How does social distancing help prevent the spread of coronavirus?


Since the coronavirus was announced a pandemic worldwide by the (WHO) World Health Organization on March 11, life took a different way. All festivals, sporting events, concerts, parades are being canceled. People are not being able to travel as various flights are temporarily banned.

As the virus that causes COVID-19 is largely spread via respiratory droplets,  experts are recommending “social distancing” which means various things. For example, in my community, common public place and meeting spots like the park district, library, schools, gyms, have closed.

Here are a few points you need to know on social distancing:

1- Order in: Food is your every time friend. Ordering some favorite snacks and dishes can be your everyday thing, but if you are really worried about the widely spreading outbreak then you can help yourself as well as other people’s lives too. So what you can do is put a “leave at my front door’’ message in the delivery instructions and you can give the tip online.

2 Stay away from the crowd: Many states and cities have declared guidelines on canceling “larger” events, meetings and concerts as it is considered as gatherings of 50, 100, 500 and 1000 people. Also, the guidelines where depending on where you stay. Personally, you might also choose to postpone the party that you were going to conduct on your birthday or wedding whatsoever even if it’s only about 10 to 20 people. An even smaller get together like going for dinner, shopping is completely off-limits.

3- Go Outside but not often: At this time you have to stay home but you can go out in nature sometimes whether it’s a park or backyard which is not crowed. Going out is good for mental health so go for a walk but wear a mask. Do exercise, walking as it boosts the immune system. So take proper precautions while going out. Do not touch things, cover your face properly, wash your hand for at least 20 seconds every time.

4- Give everyone space: Some people still go to the gym for maintaining their physical health. As there are not many people coming to the gym at this time but following some hygiene measures such as wiping the equipment regularly, using sanitizer and maintaining social distancing are some important measures you can take. 

Do not shake hands: Do not shake hands, hug or say a kiss hello. As it is said to maintain at least 1-meter distance from everyone. So put yourself within that 6-foot range with everyone. Shaking hands is an easy way for someone to literally pass on the virus to you. Also, touching your face would instigate the virus into your body.

Avoid traveling in public transport if you can: Social distancing means that you are not traveling in public places and in public transport. That not feasible for everybody of course. So, in that case, do your best to maintain the physical distance between you and the other passengers. As for shared rides, it just 1 or 2 people in the car so there is not much risk involved. However, if you are sick then do not take a shared ride for that period.

Reassess as and where you go: The information about COVID-19 is constantly changing. As what you follow this week may be different from what’s preferable in the next week. So keep your self updated and be prepared to adapt to the changes. Living in a time of uncertainty is certainly disheartening, but remember: it is not going to stay like this forever. Things will get back to normal soon till then stay safe, stay healthy.

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