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What you should eat after your abortion

The female body initially undergoes changes during pregnancy to support the fetus and is burdened by the nutritional requirements of the it. The usage of essential vitamins and minerals increase. The body then has to withstand the physical and mental pain of an abortion irrespective of whether it is a surgical procedure or by abortion pills. Prolonged bleeding and other symptoms deprive the body of iron, some supplementary vitamins like riboflavin, and calcium.

A good balanced diet must be a top priority in this phase of one’s life.

What you should include in your diet

  • Protein

Increase protein intake. Dietary protein is essential for the wear and tear in the body. It helps build newer cells thus improving your blood count. It is recommended that protein be included in at least two meals in a day.

Fish, beef, pork, chicken, lamb and eggs are some rich sources of protein. But vegetarians can rely on bananas, avocado, cottage cheese, milk and  peas, for the same. Low fat varieties of the dairy products in the list should be preferred.

  • Calcium

Calcium content in the body depletes greatly post pregnancy. It’s essential to level this up for healthier bones and teeth.

Calcium can be replenished by dairy foods and soya bean. Dry fruits and green leafy vegetables can also supplement these.

  • Iron

Blood contains a major portion of iron in the body. Blood loss during abortion causes iron levels to receive a plummet. This can lead to anemia-like symptoms. This includes feeling weak and fatigued. It is hence very important to consume iron rich foods.

Some brands of fortified cereals fulfill your daily iron requirements. Other rich sources of iron are meat and fish. These contain heme-iron which are readily absorbed. But your body can absorb iron equally well from plant sources like leafy veggies and nuts.

  • Vitamins and minerals

Fruits and vegetables serve your requirements for vitamins and minerals completely.  Dairy products can also supply certain amounts of these.

  • Whole grain foods

Easy digestion should be the main idea behind a post-abortion diet. Whole-grain foods contain fewer calories and can also help weight management.

Brown rice, whole-wheat bread and oatmeal are some examples. One can indulge in about 6-8 servings of these each day.

Avoid frying as a cooking method for any of the above foods.

What you should avoid

When you buy abortion pills, you are usually told about the specific dose and regimen. Online abortion pill kits come with other precautionary measures too. But that’s not all you need to care about. Your main aim should be to maintain a good diet for proper health. A bad health will only worsen your experience.

You can consume chocolates as a feel-good food. But, exclude the following from your diet:

  • Low-fibre starches (Instant rice/noodles, pretzels)
  • sugary foods with a high glycemic index (carbonated drinks, sweets)
  • Fatty milk and meats
  • Junk/spicy foods
  • Soy foods (unpasteurized milk/ raw meat)

Follow these diets for a quick recovery and avoiding complications.

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Abortion Pill Procedure- Usage and Safety Measures

Medical abortion is one of the safest medical procedures and has the highest efficacy rate than any other type of abortion. It is a method for terminating a pregnancy that is with 10 weeks of gestation. The abortion pills, despite being listed as ‘essential medications for women’s health’ by the world health organization, are however not available everywhere. Therefore, many women access abortion pill online pharmacy which delivers worldwide.

Even if the abortive medications are allowed in most developing countries, many women even in these areas are not able to access the needed medication so they order safe abortion pill online. This may be due to a number of reasons like privacy concerns, financial reason, lack of reproductive care clinics in area or aversion to the surgical procedure.

Abortion Pills Usage and Regimen

The procedure for medical pregnancy termination is as follows –

Mifepristone [200 mg] tablet is to be swallowed orally with water on the first day. Another medication is also needed so the user will also have to buy abortion pill Misoprostol online. After 24-48 hours of an interval of taking Mifepristone, the user has to administer the Misoprostol buccally. In this method, the 4 Misoprostol abortion pills [200 mcg each] are put 2×2 in the cheek pouches. After this intake, the pills are kept in the mouth for 30 minutes where they must be allowed to dissolve naturally. After 30 minutes they can be swallowed with water.

The women will eventually start bleeding and passing out blood clots and pregnancy tissues/ fetal remains through vaginal discharge. Within hours she will pass the conception tissues. While some may take few hours to completely end the pregnancy, others take more than a week to do the same.

Before you order abortion pill online, make sure you know it is a genuine website pharmacy doling out FDA approved abortion tablets.

The follow-up routine to get an ultrasound can be done 2 weeks after the last abortion pill dosage. If you ordered safe abortion pill online, you will see instructions on the website regarding using pregnancy test kit after abortion. It says that you must wait at least 4 weeks before testing with the preg test card. This is because the pregnancy hormones that are present in the body are not eliminated until at least 4-5 weeks are passed even if the pregnancy is interrupted.

Safety measures to avoid complications during medical abortion

There are few measures women can take while to avoid complications during an abortion. One of the things you can do is to get your IUD removed before you even buy Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortion pills online or otherwise. If the IUD is left behind while you start the abortive process, then it may result in injuries and more bleeding.

  • Women must also read up on all precautions as well as drug interactions before they order abortion tablets on online pharmacy. They must read up and research on the after-procedure care tips as well.
  • They must get checked up by a doctor to know if they have any medical issues that will interfere. They must also know if they are allergic to anti-progesterone agents or prostaglandins Like if she has heart disease, liver or kidney condition, severe anemia or sickle cell disease etc, she should not buy abortion pill.
  • She must make sure she follows proper indications on the dosage and regimen of the medical pregnancy termination. If she decides to buy MTP kit online, she will receive the exact dosage recommended in one pack.
  • While obtaining abortion pill online, the person must refer to a trustworthy pharmacy which provides product information.
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Accessing Medical Abortion in Private, with no Health Risk

 Medical Abortion

It is completely secure and safe to take help of drug for terminating an early unwanted pregnancy. The procedure is conducted at clinic or home as per the female’s preference. You can use the drugs at home. Furthermore, you can have to buy abortion pills online, ordering the medicines at the residence or elsewhere at convenience. It is possible to get an abortion without surgical support. You can also manage the whole process, and perhaps there will be less spending on the non-invasive process than otherwise.

Can Pregnancy test be done at home after abortion?

You must visit a facility for an ultrasound after terminating a pregnancy.  For certain outcomes, ultrasound, or pelvic examination carried out by a professional is exact to get RU486 abortion confirmation. In order to confirm if the pregnancy ended entirely, the home urine tests or pregnancy kit will not give accurate results, as it takes several weeks for the blood and urine sample to actually depict the hormonal levels required to understand if pregnancy is present or not.

Is it Okay to travel alone on Procedure Completion?

You should not travel in 24 hours after the regimen, as you could be still bleeding heavily or dizzy from the drug. In case you do have to commute, ensure you are not the one operating or driving the vehicle. Have someone to help you during the travel, and tell them to assist with any emergency medical care if needed. If there is a need to travel after intake of Misoprostol drugs, then there is still a risk of cramps and heavy bleeding. In this case, help from others is certainly mandatory.

Which activities can you resume after the regimen?

Medical Abortion recommended not to exercise just after having the medicines. You need to go for follow-up visit later to abortion and speak to the doctor what you can do, and how soon you can resume school or work or any other physical activity. At the most after Medical Abortion process, you must not have intercourse until 2-3 weeks so as to heal the cervix and uterus. Keeping pregnancy with birth control is advised until the first 3 months following the procedure.

How is the bleeding during and following pregnancy end?

During the Medical Abortion, heavy bleeding begins after Misoprostol intake and can go up till few hours of the day in the process. After the pregnancy terminates, the bleeding either ceases or becomes less as menstrual flow or lesser. This can carry on to 6-8 weeks, and in next periods you will not encounter that heavy bleeding as it happened while pregnancy was being aborted.

Which birth control should you choose?

For preventing unwanted pregnancy right away after the termination procedure, oral birth control pills and condom are suitable. Avoid any uterine device or invasive technique to sterilize. Such options may be valid after the body entirely recovers. As for controlling the bleeding, you can take sanitary pads help instead of tampons or any other techniques.

What are the Risks?

Bleeding from the vagina during abortion pill procedure may be heavy. In some cases, you will need a surgical ending of pregnancy and rare a blood transfusion. If there is an event of continued pregnancy, then there is a risk of fetal deformities. It is best to get such pregnancy terminating with aspiration technique at a hospital.