When is the ideal time to confirm medical abortion?

A woman who is undergoing a medical abortion may just get intuitions that the abortion process has got completed. However, confirming the same is required to identify complications if any and treat them at the earliest. If you have bought
abortion pills online, the website is most likely to give the guidelines to perform the medical abortion. Follow the method as instructed so that there will not be any complications and the pregnancy termination will be successful.

When you buy abortion pills online or from the local pharmacies, people receive two primary medicines, Mifepristone and Misoprostol which are required to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

How will you know that the medical abortion is getting complete?

The first medicine in the drug combination may not show any visible changes in the body, however, it stops the growth of the pregnancy through hormonal changes in the body. The second medicine in the combination which causes contraction of the uterine lining.

This eventuates to 2 primary after-effects in the body which are listed below.

Heavy Vaginal Bleeding:

The bleeding starts within a few hours or it can take up to a day to begin bleeding. This is an important indication that the process of medical abortion is reaching towards completion. The bleeding is typically heavier than the normal periods. It reduces after a few days. You may suspect blood clots which may be of a lemon size or less than that. This phase of the medical pregnancy termination can last up to a week or more.

Intense Cramping:

Another symptom of medical abortion is abdomen cramps caused by the second tablet. These cramps can be similar to the period cramps which last up to a few hours.         

When you stop cramping and bleeding, this can be an indication of pregnancy termination process getting complete ed. However, one must not rely on the symptoms. You must validate.

Even though the bleeding stops, the body takes time to regularize its natural mechanism after an abortion which can take up to a few days.

Since the entire process of medical pregnancy termination goes for 14-15 days, it is best to perform a pregnancy test after that.

How should you confirm the medical abortion?

If you have bought MTP kit online to end your pregnancy, you can also buy preg test card online from the same website. The card allows you to perform a home pregnancy test and identify your pregnancy status.

There are other methods too. You can perform an ultrasound test to check if the pregnancy contents have been removed properly and you’re not pregnant anymore.

Sonography is also a widely used method to confirm the efficacy of abortion pills. This method is more likely to give you accurate results. However, research has found that women prefer privacy over accuracy and hence select home pregnancy test card to confirm the status. The method is also economical for many.

Whichever method you choose, ensure that you perform it at the right time and perform it in the right manner to get the best results.  


Inequalities that exist in healthcare & medicine.


The Healthcare system across the globe is manifested by increasing prejudice. Many factors combine to such discrepancy, that results in a differentiation that cannot be undone or prevented.

The gap between certain sections is frequently growing. Dominated populations make an impact on the overall management of health care system and medicine. Consequently, it affects the whole economy as well as the ecological system in one way or the other.

Depicted are a few inequalities that are rapidly growing, in spite of adequate measures to outdo them.

POVERTY: It is quite common that privileged people tend to enjoy rather advanced facilities in healthcare than the underprivileged. This exists predominantly over the globe, with life sustenance ratio of the newborn being extremely low in the poor. The susceptibility of these people is more to many unknown diseases. Additionally, early diagnose is rare and often casualties are common in the process of detecting a disease.

RACE: A common problem faced by darker population all over the globe, is healthcare and medicine inequalities. In the US, a subsequent larger population excluding the Hispanic genome suffer from discriminated services in hospitals. Overall, a total one-third of the dark population in the world still succumbs to diseases due to no immediate medical attention in the specific regions. Sub Saharan Africa has a high death ratio of children dying of malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia and so on.

GENDER: Although a rare subcategory which has been seeing an increasing eradication, people belonging to a third gender are still facing difficulties. Asian countries face the problem of health inequalities specifically in well-known hospitals when it comes to a third gender. It largely depends on the legal status of the particular country for such people that decide the reactions of the hospital authorities. Sexually inherited disease by the third gender is still facing dissent from various top healthcare institutions resulting in escalating fatalities.

HIV/ AIDS: AIDS patients are at an increasing level of discrepancy in almost every country. Despite knowing the process of transmission and spread, there is a heavy inequality that exists among people regarding the population affected by HIV/AIDS. Additionally, with no cure yet for the deadly disease, clinics and hospitals often repudiate cases where they can diagnose or administer patients showing early symptoms. Additionally, such inequalities worsen when it gets added to the other factors listed above, greatly affecting the poorer section of the overall system.

Loopholes exist in every corner. Inequalities of healthcare and medicine affect women health, children and those prone to inadequate resources. Consequently, it greatly affects birth control as unplanned pregnancy is a taboo in certain regions. Overall, health inequalities are growing with new categories getting added that accounts for death on a large scale.

No matter how we are dealing with such cases, it is to be noted that death resulting from such scenarios is highly unacceptable. Provisions around the globe as stated by the WHO are increasingly trying to encapsulate such inequalities. Amid all these, it depends largely on how a particular section of people reacts to such conditions.

Can any kind of sexual activity other than penetration lead to pregnancy?


Sexual Intercourse involves more pleasure when there is a foreplay, and when there is foreplay involved, questions of pregnancy from that(rarely possible) arrives. Teens mostly have a question in their adolescent, “Is it possible to get pregnant without having sexual intercourse”?

Safety is better than cure! Considering women’s health and all other factors which possibly lead to an unintended pregnancy or complications, birth control pills or other birth control measures need to be given a thought.

Well, the answer lies on how unlucky you are. The possibility of getting pregnant without an actual penetration is extremely rare, still, it cannot be totally overruled. Hence it is advised to take contraceptives for precaution. You can even buy Ovral G online or from nearby stores

Ejaculating near/on the vagina: Let’s face it when a man is aroused foreplay would definitely make him wilder. Consequently, most men ejaculate nearer to the vaginal opening of their partners. Sperms are basically designed to travel from the vulva into the vagina in search of an egg. What adds is whether the vulva is wet! Chances of the sperm living for a day (if ejaculated near the opening) is more. This enhances the possibility of a sperm traveling inside the vagina to fertilize an egg. Since both partners are aroused, wetness is highly anticipated, but such cases are extremely rare.

Using fingers or toys with active sperm:

This is most likely to occur when the male partner accidentally/persistently uses fingers to satisfy his partner after ejaculating sperm on his fingers. Most likely this also happens when the female uses a finger or even a toy that has sperm on it. Although such kind of instances is rare, some people(females) find it exciting to use their fingers after masturbating their male partners. Pregnancy in such circumstances are quite possible and accounts for at least 30 percent nonsexual penetration pregnancy. So be assured to clean up your sex-toys and fingers before inserting them into the vagina.

Ejaculation in Anal sex:

Anal mucous can serve as a medium for the sperm to get nearer the vulva. What enhances the process is if both the areas are moist and damp. Sperms can live for up to 3 days in moist and wet areas. Since they are designed to travel in search of an egg, it is possible for them to achieve the path from the anal section. Unprotected anal intercourse possesses a high risk of sexually transmitted diseases, therefore ejaculation without a barrier is not a good choice over there!

Pre-ejaculation: Semen from pre-ejaculation doesn’t contain sperm, still there is a thin line of difference between pre ejaculation and ejaculation. Often pre-ejaculation is a transparent liquid and is less dense as compared to sperm. It mostly gets secreted when the male partner indulges in dry humping and foreplay. Pre-ejaculation near or on the opening of the vagina has chances of sperm traveling inside to fertilize an egg.

Ejaculation on clothes:

Sperm lives for very few hours or even minutes in normal conditions. Still, having them on or nearer to vulva through lingerie might have the chance of the sperms getting inside your vagina (if you are wet). It is absurd that someone would wear sperm stained clothes, still, a couple who practice dry sexual activity often end up ejaculating on the clothes. This enables the sperm to live for a while if the ejaculation is nearer to the vulva.

With most of the above descriptions having unproven strata, chances of getting pregnant without penetration is rare. Although happens roughly in the teenage, pregnancy without sexual intercourse is as less than 5 percent of the overall cases. In case you get pregnant through any such method, you’re can keep pregnancy termination as an option.