Which Pill Can be used along with Generic RU486?

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When you plan to buy abortion pills online, Generic RU 486 is one of the effective contributors in the options. Though the Generic RU 486 abortion pill is an important contributor in the procedure, it can not end the pregnancy alone.

For this, you have to buy another abortion pill that can complement the working of Generic RU 486.

How does Genetic RU486 work?

Generic RU 486 is the first medicine to be taken in the process of medical abortion. Since medicine comes with constituents like anti-progesterone, it is administered to work against pregnancy-growing hormones- progesterone.

Following are the pills you can take along with Generic RU 486. 

  • Misoprostol
  • Cytolog

Since Misoprostol and Cytolog, are both abortion pills that have the same components in it, you can select either of them to complete your medical termination of pregnancy. For an unwanted pregnancy up to 9 weeks of gestation to be terminated, the user has to take 4 pills for Misoprostol/Cytolog. Each of the pills has to be 200 mcg.

Misoprostol and Cytolog fall under the category of prostaglandin abortion pills. When you take these pills, they bring about two primary changes in the body.


Since the prostaglandin components bring about contractions in the lining of the uterus, the user encounters intense cramps. This typically lasts for a few hours.


The user observes bleeding during or after cramps are experienced. This is an important phase in the medical abortion process as it suggests that pregnancy tissues are getting removed from the body.

The bleeding may start within 24 hours while it can last from 2-6 days. At times, the bleeding continues for more than 6 days. However, there should not be excessive bleeding. Consult your doctor for any such case.

The Cytolog and Misoprostol both pills are effective enough to support the working of Generic RU 486. 

There are a few side effects of Cytolog/Misoprostol. However, almost each side effect is temporary in nature. You must attain medical help if the case is worse.

If you are planning to buy Cytolog online, or even Misoprostol, you have to ensure that the website is genuine. Understand the method of administering. Both pills have two ways of consumption, vaginal and buccal. Either way can lead you to successful medical pregnancy termination. You only have to ensure that you are following the guidelines given during the medical abortion procedure.

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