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Emergency contraceptive should be made over the counter medicine?


Emergency contraceptive should be made over the counter medicine

Emergency contraceptives (EC) are used in case of accidental / missed pre-planned contraceptives such as missing birth control pills or broken condom. The most common method being the after morning pill, these tablets can be taken after the intercourse within 72 hours, i.e. 3 days.

How does it work?

Emergency contraception works by delaying ovulation that means, the time when your egg is released and has a possibility of getting fertilized by sperm. In some cases it also works by preventing the fertilized egg from attaching itself to the uterine lining of the womb.

These pills however don’t work on existing pregnancy. In such case abortion pills such as Mifeprex and Misoprostol should be used (if the pregnancy is within 10 weeks).

The day after pill such as Plan B and its various generic variants help stop ovulation and should be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Some research report state that emergency contraceptive may be effective up to 5 days but even then the sooner the pill taken, the better it works. (Plus its’ working is dependent on the location of your cycle).

What is day after pill?

Emergency contraceptive pills contain synthetic Levonogestrel and Progestin that prevents the pregnancy by stopping the egg from attaching to the womb (implantation), delaying ovulation and stopping fertilization. It contains two medicines which need to be taken in between 12 hours gap. Emergency contraceptives have zero risks pertaining to birth defects or pregnancy troubles later; therefore this is a trusted mean for preventing pregnancy.

The first pill must be taken within three days or there is a high chance of it being in-effective, especially after the 5th day.

Is it available over the counter?

In many clinics, day after pills which are progestin-only are sold as over the counter drugs. This, law, however is not applicable all over the world. In many regions you need to get a prescription to acquire after morning pills.

In some states, Plan B one-step and its various generic variants like ‘Next choice one dose’ and ‘my way’ are unrestrictedly sold on drug store shelves. In such cases, women under seventeen also can buy them without ID or prescription (progestin-only emergency contraceptive tablets).

As this is not an applicable everywhere, prescribed emergency contraceptive is the only legal pregnancy preventive measure in other places. Due to restrictive laws, women cannot buy such contraception if they are under 17 or don’t have a prescription. As this law may affect the cause of the pill as acquiring a prescription may take some time, duration to use morning after pill may have been passed.

Many health care providers and medicine experts are therefore fighting for women’s right to access emergency contraceptive without going through the hurdle of getting a doctor’s prescription.

Nowadays you can buy EC such Plan B online, but it is important to confirm if the source should be trusted.


Women who are breast feeding or diabetic should not consume Plan B tablets, In case of vomiting within two hours of consumption of either tablet, one should repeat that dose.

Changing views on contraception

Debate over accessibility of contraception and pregnancy cancelation continues, even so proper sex education is changing people’s views. Due to access of emergency contraceptives and birth control methods, even abortion rates are dwindling.

As this is an important social and personal matter it is the people’s perception that will lead the society for acceptance of pregnancy prevention matters. Dialogue should continue and to do so you should also present your views forth.

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Birth Control Pills Pros for Preventing Pregnancies

The hormones in birth control tablets prevent pregnancy by decreasing pituitary gland function, which prohibits release of eggs from the ovary. Once ovulation is prohibited, the progestin from medication prevents sperm from contacting the eggs by altering uterus lining and cervical thickness. Some of these tablets are progestin-only-pill, others are known as mini-pill. These work to disrupt the process of causing pregnancy. There are different types of contraceptives even when it comes to the medicinal ones. Thus, it is best to have a chat with your healthcare provider before choosing one.

Discuss about apt dosage as well. There are tablets, which have combination of progestin and estrogen. These are more effective against progestin-only medicines. But, not all women are compatible to estrogen, so for them the latter option may work out better. The products are sufficient when taken once a day at the strict time every day. You must utilize a back-up non-hormonal contraception as like condoms if there are symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, or taking other medicine, which can mar the working of birth control pills.

Benefits and Working of Oral Contraceptives

There are other medical benefits of taking birth control pills. Some may use these for getting rid of acne, menstrual cramps, endometriosis, irregular menstrual periods and other. However, different or lower dose of the medicine is then used as per doctor’s indication. For disallowing pregnancy, the medication causes the cervical mucus thickening to disable meeting of eggs with sperm, and breaking of uterine lining to prevent fertilization. Lack of ovulation too contributes to unavailability of mature eggs.

Which Precautions you must Take?

Using condoms could be important from the point of protection against sexually transmitted infection, which the tablets are unable to offer. Another advice is to not take the tablet if already pregnant, as it would then not do anything to stop pregnancy. If the dosage of a tablet everyday at same time is followed, you can expect 99 percent of good result. The oral contraceptive pill have no major side effects, but it is possible to get irregular periods, weight change, headaches, nausea in the initial few days or months of the regimen.

What are the Side Effects?

Spotting can occur in the initial 3 weeks of beginning the course and when a dose is missed. Nausea can occur occasionally but are not long lasting. Headache can affect some as the medicine lowers estrogen for some time. For women mood changes can be common, soreness or enlarged breasts goes away as well quickly. Few women lose or gain weight. But, it is not actually attributed to the tablet. These are often resulting of change in eating habits one takes up due to other factors like mood swing etc.

What you must tell the Doctor?

Though every woman can utilize the medicine, those who are under 18 must not avoid consulting doctor for using these contraceptives. If the woman is breastfeeding, has neurological/cardiovascular disorders, adrenal problems, of menses problem, or in menopause, then they must not administer these medicines to themselves. When talking to the doctor, you must relay all the prescription medications you take or any over-the-counter preparation. As the tablets may interact with few medicines, the doctor must know your medical history and medications being used currently or any allergy that you may possess.

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Ovral G Pill Controls Birth and Stops Unplanned Pregnancy

Ovral G

Who likes an unwanted pregnancy? It may be a happy surprise for some, but for others it can be a tense situation. Thus, many females find it better to decide when they want to get pregnant by using Ovral G birth control tablets. The product assists stopping pregnancy, making instances of unplanned pregnancy impossible. To stop pregnancy, the woman can thus, pre-plan her decision than taking emergency contraception after unprotected intercourse. Women can take control of their life and reproductive health by taking contraceptive pills as and when needed.

How to Stop Pregnancy by Birth Control Tablets?

These products are not meant to stop sexually transmitted health conditions or abortion. Users can buy Ovral G online, a contraceptive pack of either 28 or 21 days. The medicine causes a cease of ovulation, and does not let ovary release active eggs, which can get pregnant. It intervenes in production of reproductive hormones supporting conception, by altering uterus endometrium tissue.

  • When the pill obstructs ovulation and endometrium line of uterus development, fertilization does not occur. A daily dose of the tablet is required to keep a check on reproductive hormones, which if produced less than normal (required to restrict pregnancy), does not cause attachment of pregnant eggs to the uterus, thereby controlling birth.
  • The medications also thickens cervical mucus, which is necessary to curtain sperm and eggs meeting, inhibiting fertilization. Even if a sperm somehow gets through and reaches uterus, it does not get to interact with mature egg, due to lack of ovulation. On medication course end, the woman begins with menses, thus stopping pregnancy completely.

How to take Medication Contraceptives?

The 28 day pill regimen is constituted of 7 inert tablets, and 21 active hormonal medicines. The active hormonal pills are taken each per day at the same time every day. Women taking the tablets must make sure to not miss any dose. It is okay if the females has a light meal prior to the tablets, or use them on empty stomach. But, alcohol consumption and smoking is to be avoided. On completion of 21 day procedure, the user has to start course of inactive pills, one every day for rest 7 days. In this period, the woman experiences menses or withdrawal bleeding.

When the 28 day course ends, a new tablet leaflet is started to control birth further, despite menses ended or not. For 21 day regimen, the insert tablet course is avoided. The woman still has to take one active tablet each day, and as recommended, at the same time without missing a dose. When she is not taking insert tablets, she does not have to start with any contraceptive pills either. But, to stop pregnancy, from the 28th day, another set of medication pack has to be begun.

What are the Safety Concerns?

To safely use the birth control medicine, the female should not be breastfeeding, pregnant, or a new mother. If she has allergy to the contraceptive tablets, then she cannot take these hormonal medications. Non-hormonal methods such as female condoms, abstinence from intercourse etc. are few other options. The user must not take interacting drugs, and to know about such interactions, the person must consult her physician. If the individual misses three or two doses for three weeks in row, then she has to take a new contraceptive pack in hindering pregnancy possibility.

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