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Abortion Pills and Birth Control

A List of Top Choices of Abortion Pills and Birth Control

As a wholesome care station for women and their reproductive health concerns, our website has multiple medicines and pharmaceutical products. Right from abortion pills to birth control options, we house everything. Thus, we aim to educate every person about our product offerings, and how they benefit you. It will help you make your top choice through the knowledge of a variety of medication brands, and why you should purchase those. Below, you will find collated information in snippets to get a headway about the pills useful for your pregnancy and more.

The Certified Abortion Pills at Our Outlet

What if you get all types of abortion pills under one roof? You have the answer to your question – our pharmacy. It has a host of pregnancy termination pills, certified for the medical procedure of expelling the products of conception from your body, without any risks or hassles.

1.  MTP Kit

The most popular and best buy is the MTP Kit for abortion. Because this pack contains Mifepristone 200mg and Misoprostol 200mcg x 4 pills, it serves the pregnancy termination needs in one kit itself. You do not have to purchase the pills separately. Rather, you can also order multiple MTP Kits at one time. For a pregnancy within 5 weeks, 8 pills of Misoprostol are effective. But for pregnancy between 6 to 9 weeks, you need 8 to 12 Misoprostol pills. In that case, you can purchase 2 to 3 kits at once.

2.  Generic RU486

Just like Mifepristone, this medication is anti-progesterone. The dosage is 200mg, you need to take it orally with water on day 1. Do not chew, powder, or crush the medicine. The pill is as effective to detach the embryo from the uterus wall as its counterparts like Mifepristone and Mifeprex (explained further).

3.  Mifeprex

As discussed above, the function of Mifeprex 200mg is the same as that of Mifepristone and Generic RU486. The pill is adept in loosening the embryo from the endometrial lining. The medicine suppresses the progesterone hormone. This causes the pregnancy to stop. The uterine lining breaks and prepares you for the next stage of the pregnancy termination process.

4.  Cytolog

This is the secondary medication and a prostaglandin E1 analog. Working like Misoprostol, it causes uterine contractions within 1 to 2 hours of its intake. You can administer the medicine either buccally or vaginally. But start with the medication after 24 to 48 hours of using Mifeprex or its relevant brand, the choice is yours. The medicine can widen the cervix to pass out the products of conception easily. It also leads to heavy vaginal bleeding and inducement of labor.

Together, it helps to end the pregnancy within 24 to 72 hours. If you wish to use Cytolog alone for abortion, you can do so. But its efficacy rate is higher when combined with likes such as Generic RU486. If taking the medicine individually, then each set of dosage will contain 4 pills of 200 mcg. If you are utilizing 8 pills, then take a set in an interval of 3 hours each buccally. Repeat the same with that for 12 pills.

Our Bestsellers in Birth Control Products and Pregnancy Check

We take care of your pregnancy needs not only with medical termination but with birth control measures as well. On our website, you will find an array of birth control pills, emergency contraceptive medication, a Pregnancy Testing Kit, also Vaginal Ring birth control.

·        The Pregtest Card assists in detecting if you have conceived or not by a urine test. You can use the pregnancy strip at home.

·        The Nuvaring or vaginal ring is an insertable product into the vagina. It produces hormones that safeguard you against pregnancy. You need to replace a ring every 21 days.

·        You will also get Plan B, which you can utilize as a backup method in an emergency to protect against unplanned pregnancy. But you have to take it within 72 hours of getting intimate.

·        You can also try a family of Ovral pills including Ovral, Ovral L, and Ovral G. These are daily intake routine contraceptive pills just like Loette and Yasmin medicine.

·        A routine birth control pill prevents pregnancy by suppressing ovulation and thickening the cervical mucus so that the sperm does not get the chance to fertilize the egg.

·        Lastly, the pills may break the endometrial lining, and stop the implantation process. So, make your decision on which contraception works for your interest.

To Conclude

Now that you have a better idea as to which abortion pills and birth control alternatives, visit our store now, and order the product that is most suitable for you.

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Contraception Advice, after an Abortion Procedure

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Contraceptive choices just after an abortion process put a lot of dilemmas in women. The body reacts differently and has previously been adjourned to stress, so taking the help of contraception might take a bit longer than expected. This leads to a site where the accurate timeline of using such methods is risky.

Below is a depiction of the time strains for using contraception, after an abortion has happened, be it medically or clinically.

Birth Control Pills, Vaginal ring, Implant, and so on:

After a clinical abortion has been done, this contraception can be taken immediately or more so five days after the abortion. It is advised mostly to monitor the recovery and bleeding process and then wait for at least 5 days before inducing this contraception in case of clinical abortion.

After a medical abortion, the contraception can be used just after the use of misoprostol, or similarly waiting for five days is termed a better option. The vaginal ring can be further extended if there is continuous bleeding.

Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUD):

After a clinical abortion is made, IUD can be used just after a day of abortion or after a clinical visit to determine the body’s recovery. Additionally, the expulsion rate is much higher if the IUD is inserted just after a trimester abortion process.

After a medical abortion, the IUD can be inserted anytime after the passage of the vagina is termed perfect enough, usually after a clinical visit.

Diaphragms, cervical caps, spermicide:

After a clinical abortion, these methods, specifically Diaphragm can be fitted immediately just after a first-trimester abortion is made. Consequently, one can fit on the cervical cap just when she is planning for sexual intercourse with her partner. However, after second-trimester abortion is made, one has to wait for at least four weeks to be fitted with any such process.

After a medical abortion, it is fairly required to start the contraceptive methods as soon as one plans to step into sexual intercourse.

Fertility Awareness Method:

After a clinical abortion, it is advisable to wait for at least three menstrual cycles have been passed and a normal pattern has been resumed. Additionally, using a backup method is also advised, if indulging in sexual intercourse.

After a medical abortion, similarly, three menstrual cycle waiting is advised and also one has to apply any backup method other than this if there is sexual intercourse within the time.


After a clinical abortion, this process can be adapted anytime after the decision has been made mutually consenting with a partner. Such a process requires a visit to the clinic, so a proper check-up would be eventually made.

After a medical abortion, similarly one can opt for sterilization after mutual consent with the partner.

Contraception methods are quite handy when it comes to contraceptive pills, bought online. Ovral Birth control pills have a distinct effect and act by having a perfect 99 percent effectiveness. One can buy Ovral G across several online platforms meant for contraception.


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Can any kind of sexual activity other than penetration lead to pregnancy?

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Sexual Intercourse involves more pleasure when there is foreplay, and when there is foreplay involved, questions of pregnancy from that(rarely possible) arrive. Teens mostly have a question in their adolescence, “Is it possible to get pregnant without having sexual intercourse”?

Safety is better than cure! Considering women’s health and all other factors which possibly lead to unintended pregnancy or complications, birth control pills or other birth control measures need to be given thought.

Well, the answer lies in how unlucky you are. The possibility of getting pregnant without actual penetration is extremely rare, still, it cannot be totally overruled. Hence it is advised to take contraceptives as a precaution. You can even buy Ovral G online or from nearby stores

Ejaculating near/on the vagina: Let’s face it when a man is aroused foreplay would definitely makes him wilder. Consequently, most men ejaculate nearer to the vaginal opening of their partners. Sperms are basically designed to travel from the vulva into the vagina in search of an egg. What adds is whether the vulva is wet! The chances of the sperm living for a day (if ejaculated near the opening) is more. This enhances the possibility of a sperm traveling inside the vagina to fertilize an egg. Since both partners are aroused, wetness is highly anticipated, but such cases are extremely rare.

Using fingers or toys with active sperm:

This is most likely to occur when the male partner accidentally/persistently uses fingers to satisfy his partner after ejaculating sperm on his fingers. Most likely this also happens when the female uses a finger or even a toy that has sperm on it. Although such kind of instances is rare, some people(females) find it exciting to use their fingers after masturbating with their male partners. Pregnancy in such circumstances is quite possible and accounts for at least 30 percent of nonsexual penetration pregnancies. So be assured to clean up your sex toys and fingers before inserting them into the vagina.

Ejaculation in Anal sex:

Anal mucous can serve as a medium for the sperm to get nearer the vulva. What enhances the process is if both the areas are moist and damp. Sperms can live for up to 3 days in moist and wet areas. Since they are designed to travel in search of an egg, it is possible for them to achieve the path from the anal section. Unprotected anal intercourse possesses a high risk of sexually transmitted diseases, therefore ejaculation without a barrier is not a good choice over there!

Pre-ejaculation: Semen from pre-ejaculation doesn’t contain sperm, still there is a thin line of difference between pre-ejaculation and ejaculation. Often pre-ejaculation is a transparent liquid and is less dense as compared to sperm. It mostly gets secreted when the male partner indulges in dry humping and foreplay. Pre-ejaculation near or on the opening of the vagina has chances of sperm traveling inside to fertilize an egg.

Ejaculation on clothes:

Sperm lives for very few hours or even minutes in normal conditions. Still, having them on or nearer to the vulva through lingerie might have the chance of the sperm getting inside your vagina (if you are wet). It is absurd that someone would wear sperm-stained clothes, still, a couple who practice dry sexual activity often end up ejaculating on the clothes. This enables the sperm to live for a while if the ejaculation is nearer to the vulva.

With most of the above descriptions having unproven strata, chances of getting pregnant without penetration are rare. Although happens roughly in teenage, pregnancy without sexual intercourse is as less than 5 percent of the overall cases. In case you get pregnant through any such method, you can keep pregnancy termination as an option.

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