Important things to do before making use of Mifeprex abortion pills

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Instant abortion at home using abortion pills is the only safe option for a woman with an unwanted pregnancy. Mifeprex and Cytolog are abortion pills that you can use in the process of medical abortion. Getting information about how the medicines are to be consumed or what to be done during the procedure has become easy with healthcare providers guiding you. However, it is important to know a few things before taking the pill.

This blog helps you understand the important things to do before the use of Mifeprex abortion pills.

Are you eligible for using Mifeprex? 

Your Mifeprex abortion pill may be effective. if you are not eligible for consuming it, it will never show the desired results. The following are the parameters to understand if you’re suitable for taking Mifeprex.

  • The gestation of pregnancy is not more than nine weeks.
  • The pregnancy is not ectopic.
  • The woman is not allergic to the anti-progesterone and other components of Mifeprex.

Knowing facts about Mifeprex: 

  • Mifeprex works only on women in first-trimester pregnancy.
  • The medical abortion procedure requires you to consume one pill of Mifeprex.
  • You can administer the pill orally. The consumption can be done with water or lukewarm milk.
  • Administering Mifeprex is the first step of the medical pregnancy termination procedure.
  • One Mifeprex abortion pill of 200 mg can help you end an unwanted pregnancy of around 8-9 weeks gestation.

Things to be considered before the consumption of the Mifeprex pill: 

  • Know how the medicine has to be consumed.
  • Do not have heavy or fat-loaded foods before you consume Mifeprex.
  • If you are a breastfeeding mother, collect the milk before you consume Mifeprex. You can feed during the abortion process.
  • Do not smoke or drink before or after the consumption of the Mifeprex pill.
  • When you buy the Mifeprex abortion pill, make sure that the source is safe, and the medicine is effective.

How should you consume Mifeprex?

You can administer the pill orally with water. Take it on the first day of your medical abortion. After a gap of 24-48 hours, you can consume the other medicine, Misoprostol

What to expect after the consumption of Mifeprex? 

Progesterone hormones are responsible for the growth of the pregnancy. When you consume the Mifeprex pill, it starts functioning within 3-4 hours. It mainly fights against the progesterone hormone and stops the development of pregnancy. It is followed by detaching the pregnancy from the uterus.

Though all such changes go into the reproductive organ, the woman does not see any visible changes in the body. Typically, a woman feels the continued symptoms of pregnancy. In odd cases, the woman may encounter slight bleeding and cramping. You can speak to your healthcare provider in such cases. However, it is not an abnormal change to be observed.

If you experience bleeding right after taking the Mifeprex abortion pill, you are advised to continue taking the dose of Misoprostol after 24 hours as instructed.

Are there any side effects of the Mifeprex abortion pill?

There are no severe side effects of Mifeprex. Most side effects of the abortion pill begin after the consumption of the second pill.

What should you do after the consumption of Mifeprex? 

As said before, you should continue the pregnancy termination procedure by consuming Misoprostol/Cytolog after 24 hours. When you consume Misoprostol/Cytolog, its components make contractions in the lining of the uterus, thereby removing tissues of pregnancy.

Women should note that Mifeprex alone cannot end an unwanted pregnancy. For a successful medical abortion, you have to consume a prostaglandin pill along with Mifeprex.

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