Bought Abortion pills online?

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Abortion pills online are the medicines that has created a miracle in women’s life by terminating the unintended pregnancy and giving them a new hope to relive their life without any pressure. Earlier people were unknown about this fact and they used to go for surgical procedure which sometimes made the situation even worse than previous, and some has to lose their life also. But the moment abortion pills came into picture; women started using it and gave positive response to it. Even FDA approved this medicine and the medial experts also tested it in laboratory and gave the indication of approval to the women. Now, the time has come that women themselves suggest it to their friends and make them aware about its importance and how it can change their life without any complications and risks.

What will happen to the user with a medical abortion?
Abortion pill kit will have two medicines which are mifepristone and misoprostol.  Initially user will consume mifepristone tablet orally that will restrict the hormone progesterone by which the pregnancy will fail to get complete. Once user has consumed this pill she may suffer from the feeling like nausea, headache, vomiting. So it is advised that she should take complete bed rest and avoid any stressful and physical work. After this user needs to gulp misoprostol tablets after the time period of 6 hours or till 3 days, which will shrink the uterus and thus the pregnancy tissue will be expelled and will indicate that complete and safe abortion is done. When this tablets are consumed user suffers from heavy bleeding, abdominal cramping. But these pains will not last for longer duration and will be vanished after a particular period of time.

Who is eligible for abortion pill method?
User should know that not all are suitable for this medical abortion. So before going to this process, they must be aware of certain fact which eventually decides the eligibility of the user.
1. If ectopic pregnancy is not observed
2.IUD is not placed in vagina
3.Free from adrenal failure
4.No heart, kidney and liver problems
5.Any other medical history should not be observed.
6.women’s can take abortion pills up to 9 to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

If user meets all the above criteria then she is fit and can proceed to have a medical abortion (abortion pill) without any suspicion and hesitation.

Are abortion pills costlier?
User can now buy abortion pills online at affordable price and can terminate the unwanted pregnancy easily. Because of online method they can surf through various online medical stores where the prices are displayed and they can place the order from the store which displays the price according to their budget. One of the well known and leading pharmacy online medical stores is It contains this medicine at reasonable price and delivers it on time at the users place with express shipping.

Hence, user can now undoubtedly prefer abortion pills and can experience the feeling of safe and natural miscarriage. They don’t have to worry about future pregnancy, as they can conceive whenever they want without any complications.

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