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What you should eat after your abortion?

The female body initially undergoes changes during pregnancy to support the fetus and is burdened by the nutritional requirements of the it. The usage of essential vitamins and minerals increase. The body then has to withstand the physical and mental pain of an abortion irrespective of whether it is a surgical procedure or by abortion pills. Prolonged bleeding and other symptoms deprive the body of iron, some supplementary vitamins like riboflavin, and calcium.

A good balanced diet must be a top priority in this phase of one’s life.

What you should include in your diet

  • Protein

Increase protein intake. Dietary protein is essential for the wear and tear in the body. It helps build newer cells thus improving your blood count. It is recommended that protein be included in at least two meals in a day.

Fish, beef, pork, chicken, lamb and eggs are some rich sources of protein. But vegetarians can rely on bananas, avocado, cottage cheese, milk and  peas, for the same. Low fat varieties of the dairy products in the list should be preferred.

  • Calcium

Calcium content in the body depletes greatly post pregnancy. It’s essential to level this up for healthier bones and teeth.

Calcium can be replenished by dairy foods and soya bean. Dry fruits and green leafy vegetables can also supplement these.

  • Iron

Blood contains a major portion of iron in the body. Blood loss during abortion causes iron levels to receive a plummet. This can lead to anemia-like symptoms. This includes feeling weak and fatigued. It is hence very important to consume iron rich foods.

Some brands of fortified cereals fulfill your daily iron requirements. Other rich sources of iron are meat and fish. These contain heme-iron which are readily absorbed. But your body can absorb iron equally well from plant sources like leafy veggies and nuts.

  • Vitamins and minerals

Fruits and vegetables serve your requirements for vitamins and minerals completely.  Dairy products can also supply certain amounts of these.

  • Whole grain foods

Easy digestion should be the main idea behind a post-abortion diet. Whole-grain foods contain fewer calories and can also help weight management.

Brown rice, whole-wheat bread and oatmeal are some examples. One can indulge in about 6-8 servings of these each day.

Avoid frying as a cooking method for any of the above foods.

What you should avoid

When you buy abortion pills, you are usually told about the specific dose and regimen. Online abortion pill kits come with other precautionary measures too. But that’s not all you need to care about. Your main aim should be to maintain a good diet for proper health. A bad health will only worsen your experience.

You can consume chocolates as a feel-good food. But, exclude the following from your diet:

  • Low-fibre starches (Instant rice/noodles, pretzels)
  • sugary foods with a high glycemic index (carbonated drinks, sweets)
  • Fatty milk and meats
  • Junk/spicy foods
  • Soy foods (unpasteurized milk/ raw meat)

Follow these diets for a quick recovery and avoiding complications.

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