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Know These Benefits of Yoga After Medical Abortion

Know These Benefits of Yoga After Medical Abortion

The way there are a few yoga poses for women to perform during their pregnancy, similarly, doing yoga after medical abortion procedure is helpful for women. There are multiple benefits of yoga. If you’re a regular yoga practitioner, you will not allow an unwanted pregnancy to disturb your life.

Healthcare provider suggests doing yoga during or soon after the abortion procedure can recover faster and also, how yoga can help women’s health during medical termination of pregnancy. This blog helps understand it better.

Medical Abortion Procedure:

When you buy abortion pills and administer them, certain hormonal changes are made in the body which brings about medical abortion. Firstly, the anti-progesterone medicine separates the pregnancy from its womb. Later the prostaglandin medicines contract the uterine lining and you begin bleeding from the vagina. This phase lets your pregnancy tissues out from the uterus.

Medical abortion procedure safely ends your early pregnancy (up to 9 weeks of gestation) without having to travel anywhere. Since online pharmacies help you get abortion pills at the door place, it has reduced your time, cost and efforts spent on going to abortion centers.

The comfort of home allows you to relax and do yoga in comfortable clothes.

Yoga helps the body, mind, and spirit:

When you are undergoing an abortion procedure, the body is physically drained due to constant cramps, bleeding and other side effects of abortion pills.

When you perform yoga, not only does it help you physically heal faster from the abortion, but also quiet your mind and soul.

It is advised not to perform intense physical exercises as they can put pressure on the vagina. However, in the case of yoga, doing simple yoga postures do not put pressure on the vagina. Further, it helps heal physical pain faster if there’s any.

An unwanted pregnancy can be stressful. Since Yoga helps you connect with your inner-self, you stay away from all kinds of negative thoughts. As a result, you learn to surround yourself with positivity. This eventually makes your soul calm and overcome your emotional breakdown which may have happened due to the uneventful pregnancy situation.

Yoga after abortion is certainly an effective way one can do to come out of a stressful situation. In fact, there are many yoga practitioner women who could undergo medical abortion procedure without any anxiety and minimum physical pain.

What causes vaginal discharge?

What causes vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is fluid made by glands inside the vagina. Though completely natural and healthy it can be, it also has risks in certain cases. Women fail to understand the difference between the “good discharge” and “bad discharge” and hence the subject remains long neglected.

However, if you ignored the discharge that has health risks, it can lead to severe infection to the reproductive organs. Hence, it becomes important to know which vaginal discharge is healthy and which one isn’t.

This blog helps you understand the causes of vaginal discharge and which one can be alarming.

You should know that most of the times, your vaginal discharge is normal. Ideally, the discharge appears to be transparent and does not have an odor. This is healthy for the reproductive organ as it carries dead tissues from the cervix while it primarily prevents infection.

Some women also experience slightly milky discharge which is often observed around the starting of the menstrual cycle or at the time of ovulation. Normal discharge can additionally take place with women who breastfeed or are sexually aroused. Though odor is associated with “bad discharge”, pregnant women may have an odor and that is completely normal.

Following are the causes of vaginal discharge:

The vagina has its natural pH balance which is present for the upkeep of the vagina & normal bacteria. If there’s any change that takes place with the vaginal balance, it reflects in the vaginal discharge in the form of smell, color or texture. The following could be the possible reasons for changes in vaginal discharge:

  • Steroid use
  • Bacterial vaginosis, bacterial infection through sexual intercourse
  • Contraceptive medications
  • Yeast infections
  • Discomfort around the vagina
  • Dryness of the vagina
  • Infection through sexual intercourse
  • Diabetes
  • Pelvic Infection after surgery
  • Douching or washing the vagina using scented soaps

None of them causes alarm until the color, smell or texture seems unusually odd. It is important that you monitor your discharge so that you’ll know which one is alarming and when. A normal discharge is typical of about a teaspoon a day and not more than that.

When should you see a doctor?

  • Pain & discomfort with the discharge
  • Itching that continues
  • Burning sensation around the vaginal area
  • Rashes or bumps along with the heavy vaginal discharge
  • The discharge has a bad odor that doesn’t go
  • The color of the discharge is brown, pink or unreasonably dark

Do not ignore the symptoms that tell you the vaginal discharge is alarming. Ignoring can lead to severe reproductive health risks.

Vaginal Douching: Normal or Harmful?

Unaware of the possible impact of douching on health & body, more than 40% of women in the US use a vaginal douche on a regular basis. The case is especially high in teens and women in their early 20s. These women believe to be clean and feel fresh after douching.

Some women even believe that douching can help them prevent pregnancy if they did it after sexual intercourse. Contrarily, women’s healthcare experts do not encourage such thinking and suggest strictly avoiding douching.

This blog aims to clear all doubts of women regarding vaginal douching.

What Is Douching?

Literally speaking, douche means to wash. Douching is when you wash out your vagina. Most women typically wash their vagina with water and vinegar mixture. Some of the douches that you see in supermarkets may be scented and have antiseptics. In some regions, douching could also mean simply washing the vagina thoroughly.

Following are the advantages of douching:

It makes you feel cleaner.

  • There aren’t any other major benefits of douching apart from making you feel clean and hygienic.

Following are the disadvantages of douching:

  • Douching makes the vagina prone to infections, primarily bacterial vaginosis.
  • Your vagina has a pH level which is called vaginal flora. It has a natural balance which encourages the growth of favorable bacteria. Douching can disturb its balance making it prone to infection.
  • Infections due to douching can also increase the risks of premature birth or the spread of STIs.
  • Douching is said to be one of the causes of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. PID is a type of disease wherein there’s an infection to the ovary, fallopian tubes or the uterus.
  • Frequent douching could also lead to pregnancy complications. In a recent survey conducted, it was found that women who douche regularly were facing difficulties in conceiving. The chances of ectopic pregnancy due to douching cannot be neglected.
  • Women’s healthcare expert suggest that frequent douching with scented soaps and other material can increase the risks of developing cervical cancer. Though there’s no strong evidence on this point, the disease could be linked with douching habit.

Should you douche?

Most women prefer douching due to the vaginal odor that they may have. However, douching should strictly be avoided. Women should note that vaginal odor is not something one should get rid of as it is a normal thing. However, if you come across any strong bad odor, you should visit a doctor and should not try to douche to get rid of it. This could be a sign of infection and douching may not help.