Abortion Statistics That You Need To Know


Although pregnancy is wonderful, it is not the same feeling for every woman. Some women have to go through pregnancy termination due to various reasons. Most women choose to end their pregnancy due to safety or other external factors such as financial stability, broken relationships, etc. Be it a medical abortion or a surgery, the US and other such countries are rethinking their regulations of abortion to make them in favor of women.

This blog talks about some abortion statistics that will blow your mind. From no acceptance at all to a gradually increased number of legal abortion, women have become more open about abortions. Here are some statistics that women should know.

  • 2011 showed more than a million abortions took place in the US. The number of legal abortions has gone to 53 million in the last four decades. Societies in the US seemed welcoming about abortion rules and regulations.
  • Mississippi had the abortion rate as low as 3.8 per 1000 women in 2011. This rate was for adult women up to 44 years of age. On the other hand, New York had seen the abortion rate to be quite high, going 28.6 pregnancy terminations per thousand women from the same age group.
  • A recent study compared the abortion rates from all the states. The results showed that there was a slow decline in the numbers, especially in the first decade of the 21st century. It went down by 6% in the decade. However, 2002 and 2006 have a sudden increase in pregnancy termination rates.
  • The American healthcare history shows that the 1990 year had reached its peak for medical abortions. Having said that, the years after had a considerable reduction in the abortion rates.
  • Speaking of other parts of the world, the situation in nations like Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, etc. is no different than the US. Countries in the Europe region, however, have much higher rates of abortions.
  • About 5 percent of pregnancies in women in the US turned out to be unplanned, and 1 in three women chose to end the pregnancy through abortion methods. Some of them decided to buy abortion pills and abort the pregnancy at home. Others went for surgical abortion.
  • There was one more research conducted showed that 21 % of pregnancies in the US end up with a pregnancy termination every year. (It does not include miscarriages)

Today, women have begun adopting advanced technologies and choosing quick recoveries for abortions. The cost of pregnancy termination and privacy concerns has also been some of the factors which are deciding the method of abortion in women.

With online pharmacies emerging on the internet, accessing abortion pills online and aborting the pregnancy at home has become easier than ever before. Even the number of abortion centers is seen increased around the world.