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What Happens After MTP Kit

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MTP kit is the medicine which helps women to end unintended pregnancy in a smoother way and users can thus comfortably go for this procedure rather than preferring the surgical one. MTP Kit is being approved by the FDA and because of it, user’s attention has moved towards this pill and they have got excellent results without facing any severe complications. Unfortunately, abortion MTP Kit was not available for the previous generations. So most of the women’s have lost their life in surgical method or some chose to end their life themselves as it was too late for them. But now due to advancement in the medical field, the ratio of women using abortion pill(MTP Kit) has increased and people have become aware of abortion pills and they spread the knowledge about it in small towns and cities also.

MTP kit working mechanism:
There will be two abortion pills included in the abortion pill kit because of which the abortion process will be done successfully and happily. Mifepristone and misoprostol are the pills that are compulsory for the users to consume it as per the instructions are given by the practitioners. MTP kit will contain 1 tablet of mifepristone and 4 tablets of misoprostol. Initially, the user needs to consume mifepristone first which will restrict the progesterone hormone and thus the oxygen is not supplied to the fetus due to which the pregnancy fails to complete. After the time span of 6 hours or maximum till 3 days, a user should gulp 4 misoprostol pills and is not be chewed or crushed and need to be placed below the tongue. This will shrink the fetus and thus the dead embryo will be expelled along with the rest of the pregnancy tissues. This will specify that the abortion process is done completely without any complications.

If no bleeding occurs after consuming the MTP kit
Sometimes it may happen that after the intake of mifepristone no bleeding occurs, a user can wait for 1 or 3 days and can take another 4 tablets of misoprostol which will help to complete the abortion and bring out the dead embryo from the body with lots of blood. Bleeding also depends upon how many weeks pregnant you are, if 2 or 3 weeks pregnant then women will have normal bleeding if more than 5 or 6 weeks of heavy bleeding. It also differs from woman to woman.

How to know that abortion was successful?
Medical abortion will be successful only when the women experience the symptoms of nausea, or the embryo has come out. By using the ultrasound technique also user will become sure that whether a complete abortion has taken place or not. A urine test can also be done.    

Aftercare of medical abortion
After the abortion process, there are some instructions that are to be followed to regain the loss of energy.
1. Take the rest of the few weeks before joining the daily routine.
2. Avoid having intimacy for 1 to 2 weeks.
3. Have a healthy diet.
4. Check with a doctor if any health issues.

Hence, by all these parameters we can say that the MTP kit is a convenient and effective method to say no to unintended motherhood.

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Bought Abortion pills online?

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Abortion pills online are the medicines that has created a miracle in women’s life by terminating the unintended pregnancy and giving them a new hope to relive their life without any pressure. Earlier people were unknown about this fact and they used to go for surgical procedure which sometimes made the situation even worse than previous, and some has to lose their life also. But the moment abortion pills came into picture; women started using it and gave positive response to it. Even FDA approved this medicine and the medial experts also tested it in laboratory and gave the indication of approval to the women. Now, the time has come that women themselves suggest it to their friends and make them aware about its importance and how it can change their life without any complications and risks.

What will happen to the user with a medical abortion?
Abortion pill kit will have two medicines which are mifepristone and misoprostol.  Initially user will consume mifepristone tablet orally that will restrict the hormone progesterone by which the pregnancy will fail to get complete. Once user has consumed this pill she may suffer from the feeling like nausea, headache, vomiting. So it is advised that she should take complete bed rest and avoid any stressful and physical work. After this user needs to gulp misoprostol tablets after the time period of 6 hours or till 3 days, which will shrink the uterus and thus the pregnancy tissue will be expelled and will indicate that complete and safe abortion is done. When this tablets are consumed user suffers from heavy bleeding, abdominal cramping. But these pains will not last for longer duration and will be vanished after a particular period of time.

Who is eligible for abortion pill method?
User should know that not all are suitable for this medical abortion. So before going to this process, they must be aware of certain fact which eventually decides the eligibility of the user.
1. If ectopic pregnancy is not observed
2.IUD is not placed in vagina
3.Free from adrenal failure
4.No heart, kidney and liver problems
5.Any other medical history should not be observed.
6.women’s can take abortion pills up to 9 to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

If user meets all the above criteria then she is fit and can proceed to have a medical abortion (abortion pill) without any suspicion and hesitation.

Are abortion pills costlier?
User can now buy abortion pills online at affordable price and can terminate the unwanted pregnancy easily. Because of online method they can surf through various online medical stores where the prices are displayed and they can place the order from the store which displays the price according to their budget. One of the well known and leading pharmacy online medical stores is It contains this medicine at reasonable price and delivers it on time at the users place with express shipping.

Hence, user can now undoubtedly prefer abortion pills and can experience the feeling of safe and natural miscarriage. They don’t have to worry about future pregnancy, as they can conceive whenever they want without any complications.

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Use of MTP Kit for home abortion

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What is MTP?

MTP stands for Medical Termination of Pregnancy. MTP Kit consists of medical abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol together combined to terminate pregnancy successfully. The success rate of these two abortion pills combined is 98%. This is the reason it is widely used by women all over the world.

What is Home Abortion?

Home abortion is a process where a woman performs an abortion at home without any clinical assistance. It is the most preferred alternative to surgical abortion as it is non-surgical and non-invasive. Medical abortion at home grants women more control over the complete abortion pill procedure as they can schedule it without disturbing their daily routine. So to perform an abortion at home MTP Kit is the best choice as it contains both mifepristone and misoprostol abortion pills which together work effectively.

Before Using MTP Kit for Home Abortion

There are certain points that need to be considered before using an MTP kit for home abortion

  • Take a pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy.
  • Take an ultra scan to know the duration of pregnancy as the abortion pill MTP kit works for early pregnancy only.
  • Remove any intrauterine device prior to using MTP Kit.
  • Do not use MTP Kit if you are having an ectopic pregnancy.

How does MTP Kit work for Home Abortion?

MTP Kit works within the first initial nine weeks of pregnancy. MTP Kit contains 1 tablet of Mifepristone 200mcg and 4 tablets of Misoprostol 200mcg.

Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone medicine that blocks the activity of the hormone progesterone which is vital for pregnancy. Hence the uterine lining detaches the cervix smoothes and the pregnancy is passed out from the body.

Misoprostol abortion pill is the second pill that contracts the uterus resulting in expelling the pregnancy completely.

Mifepristone 200 mcg is consumed orally initially then after 48 hours Misoprostol 200 mcg is consumed if termination of pregnancy does not occur after mifepristone.

Benefits of using MTP for Home Abortion

  • The main aspect of using MTP Kit for home abortion is women have complete control over the process.
  • A woman does not have to visit clinics regularly saving lots of time.
  • Women save a good amount of money by administering the process at home by themselves.

Advantages of Buying MTP Kit Online

  • MTP Kit abortion pill online is available at affordable costs and rapid delivery.
  • Privacy is maintained when you order MTP Kit online which is essential for women.
  • Women can purchase MTP Kit online from anywhere and get them delivered on time to their homes.

After MTP Kit

  • When women perform home abortions with MTP Kit they should keep tampons handy.
  • After mifepristone consumption women will experience bleeding and cramping.
  • After Misoprostol consumption the bleeding will start within hours and it will be thicker in clots and cramping will be experienced by women.
  • The bleeding and cramping stay for a few days or weeks, it eventually subsides after the termination is completed.
  • Women can consume antibiotics to reduce the cramping pain.
  • Women should take the pregnancy test after 14 days of MTP Kit abortion pills to confirm the pregnancy is terminated completely and successfully.
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