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Medical Abortion with Misoprostol, what to do Next

There is tension brewing about the topic of ‘Medical abortion’, and we all understand the fate of the Mifepristone pill, which is hanging in thin air. Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone medicine used in pregnancy termination. It disengages the pregnancy sections from the uterine wall by shedding the endometrial lining. The lack of pregnancy hormones that it creates leads to the dilation of the cervix as well, which is further progressed by Misoprostol. Now, Mifepristone is an oral 200mg pill you take on day 1. And then follow with Misoprostol pills a day or two later. You can buy abortion pill online to access the medicines and get both together in MTP Kit.


Here is what to expect if the challenge of medical abortion wins and you have only Misoprostol to trust to end an early pregnancy.

Abortion Only with Misoprostol

In case only Misoprostol is allowed to end a pregnancy, then you can proceed with these pills as well without the progesterone blocker. You can buy abortion pill online in quantity as per the gestational weeks. For instance, for pregnancy within 5 weeks of gestation, you will need 8 x 200mcg pills. And for pregnancy between 6 and 9 weeks, you will require 4 more pills. In this scenario, it is advisable to use the medicine buccally and not vaginally. You have to take 4 pills together at a time and then take a break of 3 hours before proceeding with the next four pills.

Intake Method of Abortion Pills

Let the Misoprostol pills dissolve in the mouth once you place those under the tongue or in the cheek pouches. Place two pills at a time on either side of your cheeks and wait for half an hour. Do not eat or drink anything in the meanwhile. The medicine will melt and you can ingest the content after 30 minutes and take a sip of water. Wherever you buy abortion pill online, check if you get a medication guide for added information. Or, you can even consult your personal healthcare provider on it.

Effectiveness and Success Rate

It is true that Mifepristone and Misoprostol together have a better success rate. You can however encounter pregnancy termination at home with the latter alone as well. The effectiveness of the anti-progesterone and prostaglandin together is up to 95% to 97%. But the same for Misoprostol individually is only up to 85%. Yet, it is the best option to buy abortion pill online than having no alternative to deal with your unplanned pregnancy. You can administer the pills safely by yourself.

Consequences of Pregnancy Termination

On taking Misoprostol, you will encounter uterine contractions. And these assist in emptying the uterus of the pregnancy portions. You can discharge large blood clots and there is heavy bleeding. This is because of the endometrial lining shedding and the pregnancy tissues exiting the womb. It is a normal outcome without anything to worry about. You may experience abdomen pain from the cramps so take a painkiller beforehand. Or apply a heating pad or hot water bag for pain relief.

To Conclude

A restriction on Mifepristone is not something that the pro-choice wing will want. Because the pill has decades of history of success, it is considered safe. However, if the medical abortion challenge succeeds, then females will have to depend purely on Misoprostol pills to end their pregnancies in the first trimester.

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What to Expect from First Period After Abortion?

The term “abortion” refers to the early termination of a pregnancy. Your fetus is currently growing very slowly while your hormone levels are really high. Remember that an early abortion, whether performed surgically or medically, has no effect on your fertility or causes issues with subsequent pregnancies. Abortions during the second trimester, however, put your health in danger. Your mental health is already under a lot of stress before you decide to have a pregnancy termination be it at home or a clinic.


And the mental impact can alter your menstrual cycle and the first period following the procedure. Your first period will often arrive 4 to 12 weeks following an abortion if it happened during the first trimester of your pregnancy. You may, however, miss your period for several months in some circumstances. Or the period could start as soon as in two weeks. This differs from woman to woman depending on how far along the pregnancy was when it ended.

If you want an in-home process, you can buy abortion pill online and self-administer the pills. But you must follow the indications of your healthcare provider for the treatment. It is important you take the necessary precautions beforehand. For instance, your pregnancy should be intrauterine and within 9 weeks of gestation. The pill will not work otherwise if you do not meet these basic criteria. To know the pregnancy duration, get an abdomen ultrasound scan.

The Causes of Delayed Periods After Medical Abortion

The body still has certain pregnancy hormones and the effects continue for several weeks following the abortion. And this is the main cause of the delayed first period after abortion. These hormones make it less likely for you to ovulate, which translates to no periods indirectly. You should typically experience your first period within 8 weeks, even though the average time frame for the first period is between 4 to 12 weeks after the abortion.

However, you need not worry too much if there are no periods even beyond this duration. And these are a few possible causes no matter whether you buy abortion pill online for the treatment or an invasive procedure:

· Due to the high levels of pregnancy hormones and the abortion process, your body may be healing more slowly than usual.

· Your periods can get impacted if you are going through a lot of stress and depression.

· Other explanations for the lack of your first period following an abortion could include another pregnancy or some major medical conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Abortion Pill Use and Menstrual Flow Changes

You are quite likely to have less flow and not a long-lasting period like usual if you had an abortion invasively. Consult your doctor if you observe a particularly heavy and prolonged flow. However, you might get heavy periods after an abortion if you underwent medical pregnancy termination. Additionally, following an abortion, you can experience specific new symptoms, such as fluctuating cramp intensity more than once. These changes may last for a few months.

If you buy abortion pill online and use it, then in the next menstrual period, you can also encounter pregnancy-like symptoms such as exhaustion, enlarged breasts, lower back pain, nausea, PMS effects, increased clotting, etc. Your body’s hormonal activity also contributes to irregular periods. When the hormones have left your body, you will feel normal again and start having regular periods. If you are experiencing heavy periods after an abortion, you should see a doctor. Also, this is necessary if you still do not get periods eight weeks after the treatment.

To Conclude

Pregnancy tests should not be performed during this time, nevertheless. Your blood may still contain hCG, the pregnancy hormone, which can produce false positive tests and add to your tension and anxiety. Keep in mind that your ovulation begins one week following a pregnancy termination, and if there are no periods, you can become pregnant again. Take the right birth control, then, after speaking with your doctor, reduce your likelihood of becoming pregnant.

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