Know These Benefits of Yoga After Medical Abortion

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Know These Benefits of Yoga After Medical Abortion

The way there are a few yoga poses for women to perform during their pregnancy, similarly, doing yoga after a medical abortion procedure is helpful for women. There are multiple benefits of yoga. If you’re a regular yoga practitioner, you will not allow an unwanted pregnancy to disturb your life.

Healthcare provider suggests doing yoga during or soon after the abortion procedure can recover faster and also, how yoga can help women’s health during the medical termination of pregnancy. This blog helps me understand it better.

Medical Abortion Procedure:

When you buy abortion pills and administer them, certain hormonal changes are made in the body which brings about medical abortion. Firstly, the anti-progesterone medicine separates the pregnancy from its womb. Later the prostaglandin medicines contract the uterine lining and you begin bleeding from the vagina. This phase lets your pregnancy tissues out of the uterus.

Medical abortion procedure safely ends your early pregnancy (up to 9 weeks of gestation) without having to travel anywhere. Since online pharmacies help you get abortion pills at the door place, it has reduced your time, cost, and effort spent on going to abortion centers.

The comfort of home allows you to relax and do yoga in comfortable clothes.

Yoga helps the body, mind, and spirit:

When you are undergoing an abortion procedure, the body is physically drained due to constant cramps, bleeding, and other side effects of abortion pills.

When you perform yoga, not only does it help you physically heal faster from the abortion, but also quiets your mind and soul.

It is advised not to perform intense physical exercises as they can put pressure on the vagina. However, in the case of yoga, doing simple yoga postures do not put pressure on the vagina. Further, it helps heal physical pain faster if there’s any.

An unwanted pregnancy can be stressful. Since Yoga helps you connect with your inner self, you stay away from all kinds of negative thoughts. As a result, you learn to surround yourself with positivity. This eventually makes your soul calm and overcome your emotional breakdown which may have happened due to the uneventful pregnancy situation.

Yoga after abortion is certainly an effective way one can do to come out of a stressful situation. In fact, there are many yoga practitioner women who could undergo medical abortion procedures without any anxiety and with minimum physical pain.

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