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pregnancy termination

The reason for pregnancy termination is different for different women around the world. However, it is hard for any woman to experience abortion, as it affects them intensely, both physically and psychologically.

Whether you are going to buy abortion pills or are going through surgical ones, your body will go through various transformations afterward.

One such change will be bloating, as most women get more swollen than during their pregnancy. The below information will tell you about bloating after the termination of pregnancy.

Explaining abortion

The abortive procedure is to end a pregnancy. It can happen in various ways, including natural, spontaneous, induced, and performed in ways such as abortion pill, intra-vaginal, birth induction or dilation & curettage, etc.

Medical abortion procedure results in vaginal bleeding and cramping which are the necessary parts of the process. You may take painkillers to relieve side effects. In fact, many women buy MTP kits online along with other medications like blood- coagulants to control bleeding, anti-emetic medication for nausea, and anti-inflammatory meds for stomach pain.

Bloating after the termination of pregnancy

Besides stomach cramps, you may even experience abdominal bloating/swelling after you have terminated your pregnancy.  These are very general symptoms of pregnancy cancellation. Some of the swellings is normal after the procedure and they may last for approximately 3 to 8 days.

This means that the bloating will begin to go away around one week after the procedure and your stomach returns to its original shape.

Please note, however, that it is not normal to have bloating accompanied by fever, chills, excessive bleeding, tenderness, or intense cramping. In such cases, you should call medical attention as soon as possible, as these symptoms might indicate a larger problem.

Reason for bloating

The main reason for swelling after termination are pregnancy as well as bleeding hormones. Furthermore, the bloating can be caused by inactivity after the procedure, pain medications, inadequate fluids etc. Even though abdominal swelling is not something anyone should be worried about, it can potentially cause some pain and discomfort.

How can you deal with bloating?

Some of the ways you can deal with abdominal bloating are –

  • Drinking peppermint tea helps relax the stomach muscles
  • By staying hydrated
  • Eating chewable gas capsules helps with extra gas.

Recovery after abortion

If you have had a surgical/ vacuum abortion, you will be checked on your blood pressure/ pulse often as well as follow-ups to check on bleeding. Whereas if you have had a medical abortion, you will experience heavy bleeding for at least one to two days, which will be followed by light bleeding/ spotting for at least a week or two.

You will also experience contractions in the lower abdominal area which will, however, lessen after the first thirty minutes of recovery.

As you lose a lot of blood after pregnancy termination, you will be asked to follow a specific diet so that you can recover the lost nutrients during the termination. Asides from food, you will also be expected to go through an ultrasound to know if the abortion was complete, i.e. no pregnancy part has remained in the body.

You will also be asked to avoid intercourse for at least two weeks during recovery and to use contraception as soon as the abortive procedure is over.

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How to Use Birth Control to Prevent Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

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birth control pills

When asked about the best way to deal with PMS, ladies around are can agree that it is not an easy task to accomplish. Nevertheless, it turns out that the method of contraception – as well as how you use it – can affect the pains and aches associated with your menstrual cycle.

Whether it be birth control pills, vaginal rings, IUDs, or implants, you use them in a certain way that can help you relieve the symptoms of PMS.

It also necessary to note that everyone’s system is different, so if you notice worsening effects of period pains or any big changes which may be related to your birth control, contact your OB-GYN immediately.

The Birth Control Pill

Generally, being on the birth control pill can ease PMS symptoms. This is the most particular for brands like Yasmin contraceptive pill or Yaz tablets. This is due to the drospirenone, a chemical that acts as a female sex hormone called progesterone and a diuretic.

Therefore, when your progesterone levels get out of order during that time of the month, they can hinder serotonin [mood–regulating hormone], triggering irritability. Yasmin helps in preventing that. As far as the diuretic benefits, many people believe that fluid retention increases premenstrual dysphoric disorder [ PMDD] symptoms or a really bad PMS.

Taking the pill in a way to lessen PMS Symptoms

You can continue to take hormonal pills and throw out the placebo pill to skip periods as well as PMS symptoms.

Here is why that works – when you take one week off the pill, you experience a drop in estrogen and progesterone hormone and thus have withdrawal bleeding, a pill-induced period as well as PMS symptoms.

Many women, therefore, buy Yasmin pills as they have hormone formulations that result in lighter periods, they are the less- PMS and less-acne type of contraceptive tablets.

The Vaginal Ring

The vaginal ring is a small elastic ring that is inserted into the mouth of the vagina and left for three weeks at a time, before inserting a new one. Many women buy Nuvaring because they may not want to take the pills every day.

The Nuvaring contains small doses of progestin/ estrogen, which it releases for three months.

The normal routine for a vaginal ring is to insert it then keep it in for three continuous weeks and then remove it. It works the same manner as the pill, i.e. releasing estrogen and progestin to prevent the ovulation process and thickening the cervical mucus to obstruct sperm travel.

To relieve the symptoms of PMS with the vaginal ring, you have to do the same as with birth control pills. You have to skip the one week when you don’t have the ring on and replace a new vaginal ring as soon as the three weeks are over.  Otherwise, you can just use the same ring for four weeks before disposing of it and replacing a new one immediately.

Like these two methods, you can relieve the PMS symptoms with a steady hormonal intake by any other birth control method.

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