Make The Best Decisions for Your Body: Know How!

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Healthcare and women must go hand-in-hand. A woman has every right to decide on her reproductive and sexual health. You are the owner of your body, you are the only one who can make decisions to protect your body, so make the best decisions. 

Napoleon Bonaparte said, “Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious than to be able to decide.” And isn’t that right on so many levels? Like imagine, if you’re denied the decision-making of your reproductive and sexual health or just anything else for that matter, how will you feel? Trapped in a cage right?

That is why it is so important to have the power to make decisions for your own body. Reproductive and sexual health are crucial for overall health and sake. This also entails knowledge about STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) and unwanted pregnancy.

When we talk about unwanted pregnancy, it becomes a topic of debate about whether it should be legal or illegal. Many countries have completely banned abortion making it difficult for women to seek medical abortion through abortion pills. 

Abortion pills are a set of two tablets, that help in terminating a pregnancy. We feel that whether to abort or not should be a woman’s personal decision. No one else should be given the right to decide on a woman’s behalf. 

Women since the beginning are taught to suppress their voice against the superior voice. Even speaking about menstruation was taboo, and still is in some parts of the world. For some states, healthcare and women don’t work together. There is no proper medical treatment for women in the rural areas. 

Experiencing new changes in our body is the most organic way of our body talking to us. We will always know if our body is in its best condition or if we need to rush to a doctor. 

There is a term called “Felt Sense” which means that you just know your body is down, don’t know how, but you know in it your mind. Take advantage of this sense and make the best decisions for your body.

What are Some of the Best Decisions You Could Make For Your Body?

The major decision women are hesitant to make is medical abortion. While making this decision they are in two minds, Whether they are making the right decision, whether will they regret it, what will people say, and so on. Just shut it out, you are the caretaker of your body, first think about yourself and then about others (if that in any way matters). 

Medical abortion is the easiest and safest way to terminate a pregnancy with the help of abortion pills, that too at your home. 

If you are in any way feeling lost and don’t know how to make the best decision, you can do these things: 

  • Put your body and mind in the relaxation mode. It could be difficult when you are super stressed, but give it a try. This could help you in the decision-making process. 
  • Explore the changes you are feeling in your body, do you feel the heaviness? Do you feel you’re experiencing changes it hasn’t experienced before? It might be a fuzzy feeling but consider it.
  • Acknowledge the changes in your feelings and come to terms with them. Do not ignore it, it may cost you big time. Learn to acknowledge the things that are happening to you, there’s no other way to make it right. 
  • Share it with someone you trust, or check it with your professional healthcare provider. You can’t be the master of all jacks, just make the right decision and consult your doctor. He will know what to do.

Why is Reproductive and Sexual Health Important? 

Reproductive and sexual health are the major issues concerning women and men. We often neglect the small health issues which could lead to major problems in the future. It is very important to take the utmost care of your body and sexual health. We overlook it sometimes, this could lead to serious health issues, sexual health issues, or worse, unwanted pregnancy.

Good sexual health is all about healthy relationships, reliable information, access to premium and safe health services, and freedom from discrimination and violence.

Reproductive and sexual health is your right to a healthy body, the right to decide who to have sex with, the right to decide whether to reproduce or not, and accessibility to better healthcare services to eliminate sexually transmitted disease (STD) or unexpected pregnancy.

Use of Abortion Pills for Unwanted Pregnancy

The use of abortion pills for medical abortion is nothing to be afraid of. It is the safest and easiest way to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. You can easily buy the abortion pill kit online and perform a medical abortion at your home. 

The abortion pill kit consists of two tablets, mifepristone and misoprostol, that help in terminating the pregnancy. It may cause some side effects, common in case of medical abortion. 

Make sure you have consulted your doctor before consuming abortion pills, and you have the precise prescription, required to buy abortion pills online.

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