Reasons Medical Abortion Is Right for You!

Reasons-Medical-Abortion-Is Right-For-You

There are two methods of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. (1) Medical Abortion – suitable for early pregnancy. Involves a drug combination of anti-progesterone (2) Surgical abortion – Surgical way of ending an unplanned pregnancy which Involves going to the clinic and getting the pregnancy ended from doctors.

A woman with a low budget for abortion: 

A woman does not necessarily abandon a pregnancy and a family life, however, the financial hurdles can make her take such decisions. In such cases, even the cost of a surgical abortion becomes a load on her shoulder.

Since the medication of pregnancy termination does not cost a fortune, unlike surgery payments, women can rely on abortion pills for safe ending the unplanned pregnancy with little money involved.

You’re afraid of invasive surgeries:

There are two popular ways of ending a pregnancy through surgical method. (1) Dilation, (2) Suction. Both methods involved surgical instruments being used to remove pregnancy tissues from the body.

On the other hand, medical abortion is a non-invasive technique of ending an unwanted pregnancy. With the consumption of an abortion pill combination, the pregnancy contents in the uterus get expelled within a week or two.

The pregnancy is normal and less than 63 days of gestation: 

A medical abortion works best for early pregnancy. If you have a healthy pregnancy which has not crossed 9th week of pregnancy gestation, medical abortion is often the suggested method by healthcare experts.

You can speak to your healthcare provider to know if you’re eligible for medical abortion. On his/her approval, you can easily buy abortion pills and get it terminated at home.

For you, abortion is a private concern: 

Today’s woman still hasn’t come out of a society which is judgemental for her unplanned pregnancy and abortion decision. As a result, abortion becomes a very private concern for women.

With medical abortion which can be performed at home, women can enjoy complete privacy. Additionally, if she has bought online abortion pills, she receives the pregnancy termination medication at home in discreet packaging. This allows her to keep her abortion a secret matter.

Your region does not have an abortion center: 

Surgical abortion center and services are still unavailable in many parts of the world. Thankfully, many e-pharmacies are emerging in the healthcare market, which is helping women access abortion pills with only a few clicks.

If you think that the points mentioned above are relatable to you, you can confirm that medical abortion is right for you. If you plan to buy abortion pills online, you can compare different websites and their prices for products such as Mifepristone, Mifeprex, Misoprostol or Cytolog.

You can choose the website that seems to be genuine and helps women with a smooth process of purchase. Once you have bought unwanted pregnancy termination pills, understand the procedure thoroughly. If needed, you can also take help from the pharmacy.

Some pharmacies provide women with round the clock assistance on medical abortion. They ensure that you are administering the pills correctly. As you consume the pills and observe symptoms of pregnancy termination, you can confirm the status after 10 days.