Is medical termination of pregnancy safe?

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Is medical termination of pregnancy safe

Medical abortion is a relatively new term in the medical world as surgical abortion happens to be more popular. Many women feel skeptical about the medical termination of pregnancy as they lack trust in the method. However, medical abortion is a safe procedure for ending an unwanted pregnancy.

Before you understand the procedure in detail, it is important that you know the eligibility for using abortion pills. It requires you to be an adult with a normal pregnancy which is up to 9 weeks of pregnancy gestation. The medication for abortion does not work on ectopic pregnancies or with women who are allergic to abortion pill elements.

There are a few abortion pill combinations:

Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone medication while Misoprostol is a prostaglandin medication. Both medicines, together make hormonal changes in the body and bring about medical abortion.

While the first one separates the pregnancy from the womb, the other one carefully removes the pregnancy tissues from the body. The hormonal changes bring about two primary results which are-

Cramps- This is experienced due to contraction of the uterine lining

Bleeding- This is experienced for the removal of pregnancy.

What are the side effects of medical pregnancy termination: 

Following are the side effects of abortion medications. You should note that these side effects may or may not happen with every woman undergoing a medical abortion. Additionally, the intensity of the side effects varies as per the pregnancy gestation of the woman.

The aforementioned after-effects do not last more than a week. As you come close to completely ending the unwanted pregnancy, the side effects go away on their own. However, you can speak to your healthcare provider to lower their intensity.

You should get immediate medical attention if the side effects go out of control and become severe.

Does medical pregnancy termination affect future pregnancies? 

No, abortion pills are effective enough to end the pregnancy at home and also safe enough not to affect the future pregnancies of the woman. Women should neither worried about their fertility since the medical abortion procedure does not disturb the fertility the woman.

How safe is a medical abortion?

Medical abortion is adequately safe to perform if you know the procedure and follow it as instructed. Also, when you buy MTP kit online to terminate the pregnancy at home, make sure that the e-pharmacy is genuine offering safe medications for women.

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