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What Happens to Women in a Medical Abortion?


Medical Abortion pills are used to terminate unwanted pregnancy only occurred in early days within nine weeks. Abortion is the process of passing out the embryo when it is partially forming in the uterus. Two abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol are used to end an unplanned pregnancy. Mifepristone detaches the embryo from the uterine wall. Then after 48 hours, Misoprostol abortion pill is consumed which contracts the uterus and expels the pregnancy. After consumption of these pills, women may experience heavy bleeding and cramping for several weeks. The bleeding can be thick or in clots differing from women to women.

How to Get Abortion pills?

Abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol are FDA approved medications. Women can buy abortion pills online as they have good shipping administration and it is easy to buy on the web. The abortion pill cost is also reasonable and convenient for any women for online abortion pill purchase. You can order mifepristone and misoprostol abortion pills online as women get the liberty to order from her home maintaining her privacy.

What should Women Expect of Medical Abortion?

  • Women can expect heavy bleeding cramping nausea, headache, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • But these are minor mild reactions which will eventually subside after few days or weeks.
  • Women should usually rest at home during the process.
  • Women should keep tampons handy as heavy bleeding is expected.
  • The bleeding can differ in various women. For cramping antibiotic are suggested to reduce the pain.

Does Medical Abortion hurt Women?

  • Medical abortion by Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortion pills are regarded as the safest and risk-free method to terminate the unwanted pregnancy quickly.
  • The reason being it does not include any surgical equipment whatsoever and no use of any anesthesia. This reduces the risk of catching an infection due to a surgical method to women reproductive organ.
  • The important factor of this method is it is a non-invasive process which women can perform by her in complete privacy.

How long does it take to recover from a medical abortion?

  • Usually, it takes a few weeks to recover completely from the abortion pill procedure. After the consumption of Misoprostol, the bleeding in women will initiate within hours.
  • The pregnancy hormones basically take a longer time to empty the uterus. So it is recommended that women go for pregnancy test after fourteen days to confirm if the pregnancy is successfully completed.
  • As misoprostol contracts the uterus to expel out the pregnancy, the uterus takes few days or weeks to retain its original size and form. A woman is advised to rest for another two weeks to completely get recovered from the medical abortion.

Is Mifepristone the Morning after Pill?

Women have confusion and doubts over this factor who are not much aware of this procedure. No, mifepristone is not the morning after pill. Emergency contraceptive and abortion pills are very much different. Contraception prevents the pregnancy from taking place, whereas abortion pills terminate the already formed embryo from the uterus just like naturally occurring miscarriage.

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Abortion Pills online liberates women with privacy

How women find it easy to use Abortion Pills from online sources?
The myth and uninteresting solutions are no more working with the present scenario of medical advancement. There is quick concluding solution for the case of unintended pregnancy. There is no more requirements of those long battles of laws to be fought for the purpose as the technological brilliance and medical advances could together provide online product availability and that too at ease.

The global users of the Abortion Pills online are finding the entire process to be more at ease. This is a rapid case win from the surgical positions where the user is to apply for surgical removal of the pregnancy and wait until it heals. To top the pressure, one had to make use of anesthesia and the surgical tools which really took on the nerves of women who underwent the procedure of surgical abortion.

Now with “Buy Abortion Pill online” method, users simply need to log in and select their order. With express shipping delivery and plain envelope delivery mode, users are just needed to collect the parcel at their doorsteps.

Major benefits of “ Buy abortion pills online” strategy

Women need to make quick decisions as the abortion pill is the safest method but comes with the user mandate guideline such as usage by the first 9 weeks of pregnancy. The benefits are:
1) Privacy: No user would be interested to feed in the methods at a clinic and expose the user details. There might be various decisions running around in a woman’s mind prior to the process of final Abortion and hence it is a benefit to order abortion pills online and complete the entire process in privacy at one’s home or any space that is comfortable. It really frees the mind and relaxes the pressure moments.

2) No surgical tensions: The far fact of getting itching, side-effect, rashes or allergies is not at all involved in this method. Medical Abortion by Abortion Pills involve inducing the oral drug method which doesn’t involve surgical pressures. Simply consume as required and recommended.

3) No future worries of unhealthy pregnancies: If you are wondering that it might affect your future pregnancies or the child’s health, you can actively ignore them as it won’t be of any trouble post the course period. One can easily opt and conceive in future but it is recommended to wait bit patiently for a short gap of days so that the medicinal effects leave the body and one can start fresh.

4) Live chat assistance: In case you are worried or got any question and of course the recommended WAIT – TIME to end the pregnancy, you can easily chat with the customer assistance / support so that they can guide you.

5) Reasonable pricing: Order abortion pills at a reasonable price by online process. The medicines are FDA approved and there is no trouble in opting for the method.

6) Global Access to the medicine: Adult Users across the globe can simply book it online and find the parcel at their doorsteps. It not only enhances privacy but also the method of quick usage as abortion process is an emergency procedure and should be consumed within the first 9 weeks period.

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