pregnancy termination

The reason for pregnancy termination is different for different women around the world. However, it is hard for any women to experience abortion, as it affects them intensely, both physically and psychologically.

Whether you are going to buy abortion pills or are going through surgical one, your body will go through various transformations afterwards.

One such change will be bloating, as most women get more swollen than during their pregnancy. The below information will tell you about bloating after termination of pregnancy.

Explaining abortion

The abortive procedure is to end a pregnancy. It can happen in various ways, including natural, spontaneous, induced and performed in ways such as abortion pill, intra-vaginal, birth induction or dilation & curettage etc.

Medical abortion procedure results into vaginal bleeding and cramping which are the necessary parts of the process. You may take pain killers to relieve side effects. In fact, many women buy MTP kit online along with other medication like blood- coagulants to control bleeding, anti-emetic medication for nausea and anti-inflammatory meds for stomach pain.

Bloating after termination of pregnancy

Besides from stomach cramps, you may even experience abdominal bloating / swelling after you have terminated your pregnancy.  These are very general symptoms of pregnancy cancellation. Some of the swelling is normal after the procedure and it may last for approximately 3 to 8 days.

This means that the bloating will begin to go away around one week after the procedure and your stomach returns to its original shape.

Please note, however that it is not normal to have bloating accompanied by fever, chills, excessive bleeding, tenderness or intense cramping. In such case, you should call medical attention as soon as possible, as these symptoms might indicate larger problem.

Reason for bloating

The main reason for swelling after termination are pregnancy as well as bleeding hormones. Furthermore, the bloating can be caused by inactivity after the procedure, pain medications, inadequate fluids etc. Even though abdominal swelling is not something anyone should be worried about, it can potentially cause some pain and discomfort.

How can you deal with bloating?

Some of the ways you can deal with abdominal bloating is by –

  • Drinking peppermint tea to help relax the stomach muscles
  • By staying hydrated
  • By eating chewable gas capsules to help for extra gas.

Recovery after abortion

If you have had a surgical/ vacuum abortion, you will be checked upon your blood pressure/ pulse often as well as follow-ups to check on bleeding. Whereas if you have had a medical abortion, you will experience heavy bleeding for at least one to two days, which will be followed by light bleeding/ spotting for at least a week or two.

You will also experience contraction is lower abdominal area which will however lessen after first thirty minutes in recovery.

As you lose a lot of blood after pregnancy termination, you will be asked to follow a specific diet so that you can recover the lost nutrients during the termination. Asides from food, you will also be expected to go through an ultrasound to know if the abortion was complete, i.e. no pregnancy part has remained in the body.

You will also be asked to avoid intercourse for at least two weeks during recovery and to use contraception as soon as the abortive procedure is over.

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