When Should You Get Medical Attention During Abortion Procedure?

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Ending an unwanted pregnancy does not mean that you never wish to start your family. Many couples have medical abortion pills to end their pregnancy yet wish to start a family soon after the abortion.

Abortion pills do not typically have any impact on future pregnancies. Having said that, a woman should administer the pregnancy termination medication the way she is instructed to take it. Any negligence while undergoing the medical abortion procedure can result in health complications in the future. It is also important for women to know that they should not have sexual intercourse during the pregnancy termination process.

The following are some of the signs and symptoms which you should be aware of during the medical abortion procedure: 

  • Though bleeding is one of the symptoms of medical pregnancy termination, if you are bleeding heavily for more than 3 days, it could be alarming. To ensure that this does not happen, healthcare experts typically suggest not lifting up heavy things or performinging physical activities soon after the abortion.
  • You should get medical attention if you observe bleeding with larger blood clots that won’t stop the bleeding.
  • Though nauseous feeling during an abortion is one of the signs of pregnancy termination, you should immediately see a doctor if you observe a high fever that won’t go even after 2 days.
  • During the medical termination of pregnancy, due to the prostaglandin constituents in the pills, the uterus gets contracted. And hence, the woman encounters cramps in the abdominal area as she does during menstruation. This can be a little more intense than menstrual cramps. However, if the pain does not go even after 2 days, it is advised to consult a doctor.
  • If you observe the continued sign of pregnancy, you can consult your healthcare provider and check the pregnancy status. For a continued pregnancy, healthcare experts usually advise repeating the dose of Misoprostol drugs.
  • The other side effects of medical abortion are temporary and hence should leave your body as soon as you complete the procedure. If you encounter prolonged side effects of abortion pills, consult your healthcare provider at the earliest.

If you are planning to get pregnant soon after an abortion procedure, you are advised to wait for at least a month or two until your body finally prepares to conceive. To ensure that you get pregnant without any complications, you must check that you have followed every guideline given during the abortion procedure.

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