Menstrual pads, cups or tampons: Which one is the safest?

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Menstrual pads cups or tampons Which one is the safest.

When you enter adulthood, menstruation becomes one of the concerning parts of your day-to-day life.  While the market has many options to deal with menstrual fluids, women are often found confused in beginning. Which one is safe? This blog gives you insights into menstrual periods and the best methods to deal with them.

Sanitary pads:

This is one of the oldest ways of managing menstruation for many centuries. Sanitary pads or sanitary napkins is perhaps the most used method worldwide.

It offers various levels of absorbency. Women prefer pads during the days when the flow is light. It is also used when spotting takes place during the menstrual cycle.

Is it safe?

It is an absolutely safe method to manage menstruation bleeding. One must change a menstrual pad every 8 hours.

What’s the negative part?

The only negative factor about sanitary pads is the feeling of being uncomfortable in certain positions. It isn’t suitable for women who have to be physically active during their menstrual periods too.

Considering women’s health element, it is advised that women must use pads (specifically maxi pads) during a medical abortion.

Even when women buy abortion pill online, the website suggests women to use pads to soak pregnancy tissues of the body.


Tampons have been in use for almost a century. It left behind the use of pads and most women in the world use tampons during their menstrual periods. This is more prominent in the US and the UK.

What does it offer?

Different levels of absorbency.

Greater physical freedom.

Tampons must be changed at least between 4-8 hours depending on the body type and how heavily women bleed. It is recommended to change it after every 4-5 hours.

There are women who use tampons during their menstrual cycle. This is an unhealthy practice that every woman should avoid. A dry vagina can lead to health complications such as TSS. toxic shock syndrome is a complication caused due to hyper absorbable tampons.

Such cases had become more recurrent in the 20th century. The authorities had to remove hyper absorbable tampons from the market due to rising TSS incidents. It is also observed that there are high possibilities of urinary tract infections and concerned risks in women who use tampons.

Menstrual Cups:

Menstrual cups too have been with women for almost a century now. Although the use of menstrual cups is similar to tampons, it’s not widely used by women.

Menstrual cups come in two types. The first one is a soft, flexible menstrual cup that can be disposed of once used. It looks like a diaphragm.

The second type of menstrual cup is shaped like a bell and is typically made of rubber. This is designed in a way that it can smoothly collect menstrual bleeding.

Which one to choose depends on the comfort of women. Some women feel comfortable with pads while others choose tampons. You must make sure you don’t use tampons during the menstrual cycle. Also, you must strictly use pads while terminating an unwanted pregnancy using abortion pills.

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