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Benefits Of Sexual Intercourse


Sexual intercourse is not just a subject of sexual pleasure. It is beyond sexual satisfaction as it offers you many physical and physiological benefits of sexual intercourse. Some of which are even associated with dealing with pressure and anxiety, flue, etc.

Following are the different benefits of sexual intercourse which you should know.

Psychological Benefits:

  • A study conducted in China proved that frequent sexual intercourse can make women happy provided that intercourse is not forced.
  • Needless to say, one of the most important benefits of sexual intercourse is that it relieves stress. In Psychology, sexual activities are considered to be one of the stress management techniques for men.
  • When you have intercourse, your body releases certain chemicals which create an impact on your feelings and emotions. The endorphins, which are a type of happy hormones are also released during this time, hence making you feel stress-free and happy.
  • Oxytocin is a hormone which is released when the nipple of the woman is stimulated during sexual activity. This hormone produces a sense of calmness and contentedness.
  • Finally, when a woman produces orgasm, it produces prolactin hormone which helps improve sleep.
  • For women who get the feelings of insecurity more frequently, having sexual intercourse with your loved one can create a sense of positive attitude and build a self-image, boosting confidence.

Physical benefits:

While most people are aware of the emotional and psychological benefits of sexual intercourse, very few are aware of the physical benefits.

  • Sexual intercourse is counted as a form of exercise which can contribute to maintaining physical fitness.
  • Sexual intercourse is beneficial for toning and tightening of the abdominal and pelvic muscles.
  • Bladder control is also one of the positive results of sexual intercourse.
  • If you are involved in sexual intercourse for at least 30 minutes, it can burn around 200 calories.
  • Sexual intercourse has proven to be a good way of bettering the immune system. If you are a person with frequent sexual intercourse activities, you’re less likely to catch a cold or the flu.
  • The production of endorphins hormones during intercourse can help give you a sense of calmness and reduced migraines or back pain.

When you decide to have sexual intercourse, you should be aware of preventing unwanted pregnancy. For this, you should contraception for sexual activities which you can easily get from online pharmacies. If you happen to have unprotected sexual intercourse, it may lead to an uneventful pregnancy. Of course, you can buy abortion pill online and safely end the pregnancy, however, prevention is better than cure.

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Health & Fitness Tips For Women On This -Women’s Day

health and fitness tips

Fitness and health require dedicated time to be given with strict diet rules and intense exercises. Well, absolutely wrong! You can actually incorporate diet, exercises and fitness plan into your daily routine if you plan it well. This women’s health blog explains how you can manage your diet and fitness in your daily routine.

Exercise at the Right Time of Day for You

Most fitness experts recommend that the time between 2 pm and 6 pm is the right time to exercise. For you, it may not be possible because of the daily schedule. Exercising whenever you can, can never be a bad time.

Develop a Fitness Plan

Unless you have a determined goal and execution plan for the same, you will not achieve it. So, develop a plan. If you are a gym-lady, take advise from your trainer to help plan your time and incorporate fitness activities in the daily routine.

Find a Favorite Exercise

If you are doing something that you don’t like, you’ll constantly be discouraged to do so. Exercising does not necessarily mean that you have to be at the gym continuously using gym equipment for your fitness. If you believe, Zumba is your thing, go ahead with it! Understand what exercise means and do it on a regular basis.

Vary Your Activities

Some women may find it difficult to stick to one fitness routine. This is completely okay and you can find a solution for it.

Enjoy Easy Snacks

There are many people who think that eating snack is like cheating with your diet. Well, at times when you are too hungry and cannot eat a heavy meal, you should consider having an easy small snack which is healthy. This can calm your hunger at the same time keep it light for maintaining the diet.  


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Valentine’s day: the perfect day to talk about sex.

Safe sexual Intercourse

Valentine’s day celebration and no sexual intercourse is a rare combination. Valentine’s day is also famous for the world condom week celebrated during this time of the year. There’s no better time to talk about safe sexual intercourse.

Women health websites, forums, online pharmacies etc are a great platform to learn about sexual health and much more. One of the reasons for safe sex being given so much of importance is the unwanted pregnancy issues that couples go through.

The issue can be life-changing if it is not addressed properly. There are many women who end up giving birth to a child without being prepared for parenting. Not only does it affect the child’s health but also its future. There are a few couples who decide to end their unplanned pregnancy through safe home abortion. However, you must learn to avoid such circumstances through safe sexual intercourse practices.

How can you prevent unwanted pregnancy?


Condom not only helps prevent unwanted pregnancy but also it protects you from STDs and other sexual diseases which can possibly spread through sexual interaction.

Birth control pills:

Some couples do not find condom comfortable enough to use it during sexual intercourse activity. Such women can use birth control pills to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

When you take birth control pills such as Ovral, Ovral G, there’s no condom curtain between you and your partner and yet the pregnancy is prevented. This helps you enjoy your sexual intercourse time and have unwanted pregnancy prevention at the same time.

Why is important to have sex-education:

Sexual intercourse is very different in each age group. From teen to couples in their 40s perceive sexual intercourse differently. Similarly, teaching them sexual intercourse related stuff will be different each of them. Having said that, one thing that remains constant is protected sex tips.

It is even more important during your 20s as women are most fertile during this time. If they have unprotected and unplanned sexual intercourse at this age, the chances of unwanted pregnancy are high.

The regulations about medical abortion are different in every region. You must take into account and also your health and make your family planning accordingly.

Be it a new relationship or married life or just a fling dating, you should definitely give importance to protected sexual intercourse in your sexual life. You can consider speaking to your partner about the ways of having protected sexual intercourse and also how you wish to plan your family. This ensures transparency in the relationship.



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