What Happens After MTP Kit

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MTP kit is the medicine which helps women to end unintended pregnancy in a smoother way and users can thus comfortably go for this procedure rather than preferring the surgical one. MTP Kit is being approved by the FDA and because of it, user’s attention has moved towards this pill and they have got excellent results without facing any severe complications. Unfortunately, abortion MTP Kit was not available for the previous generations. So most of the women’s have lost their life in surgical method or some chose to end their life themselves as it was too late for them. But now due to advancement in the medical field, the ratio of women using abortion pill(MTP Kit) has increased and people have become aware of abortion pills and they spread the knowledge about it in small towns and cities also.

MTP kit working mechanism:
There will be two abortion pills included in the abortion pill kit because of which the abortion process will be done successfully and happily. Mifepristone and misoprostol are the pills that are compulsory for the users to consume it as per the instructions are given by the practitioners. MTP kit will contain 1 tablet of mifepristone and 4 tablets of misoprostol. Initially, the user needs to consume mifepristone first which will restrict the progesterone hormone and thus the oxygen is not supplied to the fetus due to which the pregnancy fails to complete. After the time span of 6 hours or maximum till 3 days, a user should gulp 4 misoprostol pills and is not be chewed or crushed and need to be placed below the tongue. This will shrink the fetus and thus the dead embryo will be expelled along with the rest of the pregnancy tissues. This will specify that the abortion process is done completely without any complications.

If no bleeding occurs after consuming the MTP kit
Sometimes it may happen that after the intake of mifepristone no bleeding occurs, a user can wait for 1 or 3 days and can take another 4 tablets of misoprostol which will help to complete the abortion and bring out the dead embryo from the body with lots of blood. Bleeding also depends upon how many weeks pregnant you are, if 2 or 3 weeks pregnant then women will have normal bleeding if more than 5 or 6 weeks of heavy bleeding. It also differs from woman to woman.

How to know that abortion was successful?
Medical abortion will be successful only when the women experience the symptoms of nausea, or the embryo has come out. By using the ultrasound technique also user will become sure that whether a complete abortion has taken place or not. A urine test can also be done.    

Aftercare of medical abortion
After the abortion process, there are some instructions that are to be followed to regain the loss of energy.
1. Take the rest of the few weeks before joining the daily routine.
2. Avoid having intimacy for 1 to 2 weeks.
3. Have a healthy diet.
4. Check with a doctor if any health issues.

Hence, by all these parameters we can say that the MTP kit is a convenient and effective method to say no to unintended motherhood.

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