indication that abortion is done successfully. So it is common to go through this issue.

Does user need to skip her work in this process?

Yes, it is advisable by the health expert that during abortion process, women should remain at home for few weeks as when mifepristone and misoprostol abortion pills are consumed then the bleeding occurs and in this case she becomes completely tired and loss of energy, so it is better to take rest at home. Also sometimes, the bleeding may start after some hours and so it will be difficult to manage if user is at her work place. Hence it is guided by the doctor that while having abortion pills she should be at her home.

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