Smoking and drinking alcohol during medical abortion: Is it harmful?


Smoking and drinking alcohol is a common practice almost everywhere in the world. That’s precisely why you would come across the question of smoking and drinking when you purchase abortion pills online. Though most women would find it irrelevant, one must know that tobacco and alcohol can have severe consequences on the body during medical pregnancy termination.

How does the medication of abortion work on pregnancy? 

The first medicine consists of components that work against progesterone hormones. You have to administer this medicine by taking it orally with a glass of water. It contributes to the medical abortion procedure by stopping the growth of the pregnancy.

The second medication is made up of prostaglandin constituents. You can either take Misoprostol or Cytolog. Both medicines have a similar level of efficacy. The pill gives you two options for consumption methods.

When you take the medicines vaginally, you insert it in the vagina after emptying the bladder. When you take the medication buccally, you keep them in the cheek pouches for thirty minutes.

In both methods, the four pills of prostaglandin constituents slowly dissolve in the body to expel pregnancy tissues from the vagina. That’s how an unwanted early pregnancy is ended using Misoprostol and Mifepristone abortion pills.

Why should you avoid drinking alcohol during a medical abortion? 

When you drink alcohol, it can put a hurdle in the process of ending a pregnancy. The alcohol content can disturb the working of the abortion pills, as mentioned earlier. The same is the case with smoking. Doing so can lead to the incomplete medical pregnancy termination process. Also, if the nicotine and alcohol substance get interacted with the component of abortion pills, it may have severe health complications.

Hence it is advised not to drink alcohol or smoke during the medical pregnancy termination process.

What are the other precautions that need to be taken during a medical abortion? 

  • Sexual intercourse during or right after medical abortion
  • Inserting objects into the vagina ( For Ex. Tampons, Sex Toy)
  • Doing tasks that are physically intense

The success of pregnancy termination drugs majorly depends on how you have consumed them. Also, it is also essential if you have followed the instructions and precautions during the procedure.

If you have followed every step of medical abortion, you must observe the cramping and bleeding during the process. These are the symptoms indicating that pregnancy termination is underway. If you do not see these two changes, you must inform your healthcare provider.

Though when the bleeding stops, one can easily know that medical abortion is complete, you should not rely on these symptoms. After you stop bleeding, wait for a couple of days, after which you can take a pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy termination status.

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