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The Use of Mifepristone in Various Countries.

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The abortion pill was introduced to the market in 1988  and it became one of the revolutionary inventions in women’s healthcare products. Mifepristone, one of the important contributors to the abortion drug duo was introduced nearly a decade ago. It was then approved by the FDA, America for using Mifepristone pill for early pregnancy termination.

Approval of abortion pills by different countries had not been there, however, lately, the regions have begun understanding the importance of medical abortion and loosening up the regulations put on medical abortion.

While some areas do allow abortion pill for women, however, many regions in the country lack the needed medication especially locally. That’s when the role of online pharmacies emerged and today quite a few pharmacies sell Mifepristone online along with other medicines to end an unintended pregnancy.


After the law of veil, 1975 was introduced in France, the country made it legal for women to end their pregnancy up to 12 weeks gestation.

The nation also allowed surgical procedures if the medical professionals or physicians conclude health risks to the mother or baby.

In France, women prefer to buy abortion pills to end their pregnancy while Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the widely used medicines in the country.

In 1996, 18% of women who aborted that year chose a medical method to end the pregnancy while the percentage reached 44% in 2004. The percentage is growing ever since abortion care awareness has risen among women.


As per the healthcare regulations in Germany, women can legally abort a pregnancy in the first trimester. A pregnancy aborted in the later weeks is considered only in extreme or serious cases.

Apart from Mifepristone pill, women are also provided with the option of Generic RU 486 which is also an antiprogesterone pill.

Recent research held in Germany suggests that the abortion rate in the country has risen with 6 women performing abortions per 1000 women in Germany.

The United States:

Almost every state in the US allows women to abort their early unwanted pregnancy. The necessity of abortion is realized in most areas and hence the availability of abortion pills such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol is more in the US than in other nations.

The use of abortion pills increased after the FDA approved the pills for performing a medical abortion.

In some of the regions in the US, the women were educated about the entire abortion process and how a woman must administer the pills in the need.

Other countries:

Several other UK countries and European countries such as Spain, Russia, Scandinavia, Germany, etc have reportedly allowed abortion in certain cases.

The revolution in many parts of the world will soon transform the way people look at unwanted or unintended pregnancies and abortion as the best possible solution for it. The different emerging online pharmacies have also been witnessing a rise in the use of medical abortion in the areas where it had become taboo once.

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Contraception Advice, after an Abortion Procedure

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Contraceptive choices just after an abortion process put a lot of dilemmas in women. The body reacts differently and has previously been adjourned to stress, so taking the help of contraception might take a bit longer than expected. This leads to a site where the accurate timeline of using such methods is risky.

Below is a depiction of the time strains for using contraception, after an abortion has happened, be it medically or clinically.

Birth Control Pills, Vaginal ring, Implant, and so on:

After a clinical abortion has been done, this contraception can be taken immediately or more so five days after the abortion. It is advised mostly to monitor the recovery and bleeding process and then wait for at least 5 days before inducing this contraception in case of clinical abortion.

After a medical abortion, the contraception can be used just after the use of misoprostol, or similarly waiting for five days is termed a better option. The vaginal ring can be further extended if there is continuous bleeding.

Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUD):

After a clinical abortion is made, IUD can be used just after a day of abortion or after a clinical visit to determine the body’s recovery. Additionally, the expulsion rate is much higher if the IUD is inserted just after a trimester abortion process.

After a medical abortion, the IUD can be inserted anytime after the passage of the vagina is termed perfect enough, usually after a clinical visit.

Diaphragms, cervical caps, spermicide:

After a clinical abortion, these methods, specifically Diaphragm can be fitted immediately just after a first-trimester abortion is made. Consequently, one can fit on the cervical cap just when she is planning for sexual intercourse with her partner. However, after second-trimester abortion is made, one has to wait for at least four weeks to be fitted with any such process.

After a medical abortion, it is fairly required to start the contraceptive methods as soon as one plans to step into sexual intercourse.

Fertility Awareness Method:

After a clinical abortion, it is advisable to wait for at least three menstrual cycles have been passed and a normal pattern has been resumed. Additionally, using a backup method is also advised, if indulging in sexual intercourse.

After a medical abortion, similarly, three menstrual cycle waiting is advised and also one has to apply any backup method other than this if there is sexual intercourse within the time.


After a clinical abortion, this process can be adapted anytime after the decision has been made mutually consenting with a partner. Such a process requires a visit to the clinic, so a proper check-up would be eventually made.

After a medical abortion, similarly one can opt for sterilization after mutual consent with the partner.

Contraception methods are quite handy when it comes to contraceptive pills, bought online. Ovral Birth control pills have a distinct effect and act by having a perfect 99 percent effectiveness. One can buy Ovral G across several online platforms meant for contraception.


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When is the ideal time to confirm medical abortion?

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A woman who is undergoing a medical abortion may just get the intuitions that the abortion process has got completed. However, confirming the same is required to identify complications if any, and treat them at the earliest. If you have bought
abortion pills online, the website is most likely to give the guidelines to perform the medical abortion. Follow the method as instructed so that there will not be any complications and the pregnancy termination will be successful.

When you buy abortion pills online or from local pharmacies, people receive two primary medicines, Mifepristone and Misoprostol which are required to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

How will you know that the medical abortion is getting complete?

The first medicine in the drug combination may not show any visible changes in the body, however, it stops the growth of the pregnancy through hormonal changes in the body. The second medicine in combination causes contraction of the uterine lining.

This eventuates to 2 primary after-effects in the body which are listed below.

Heavy Vaginal Bleeding:

The bleeding starts within a few hours or it can take up to a day to begin bleeding. This is an important indication that the process of medical abortion is reaching completion. The bleeding is typically heavier than the normal periods. It reduces after a few days. You may suspect blood clots which may be of a lemon size or less than that. This phase of the medical pregnancy termination can last up to a week or more.

Intense Cramping:

Another symptom of medical abortion is abdomen cramps caused by the second tablet. These cramps can be similar to period cramps which last up to a few hours.         

When you stop cramping and bleeding, this can be an indication of the pregnancy termination process getting complete ed. However, one must not rely on the symptoms. You must validate.

Even though the bleeding stops, the body takes time to regularize its natural mechanism after an abortion which can take up to a few days.

Since the entire process of medical pregnancy termination goes for 14-15 days, it is best to perform a pregnancy test after that.

How should you confirm the medical abortion?

If you have bought an MTP kit online to end your pregnancy, you can also buy preg test card online from the same website. The card allows you to perform a home pregnancy test and identify your pregnancy status.

There are other methods too. You can perform an ultrasound test to check if the pregnancy contents have been removed properly and if you’re not pregnant anymore.

Sonography is also a widely used method to confirm the efficacy of abortion pills. This method is more likely to give you accurate results. However, research has found that women prefer privacy over accuracy and hence select home pregnancy test card to confirm the status. The method is also economical for many.

Whichever method you choose, ensure that you perform it at the right time and perform it in the right manner to get the best results.  

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