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Pregnancy Termination in Cases of Rape and Incest

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Pregnancy termination in cases of Rape and Incest

Fighting against undesired pregnancy

A Woman who is a rape victim can actually tell you it is a nightmare if she gets pregnant due to rapists. How difficult it can be for her to carry an undesired child from an accused. Wouldn’t it be better for a woman to get the fetus aborted if she’s pregnant due to an unwanted person in her life? In case if she gives birth to a child the future of the child might be devastating.

Doctor’s Advice Abortion

When cases such as rape and incest happen, a case is been filed against an accused. In such cases, the victims are immediately undergone medical supervision. If a woman is found pregnant, doctors mostly advise abortion within 10 weeks to be beneficial for her mind as well as physical health. If a victim is taken to a medical center within 10 weeks, doctors do the pregnancy termination mostly in a non-surgical way. Medical termination is also a quick procedure for pregnancy cancellation.

Supporting the victim

In the process of Medical abortion, the Physician guides the pregnant woman by giving her medication along with mental support. The mental health of a rape victim going through the pregnancy termination process can be worsened. So, doctors are the ones who need to hold them up while the procedure is going on.

Non-surgical method

Surgery can be avoided by canceling the pregnancy through medication. GYN suggests you consume an abortion pill. The pill pack consists of two important tablets, namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Healthcare professionals help you to take the capsules under their supervision. It may or may not be possible for a person who is being raped to visit health care centers at regular intervals as the medical environment can distress her more. So, the Physician may advise medicating the person at home under his/her supervision. Pregnancy cancellation through medication can be done at your place by buying abortion pills online.

Buying abortion pill

Most of the families, even the medical and police authorities find it easy to get the girl treated at home who is being raped, in order to protect her from societal problems. There are some sites that offer you every essential tablet or kit for the termination of pregnancy. You can buy abortion pills online with the help of online sites. To buy the product you just need to access online sites. Even though a raped woman cannot buy a tablet herself but any other member close to her can do it for her with the help of a prescription. Abortion pills cost less even if you buy them online.

A raped woman already undergoes a number of problems in her life. It is difficult to change her past but is possible to change her present and future by securing her from getting pregnant undesirably. The abortion pill is the best solution to fight against undesired gestation.

Handling of Sexual Assault pregnancies

It is seen that the issue of women getting pregnant due to sexual assault is generally misunderstood. It is assumed that women who are victims of sexual assault find abortion as a solution that would help them to get well from the assault. However, it is noticed that pro-lifers force the victims to carry the pregnancy who are assaulted sexually rather than focusing on their needs.

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Emergency contraceptive should be made over the counter medicine?

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Emergency contraceptive should be made over the counter medicine

Emergency contraceptives (EC) are used in case of accidental / missed pre-planned contraceptives such as missing birth control pills or broken condoms. The most common method is the after-morning pill, these tablets can be taken after intercourse within 72 hours, i.e. 3 days.

How does it work?

Emergency contraception works by delaying ovulation which means, the time when your egg is released and has a possibility of getting fertilized by sperm. In some cases, it also works by preventing the fertilized egg from attaching itself to the uterine lining of the womb.

These pills however don’t work on an existing pregnancy. In such cases, abortion pills such as Mifeprex and Misoprostol should be used (if the pregnancy is within 10 weeks).

The day-after pill such as Plan B and its various generic variants help stop ovulation and should be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Some research report state that emergency contraceptives may be effective for up to 5 days but even then the sooner the pill is taken, the better it works. (Plus its’ working is dependent on the location of your cycle).

What is day after pill?

Emergency contraceptive pills contain synthetic Levonorgestrel and Progestin that prevents the pregnancy by stopping the egg from attaching to the womb (implantation), delaying ovulation, and stopping fertilization. It contains two medicines which need to be taken in between 12 hours gap. Emergency contraceptives have zero risks pertaining to birth defects or pregnancy troubles later; therefore this is a trusted means for preventing pregnancy.

The first pill must be taken within three days or there is a high chance of it being ineffective, especially after the 5th day.

Is it available over the counter?

In many clinics, day-after pills which are progestin-only are sold as over-the-counter drugs. This, law, however is not applicable all over the world. In many regions, you need to get a prescription to acquire after-morning pills.

In some states, Plan B one-step and its various generic variants like ‘Next choice one dose’ and ‘my way’ are unrestrictedly sold on drug store shelves. In such cases, women under seventeen also can buy them without ID or prescription (progestin-only emergency contraceptive tablets).

As this is not applicable everywhere, prescribed emergency contraceptive is the only legal pregnancy preventive measure in other places. Due to restrictive laws, women cannot buy such contraception if they are under 17 or don’t have a prescription. As this law may affect the cause of the pill as acquiring a prescription may take some time, and duration to use the morning after the pill may have been passed.

Many healthcare providers and medical experts are therefore fighting for women’s right to access emergency contraceptives without going through the hurdle of getting a doctor’s prescription.

Nowadays you can buy EC such Plan B online, but it is important to confirm if the source should be trusted.


Women who are breastfeeding or diabetic should not consume Plan B tablets, In case of vomiting within two hours of consumption of either tablet, one should repeat that dose.

Changing views on contraception

The debate over the accessibility of contraception and pregnancy cancelation continues, even so proper sex education is changing people’s views. Due to access of emergency contraceptives and birth control methods, even abortion rates are dwindling.

As this is an important social and personal matter it is the people’s perception that will lead society for acceptance of pregnancy prevention matters. Dialogue should continue and to do so you should also present your views forth.

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