Why Abortions Happen Today?


Recent studies suggested that there’s a slight rise in the number of abortion cases. The awareness of protected sexual intercourse and education about safe contraception method has increased in the past years. That being said, the number of abortion is still not reduced.

Earlier, women would try unsafe abortion practices to end their unwanted pregnancy. Such cases did not have an official count. Today’s women have become a little open about talking of unintended pregnancy and ending it through online abortion pills.

This blog strives to figure out why abortions are happening today. The primary reasons are as follows:

  • Unprotected Sexual intercourse
  • Failure of contraception
  • Rape

Though the reasons above are the primary reasons behind the increasing use of unwanted pregnancy termination pills, there are more reasons.

A recent survey was conducted in the US on women who had abortion recently. 

The survey also found out that most women ended their pregnancy using abortion pills. Additionally, they chose the online option for buying medicines. They stated that the online option helped them get abortion pills at an affordable cost and helped maintained their privacy about the abortion procedure.

Following were the most common reasons they gave for ending their early pregnancy during the survey:

  • Education and career: 

Today’s women have taken higher studies seriously, and hence they claim that an unplanned pregnancy becomes a hurdle in their studies.

Keeping a career as their priority, women have bigger aspirations about their career choose their professions over an unwanted pregnancy. This is said to be one of the primary reasons in the metro regions in states.

  • Financial conditions:

If the future child cannot have proper facilities and needed nurturing due to financial constraints, aborting the pregnancy seems a better option. Such couples prepare to make them financially stable and then make baby and family choices.

  • Relationship issues:

Any issues in the relationship can make the woman end her unplanned pregnancy. Often, it is seen that the partner in the relationship refuses to accept the child for not being ready to take responsibilities. In such cases, continuing the pregnancy becomes difficult for the female partner, and eventually, she takes the decision of ending her pregnancy.

Pregnancy from “friends with benefits” relationship is also seen as an unwanted pregnancy an unnecessary part of the relationship.

  • Mentally not prepared:

Raising a child and starting a family is a big decision for any woman. When you start a family with your partner and kids, it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. The couples mentally prepare themselves and then plan for a family.

Since government policies are making it less restrictive for women who wish to end their pregnancy, women have become open about abortions. Also, there are many online pharmacies which are coming forward to help these women perform medical abortions safely. Some pharmacies also educate them about the whole procedure. With this, products such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol have become better known in women. Abortion centers have even begun offering services and expanding their operations to help women in every corner of the world.